Which is the "Ordinary Rite" of the Novus Ordo Religion Now?


  1. Does anybody Catholic attend these things? Why are these idiots not tossed out on their buttocks? Enough already.

    1. Because there were no Catholics in attendance to toss them out.

  2. The Ingress of Antichrist

    I randomly reviewed the video from St. Peter's Basilica closing Mass on October 27, 2019.
    A witch dressed in white with a glass pot with soil and greens was leading the procession before the mass. Such a large procession looked like a green snake (green chasubles of the clergy) when it enters from the outside of the edifice and glides down the middle of the nave. The witch walked with this pot before the processional cross, because she represented the head of the serpent Pachamama.
    However, during the offertory procession the witch with the pot was walking at the very end. This time she represented the snake's abdomen (tail). Why? Because as a viviparous snake, Pachamama laid Antichrist on the altar of the Lord! Jorge the Apostate* arranged this on the solemnity of Christ the King to show that now the Antichrist will reign in the Roman Catholic Church! The Apostate took in his hands this pot only and ordered it to be put on the altar! Marini placed the pot next to the group of four candelabra. Normally, the altar is decorated with six candles, but when the ordinary bishop arrives, they will set up a seventh candle. This seventh candle means Antichrist, the new host of Rome. This is how Antichrist's public ingress took place! After the celebration, the pot with the soil remained on the altar, symbolizing the presence of the new lord of Rome. Antichrist is nothing more than an impermanent clay with an admixture of satanic malice and cunning. Scattered plants in this pot illustrate his twisted thinking.

    *His dark crosier, probably wooden, looks like a dried snake.


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