Imposter Sister Lucy was a Native Portuguese Speaker.

Dr. Chojnowski: Sister Lucy Truth has just been informed by a Professional Linguist that the woman in this video (Sister Lucy II) has the accent of a Native Portuguese Speaker. It seems as if this woman was from Portugal. That narrows it down somewhat, no? We are trying to get a full linguistic analysis, along with a professional translation, of this video. 


  1. Tradition In Action posted a letter a few years ago which conjectured that Sister Lucy II may have been a relative of the real Sister Lucy. The letter showed a photo of one of SIster Lucy's aunts. The aunt did have a facial resemblance to the faux Sister Lucy, as I recall. The aunt was not accused of being the imposter, but her picture was shown to demonstrate that other family members might share similar features. I though this was an intriguing hypothesis, since it would also explain how SIster Lucy II could persist in such a monumental deception for decades. If she were indeed a relative of the real Sister Lucy, perhaps a cousin or niece, then she may have felt obligated to continue the charade to preserve the reputation of her family as well as her renowned relative. This hypothesis could also explain how family members could visit the imposter Sister Lucy in later years and think she was the real Sister Lucy, as she would no doubt have intimate knowledge of the family and would be able to discuss these matters with the visitors.


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