1. Very impressive.

    The fact, that from Lifesite and Church Militant to The Remnant and The Fatima Centre, there has been no response to your work is depressing, and is destroying, the respect I had for the organizations and individuals involved.

    The main reason, I was forced, very reluctantly, down the road, that led me to the sedevacantist position, is that I could not stomach the intellectual dishonesty, I found in the Novus Ordo.

    To see the same intellectual dishonesty, in the semi-Trad majority, who accuse Bergolio and co of intellectual dishonesty, amongst other things, is the reason Bergolio and co are winning.

    Pope Pius XI, like all true popes, stressed that Christian unity, is unity, in the truth, but just like those they revile, the semi-Trads, cannot bring themselves to admit, that because they, do not believe, what Bergoglio and co believe, that they, are not therefore in communion, with him.

    I don't know, what the reason or the reasons are, but I think the most likely, is that in their minds, the promise of Christ, that 'the gates of hell would never prevail against The Church', means that there would never be a reason, that they, would have to, walk away, from the organization, that most people on the planet, recognise as the Catholic Church, to their mind, to admit sedevacantism, is tantamount to admitting that 'the gates of hell have prevailed against The Church'.

    And so, when it comes to looking at your evidence for one of the most cynical, devious, outrageous, despicable, and monumental frauds, that has ever been perpetrated by, anyone, anywhere, at anytime, they, have to turn away, and pretend, that the evidence for this crime, does not exist, because it, would be untenable, to admit, that they, believe, that the organization, that perpetrated such a deception, is the Catholic Church, and that the men, who led it, are true Popes.

    On a moral level, the sex abuse crisis, is far worse, but on a religious level, this is far worse, because while the Catholic Church has been rumoured to have had immoral Popes, what it has never had, is a Pope, let alone, a succession of Popes, who in order, to perpetuate, what they, know, full well, is a revision of the essential substance of Catholicism, were prepared to deceive the faithful by, employing an imposter, to use the image and reputation of Sister Lucy, to sell the doctrinal poison, that Sister Lucy, was born and lived, to warn and fight against.

    If you believe, that the Vatican II hierarchy, did this, you have no choice, but to be a sedevacantist, because such a crime, which is truly, Satanic, goes to the very, spirit and substance of The Catholic Faith.

    1. Yes, the silence from the semi-Trads is becoming deafening. I think that they MAY eventually allow that Bergoglio is a non-Pope; but few of them could ever countenance turning their backs on their heroes “JPII” and “BXVI”.

    2. I sympathise with both of you too - the silence is saddening and shocking. I can't believe people who want all the externals have no "bones" for their faith, it is just devotion and no doctrine. It's wonderful to get updates from Sr Lucy truth. I bet Sr Lucy is smiling down from Heaven to see the truth getting out.

    3. Very good patrickjaypaul. The semi-Trads have generally concluded nothing can be done to remove "Pope" Francis regardless what he does. This is the same 'head in the sand' attitude reflected in the failure to see the truth in the two Sister Lucy's analysis.

    4. I fully empathise with you, except for me it was with the SSPX and “Resistance” where I found the intellectual dishonesty. With Bergoglio, sedevacantism suddenly became such a threat, so the hours and hours of conferences began. The amount of excuses thrown up in order to refute sedevacantism just got more and more ridiculous. Not to mention the outright lies such as "the latest sedevacantist pope being Pope Pivarunas". They are lucky they didn't end up in court on multiple defamation charges. Next time they might not be so lucky.

  2. Lucy tooo, you got some splainin ta do!
    - Desi Arnez

  3. Thank you so much for this great work. The first time i heard of the fake Lucy theory it was from an elderly sede Franciscan priest from the pulpit. He just tossed the idea out at the end of his homily. I nearly fell out my pew. When you really consider how outlandish the whole thing is it is easy to see really demonic audacity and an undeniable conspiracy. Interesting with the photos; there is a certain joy and beauty in a few of the true Lucy photos, very fitting for this dear girl chosen by God. Only the free mason enemies of Christ would dare make a mockery.

  4. The Vatican II cult is of the antichrist the unblemished Catholic Church has been relegated to the catacombs. Sr. Lucia was most likely martyred or had died of natural causes at the time of Roncalli's election. The sinister forces that put the Free Mason Roncalli in power and usurped St. Peter's throne and diabolically forced the true Church out of the hierarchy would have been exposed by Sr. Lucia she would never have endorsed the 'New Religion". We have been warned by Marian apparitions, Saints, Holy Popes Holy Scripture and by Our Lord the Church would go through this darkness.


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