"Rome Will Lose the Faith and Become the Seat of the Antichrist" and Face a Useless Opposition: The Gallican "Opposition" Will Ultimately Cause More Damage Than the Bergolian Apostasy.

"Jesus said to his disciples: 'When you see the abomination of desolation, which was spoken of by Daniel the prophet, standing in the holy place --- let him flee to the mountains'"(Matt. 24:15) Remember when we used to read this quote and say, "I wonder what that will be like?" You know that something is going on when the Gospel reading for The Last Sunday After Pentecost (Apocalypse) starts sounding like the last blog entry on Rorate Caeli

From the "Call to Repent" by the 100+ "Opposition": 

"we beg Almighty God to spare the guilty members of His Church on earth the punishment that they deserve for these terrible sins." 

Dr. Chojnowski: After reading the "Call to Pope Francis to Repent, it became clear that the tone of the letter and the solution advocated show that the great opposition is really no opposition at all. In fact, the contents of the appeal are actually heretical. 
      The first way in which this appeal shows itself to be nothing but an example of the facile opposition that "conservatives" have put up since the Vatican Coucil was announced in 1959 --- 60 years ago --- but, in their attempt to cast the events as merely examples of grave personal sins, in order to deflect any claim that such actions would bring about a defection from both the faith and from the Church itself. Worshiping idols and enthroning them on the altar of St. Peter's, near the spot where St. Peter specifically refused to do those things, is just thought of as a really bad sin that the poor sinner has to make reparation for, like he would any other sin. The shock of a man claiming the throne of St. Peter denying in his actions the very essence of the true religion, whether of the Church or that of the Old Testament Jews, is muffled at best. 

      Before looking at Fr. Kramer's explanation of the Salza/Siscoe Heresy, as this is relevant to this "opposition" declaration, let us just look at for a moment the statement in the petition to Francis which is not only so dissatisfying --- from a polemical point of view --- but also clearly heretical. According to the 100+ signatories, one can publicly participate in pagan idol worship and still be a member of Christ's Church. Didn't the Martyrs SPECIFICALLY REFUSE TO DO THIS AND CHOSE TO BE TORTURED AND DIE RATHER THAN APOSTASIZE BY OFFERING WORSHIP AND VENERATION TO IDOLS OF FALSE GODS --- Isn't this the very essence of what it means to be a NON-CHRISTIAN. And yet we have the signatories offering petition to Almighty God, that he spare from punishment, members of his Church

Just a short quote, for now, to show the absurd nature of such a statement. We cite Fr. Paul Kramer's work, To Deceive the Elect, Vol. 1, p. 205, "The sin of manifest Heresy per se, like apostasy and schism, has the intrinsic effect of separating the heretic from the Church by itself, without any ecclesiastical censure or judgment; and is distinguished from other sins which do not by their very nature, separate the sinner from the body of the Church; and who, therefore, for grave offenses can only be separated from the Church by a sentence of excommunication incurred and inflicted by legitimate ecclesiastical authority. This is the infallible teaching of the universal magisterium of the Church which must be believed de fide divina et Catholica under pain of heresy." 

Even the Gallican signatories of what must be the 50 millionth "admonition" by the "traditionalists' of the Modernist Newpopes, admit that the actions at St. Peter's were not just acts which lead to "suspicion of heresy," but rather, a putting into effect the declaration issued in Abu Dhabi in which Francis and Dr. Ahmed El-Tayeb, Grand Imam of Al Azhar Al Sherif said that diversity of religions was willed by God, just as is other forms of diversity like gender, culture, language, etc. 


  1. The Father of the Poor
    Look at the mass readings of the critical days of the Amazon Synod:
    OCTOBER 4, the day of the spiritual birth of Antichrist on the lawn in Vatican's Gardens:
    The FIRST READING [Baruch 1,15-22], [verse 22]: "Everyone walked according to the intentions of their evil heart, for we served foreign gods and did evil before the eyes of the Lord our God."
    The RESPONSORIAL PSALM Ps 79.1-2.3-4.5 and 8.9; [verse 1]: "God, pagans have invaded your inheritance, they have desecrated your holy sanctuary,"
    The GOSPEL (Luke 10,13-16); [verse 16b]: "... but he who despises Me despises Him who sent Me."

    OCTOBER 27, de-sacralization of the papal altar on the tomb of Saint Peter.
    The FIRST READING (SIR 35, 12-14. 16-18); [verse 12]: "The Lord is a judge who has no regard for persons." ... [18]: "he will stand up for the righteous, and give the right judgment."
    The RESPONSORIAL PSALM (PS 34 (33), 2-3. 17-18. 19 and 23); [verse 17]: "The Lord turns his face against evil doers, to erase their memory from the earth."
    The SECOND READING (2 Timothy 4, 6-9. 16-18); [verse 6-7]: "My blood is already to be poured out for the sacrifice, and the moment of my separation has arrived. I performed in good competitions, finished the race, guarded my faith." Saint Paul the Apostle is a member of the Mystical Body of Christ, so in the context of pagan rituals at the Vatican, the Militant Church can say about herself: "I have finished my race, I have guarded my faith."
    THE GOSPEL (Luke 18, 9-14); [verse 14]: "Everyone who exalts himself will be humbled, and whoever humbles himself will be exalted."

    Did the daily sacrifice cease on October 27, 2019? Is it only in the Vatican or in the whole Catholic Church? Was Christ's Mystical Body upon earth killed on that very day? A dead body cannot give birth, so the Church can no longer give birth to the Eucharist (through the ministry of the anointed priests). Perhaps the Eucharist remained only in the form of previously consecrated hosts, i.e. by noon of the last Sunday of October 2019 [CET] - something like children born just before their mother's death.
    Catholics may be extremely surprised by this, but not God. There is no more urgent reading today than the Revelation of Saint John. What does Almighty God give his faithful children in return? I think his answer was in the character of one of the patrons on October 27: Saint Abraham the Poor, also called the Child (http://catholicsaints.info/saint-abraham-the-poor/). The Father of the Poor is the title of the Holy Spirit, but also the Paraclete - he is probably an Old Child, so no one pays attention to him, except for the Holy Virgin, his sister, ladyfriend, bride and spouse.
    November 24, 2019 on the feast of Christ the King of the Universe and the Iveron-Montreal Icon of the Mother of God (Montreal, Quebec, Canada, an Icon began weeping golden myrrh, 1982)

  2. "The Gallican 'Opposition' Will Ultimately Cause More Damage Than the Bergolian Apostasy". Amen to that!

    A recurring theme in Fr. Kramer's book (To Deceive The Elect, Vol. 1) is that the R+R are Consiliarists (i.e. heretics). They write and talk as if the infallible teaching of Vatican I regarding the nature of the Papacy never existed, or they twist it to fit their heresy.

    The Consiliarists love to quote certain theologians from the past, whose opinions are no longer valid and, in light of Vatican I, are now heretical.

  3. "Call to Repent"?

    Either the signatories have no clue what they're talking about, or they know that their audience (i.e. ordinary Catholics) are incredibly gullible people.

    "Pope" Francis publicly mocks and opposes Catholicism. Period. He does it willfully, deliberately, intentionally, on purpose, premeditated, planned, calculated, purposefully, consciously, knowingly, voluntarily, obstinately, stubbornly, and pertinaciously.

    Furthermore, Francis couldn't appear to be more content or gleeful about the state he's in (i.e. apostasy). Why in the world would anyone think he would want to be a Catholic? How unbelievably insane!

  4. "...TO SPARE the guilty members of His Church on earth the PUNISHMENT that they deserve for these terrible sins." ???

    The Fox in the Henhouse
    The defenders of the thesis 'Benedict is the Pope' focus their attention on the Canon Law, and although it seems to be extremely precise, it is not the letter of the law that animates the organism which is the Church, but the Holy Ghost. Look at the mass readings of Thursday, February 28, 2013, the last day of Pope Benedict XVI at the Holy See. Writing hurriedly his Latin Act of the Renunciation on February 10, he hardly had time to check what the mass readings would be on the last day of his office, after which 'sede vacante' was to begin (February 28, 2013, 8 pm CET) - they are completely devastating for him.
    The First Reading, Jeremiah 17: 5-10; already the initial verse [5] reveals a significant flaw, which is not fitting for the person of the vicar of Jesus Christ:
    "This said the Lord:
    «Cursed man who puts hope in man
    and who sees his strength in the body,
    and turns his heart away from the Lord."
    Didn't Benedict XVI justify his epochal decision by "the strength of body", did he not? His act of Renunciation is, in fact, the realization of God's judgment on Rome (and his pope), which was passed earlier [Jer 17, 3-4]:
    „Sacrificing in the field: I will give thy strength, and all thy treasures to the spoil, and thy high places for sin in all thy borders. And thou shalt be left stripped of thy inheritance, which I gave thee: and I will make thee serve thy enemies in a land which thou knowest not: because thou hast kindled a fire in my wrath, it shall burn for ever.”
    After 28 February 2013, wasn't the Roman Catholic church – 'the Mountain on the plain', the Vatican Hill in particular - handed over to her enemies? Over time, this has become evident to all who have seeing eyes, hearing ears and feeling hearts (and care about the fate of the Church).
    An extra verse [Jer 17, 11] revealing the significant omission of Pope Benedict XVI:
    „As the partridge hath hatched eggs which she did not lay: so is he that hath gathered riches, and not by right: in the midst of his days he shall leave them, and in his latter end he shall be a fool.”
    Jorge the Apostate received the episcopal ordination and cardinal purple by decision of Pope John Paul II. Cardinal Bergoglio was the main rival of Cardinal Ratzinger at the AD2005 conclave. Why, being already Pope, Benedict XVI did not watch with the greatest attention this egg tossed from the end of the world, from Argentina?! Instead of throwing them out of the nest, as befits a vigilant host, he brooded the egg for years. The hen have sat out an egg for herself: the company of the sly fox, spiritual monster, the devourer of immortal souls! And when the hellish "chicken" hatched (March 13, 2013), instead of raising a scream at this sight, this hen (after all, not a rooster) made friends with this fox, which allowed her to take refuge in an abandoned henhouse (monastery) in the same garden on the Vatican Hill.
    ... [to be continued]

  5. ... [continued]
    The Responsorial Psalm [PS 1, 1-2. 3.4 and 6]; as a comment I quote the omitted verse 5:
    "Therefore the wicked shall not rise again in judgment: nor sinners in the council of the just."
    What a judgment is this about? [John 16, 8-11]:
    „And when he is come, he [the Paraclete] will convict the world of sin, and of justice, and of judgment. Of sin: because they believed not in me. And of justice: because I go to the Father; and you shall see me no longer. And of judgment: because the prince of this world is already judged.” Yes, the Lord Jesus leaving Rome in the person of his last vicar, the Pope Benedict XVI, made free space for the Paraclete, the other Comforter.
    The Gospel [Luke 16, 19-31] of February 28, 2013 leaves no doubt that this is not just about Rome, but about the whole Church of Christ, whose visible head was Pope Benedict XVI. The verses 27-28 speak of it: " And he said: Then, father, I beseech thee, that thou wouldst send him to my father's house, for I have five brethren, That he may testify unto them, lest they also come into this place of torments. " These five brothers are five traditional patriarchates: Jerusalem, Antioch, Alexandria, Rome, Constantinople. The last Pope personally gave Rome in the hands of his successor, the terminator from Buenos Aires!
    November 25, 2019 on the feast of Saint Catherine of Alexandria, Virgin and Martyr
    I really like the learned arguments of experts in Canon Law, in particular of Brother Alexis, but Sancta Ecclesia is not the work of a canonist but of the Holy Spirit.

  6. Kramer needs to fix up his ordination, as he may only be Mr Kramer and not Fr Kramer. Wasn't he ordained in the new rite? When it comes to heresy and the pope, nothing beats the writings on traditionalmass.org and Fr Cekada's videos on youtube.

  7. There has not been a true Pope in office since the death of Pope Pius XII. This coincides with the probable death of Sr. Lucia. Those who are appalled by Bergoglio haven't been spiritually awake since Roncalli the alleged Free Mason usurp St. Peter's throne. The Church still exists pure and immaculate . She has been driven to the catacombs by the Vatican II cult and the whores anti popes. From Roncalli to Bergoglio . Anyone that thinks these men are and were catholic have never read what they believed and professed. Ratzinger and Wojtyla were loved by the world because they donned their sheep"s clothing so well. The Church will rise again from the ashes of this false religion and her false popes and saints. Our Lord and Lady have promised us of the triumph.

    1. With all due respect to you, Jay, but I have more confidence for Saint Malachi of Armagh - everything is exactly fulfilled by his prophecy: Benedict XVI was the last Roman pope.

  8. If a person commits adultery and dies without repenting, is it proper to call them an apostate? Objectively such a person is going to hell, but it’s going to be hard to prove that such a person is a heretic. Look, we know Francis is not Catholic because he has already manifest that to the public as Fr. Kramer points out. Yes, the lack of outrage at the desecration of St. Peters by Francis shocks us more then the actions of Francis. Even the Sedevacantists are silent at the desecration, while being pleased it has moved people to start going to their chapels.

    1. It's not fair to say Sedevacantists are silent about the desecration. NOW had excellent coverage.

      It also seems you're confusing mortal sin with heresy and apostasy. Fr. Kramer quotes Pope Pius XII in Mystici Corporis Christi: "For not every sin, however grave it may be, is such as of its own nature to sever a man from the Body of the Church, as does schism or heresy or apostasy." (Fr. Kramer wrote an excellent tome about the Catholic doctrine on the question of a heretical pope.)

      A mortal sin is: A transgression of the moral law in a serious matter, committed with full knowledge of the grievous nature of the act, and with full deliberation and consent on the part of the will. It can lead to damnation if a person doesn't repent of the sin before he dies. But, unlike heresy and apostasy, mortal sin does not incur excommunication ipso facto. Even mortal sinners are still members of the Church.

      Apostasy is: The act by which a baptized person, after possessing the true Christian faith, totally rejects it. The complete abandonment of the *practice* of the faith is not apostasy, or even a presumption of apostasy. (Explanation: complete abandonment of the *practice* of the faith can be due to slothfulness, or something other than a rejection of the faith.) Apostates from the Faith incur excommunication ipso facto; i.e. automatically, without a declaration of the fact.

      Heresy is: The formal (i.e. willful) denial or doubt by a baptized person of any revealed truth of the Catholic faith. As a crime, it consists in the outward and pertinacious manifestation of the sin, which incurs excommunication ipso facto.

      How do we judge pertinacity? It may be evident from a person's status and education, and the particular dogma he rejects, that he cannot be unaware of the facts. For example, because of the pope's status as teacher and ruler of the universal Church, he would definitely be pertinacious if he were to deny any dogma of the Church held by every true believer. In such a case, he would no longer be pope.

  9. What does the "Call to Repent" mean? It means that the signatories would probably be happier if "Pope" Francis were a slightly better camouflaged apostate. Why couldn't he be more like "Saint" John Paul II, who was a diplomatic people-pleaser? JPII promoted, professed, and demonstrated "respect" for all religions, including Catholicism. Francis, on the other hand, isn't such a good politician. He can't hide his contempt for the Catholic Faith.

    If Francis would "repent" (i.e., be more subtle), then the R+R wouldn't have to work as hard to dupe others into believing the lie, that heretics and apostates can be true popes.


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