"Calls" Part 6: "Sister Lucy" says that Faith is.....guess what.....NOT NECESSARY FOR SALVATION AND HOLINESS. Looks Like "Sister Lucy" went Full-Francis 20 years before we ever heard from Scalfari.

"So that all may believe".....but, then again, you don't have to!

Dr. Chojnowski: I missed something on pp. 195-196. "Sister Lucy" denies that you need faith or grace in order to achieve holiness and, hence, salvation. "Everyone is obliged to be holy, even those who have no faith. Obviously, in the case of those that have no faith, the holiness will be that dictated by their own conscience, and there will be no supernatural merit because they will not have the fundamental reason that gives value to true holiness to be holy because God is holy, namely the desire to be holy in order to please God, to become like God, to do His will, to give pleasure to God and prove to Him how much we love Him. 
      As I was saying, those who do not have the happiness of possessing the gift of faith are also bound to become holy by a dictate of the human conscience for the same reason, we say that even without knowing God, those who fulfill the natural law can be saved." 


  1. Sister Lucy II, you are mistaken.

    It is a dictate of the natural law, that there is no salvation outside The Catholic Church, because she is The Church of Christ or The Church of reason itself.

    The Church, not only, never has nor ever will, ask anyone, to believe against reason, but has always claimed, and must continue to claim, as a matter of simple logic, that God, who is reason itself, created The Church as the one religion, reason leads the mind, to believe.

    One cannot therefore fulfil the natural law, if one does not hold The Catholic Faith or God does not judge, as only, He can, in the internal forum, that given time and the requisite circumstances, one would have embraced The Catholic Faith. In Mathew 5:17, we read: "Do not think that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets. I am not come to destroy, but to fulfil." 'Him' not Luther, Buddha, Mohammed or anyone or anything else.

    If truth exists in the religious sphere, at all, there is only, one true religion, that either is or is not, The Catholic Faith, because as a matter of simple logic, Our Lord either told the truth or He lied, when He said (John 14:6): "I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No man cometh to the Father, but by me." (Note the use of the definite article. He does not say, he is 'a' means of salvation. He says He is 'the' means of salvation, and The Catholic Church either is or is not The Body of Christ, and nothing else is or can be, because The Catholic Church is itself, and not anything else.)

  2. Sounds like novus ordo mischief to me.

  3. The Conciliar Church is imploding before our very eyes and the Catholic Church is going underground.

  4. The following remark by Wm. J Casey was recorded at a cabinet level meeting with President Ronald Reagan "We'll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American
    public believes is false." Casey described as a "devout catholic" was the head of the CIA and a graduate of Fordham university, a jesuit university in NY. Another Fordham alumni also became a CIA head, John Brennan. Fordham's list of notable alumni includes Ted McCarrick. What kind of formation does this university offer? Add to the list of CIA heads the name of Leon Panetta as yet another graduate of Jesuit Santa Clara. That is an impressive percentage of jesuits heading the CIA. Casey use to fly to Rome and meet with JPll,what went on in those meetings? JPll once removed the entire curia and replaced them with jesuits. He also decided he would pick his own jesuit general. It is funny that the remark of Casey seems to correspond to the Vatican 2 popes and the Faith as it had been understood....where everything catholics have believed is now deemed false. What kind of relationship exists between the Vatican and the CIA? I see a strong one. It was Pius Xll that began these strong ties with his relationship with the OSS and Wild Bill Donaven giving him the highest award available the cross of St Sylvester.What does the CIA know about the fake Lucy? The imposter seems to have existed to confirm the false religion of Vatican ll. This imposter story that is unfolding is mindful of CIA covert jobs. Just what blueprint have the Vatican and CIA been acting on since the end of WW ll and why.....some kind of NWO. It's a deep rabbit hole and more than just a conspiracy theory I think.

  5. Are the sedevacantists right?

    1. The Catholic Church teaches that what a Catholic is, is an objective fact, that anyone, can use to judge, in the external forum, what is, and what is not, Catholic, just as, what is and is not, unjust killing, is also an objective fact, that God expects us to understand and apply, to our actions. Think about, it can't be any other way, because God, necessarily, according to His nature, has to do everything He can to make the path to salvation as clear and simple to understand as possible.

      Sedevacantists simply, recognise, that this is the case, that there is an essential substance of what it means to be Catholic, and that Vatican II alters this substance, changing the meaning of the term Catholic, which is impossible, because the true Catholic Church, cannot teach error or promote evil, and either, what The Church taught before Vatican II is error or what the organization, that now, claims to be The Catholic Church, teaches error. The Laws of Logic tell us that this is so.

      The Modernist, will of course reply, that what was taught then, was good for its time, and what is taught now, is good for our time, but that teaching itself, is an essential part of the problem, because before Vatican II, The Church condemned this very idea.

      An so, yes, the sedevacantists are right, because they, teach what The Church teaches on what The Catholic Faith is and what the papacy is.

  6. Replies
    1. Is Francis a manifest heretic/apostate? Yes, he is. Is the seat vacant? Yes, it is:

      "A heretical pope necessarily ceases to be head of the Church, for by his heresy he is no longer a member thereof; in the event of his still claiming the Roman see a general council, improperly so called because without the pope, could remove him. But this is not deposition, since by his own act he is no longer pope." (A Catholic Dictionary, Third Ed., 1958.)

  7. I received my master's degree and doctorate from Fordham during the early 90s. I also worked as the teaching assistant to the president of the university. Fr. O'Hare. Just to be completely upfront. Part of our investigation is to get hold of relevant CIA, FBI, and State Department documents with regard to what was going on relative to the Church at that time, to see if they offer any information or clues. A big task. Don't forget that the Carmelites at Coimbra are cooperators of Opus Dei and have been for a very long time.

  8. Speaking of the CIA, what the the Siri Thesis evidenced by Paul William's declassified footnote of Siri's election in 1958 taking the name Gregory xvii? Makes sense of the eclesiastical calamity that ensued/to the present day🤔


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