Francis (a.k.a) "The Abomination of Desolation" Dives to Find the Pachamamas in order to enthrone them in Saint Peter's. Face it, if You Participate in the Same Rite He Does, You are Associating Yourself With His Apostasy. We Promise to Find the Real Sister Lucy, You Promise to Find the Real Catholic Religion.

Dr. Chojnowski: Blessed Feast of Christ the King! Viva Cristo Rey! 
Surely, today is the day for choices. We cannot look at what happened in St. Peter's today with simple indifference. God will not be mocked. Why cannot we just admit that the Vatican II religion is a fraud that must be rejected completely if we are to please God and adhere to the teachings and the practices that He himself has laid down for us from the depths of eternity. This was the stuff of saints. First begin by reflecting on Our Lord's words after His Resurrection: "All Power on Heaven and Earth Has been Given to Me." All power. We must admit that we do not really believe that. We do not believe it in the realm of Church or State. We accept every abomination and heresy that comes from the Occupiers of the Vatican, recently exposed as liars, deceivers, identity thieves, and, possibly murderers by their substitution of Sister Lucy of Fatima, designated Messenger of the Mother of God, for a woman who made a mockery of everything the real Sister Lucy stood for and spoken of ---- BECAUSE THE REAL LUCY HAD HEARD IT FROM HEAVEN ITSELF. These people are without shame and are criminals both in the natural and in the supernatural orders. They mock God in His Holy Temple and we will sign another petition, begging the same Modernists who have facilitated, through the decades, these kind of events, to please "put in a good word" with someone who desecrates every sacred thing that the Catholic Church has held up and received. The Catholic Remnant --- since 99% of the faithful rejected the real Faith during the 70s and accepted the dummy substitute of the Novus Ordo, just as they accepted the dummy substitute of the woman who went around --- preposterously, calling herself and posing as "Sister Lucy dos Santos of Fatima" --- should have cut themselves off from this substitute for the Catholic Church --- who can but call it the Harlot of Babylon -- but they did not. They begged for permission to "say a reverent Mass" at a "nice church" instead of trying to drag down those who had tried to outlaw the practice of God's religion -- from the Vatican, no less. Our desire for "reverent Masses" and peaceful and pious bourgeois times has allowed this abomination to take place since it was not the Catholic response. Catholics cannot allow the slightest pollution of dogma, nor can they allow rites of worship that are laughing stocks and clown shows. Nor can they allow ANYTHING which contradicts the practice of their fathers. Lets stop being fawning whirling dervishes when we see white, red, and purple cassocks --- or even black! Let us think logically, pray always, and KICK HARD! 


  1. "Our desire for 'reverent Masses' and peaceful and pious bourgeois times has allowed this abomination to take place since it was not the Catholic response."

    Amen! Amen!

    No, it was not the Catholic response. The Catholic response would have been to admit the truth (a long time ago). But only real men have the guts to tell the truth. The guys who've been holding worthless conferences and writing petitions and open letters to their "Holy Father" are soft, feeble and impotent. Their "efforts" are worse than useless. Better if they just did nothing.

  2. We need a Crusade. Please Sr Lucy, raise up souls to get these people out of our Churches, an army of men. We need real men who will be willing to be martyred or tortured rather than let Our Lady be mocked by such atrocities. Men are too weak because of no penance and not enough prayer, but most of all not protecting their souls from evil and valuing their innocence. Pray for the Great Prelate of the prophecies to come. Behold, the time is at hand.

  3. Anti-Pope Francis shows Vatican II for what it is.

  4. If the people knew the half of what's going on, they would not believe it. If you have not heard of Fr Luigi Villa, check out his writings, several attempts were made on his life. The new Padre Pio Church in San Giovanni is a Masonic Temple. That's an undisputed fact. What's happening is so unbelievable, that people can't comprehend it.

  5. I'm always concerned when someone criticizes what other Catholics are doing. I spent such a long time looking for the real Church. I didn't understand that the Catholic Church(es) I'd been attending were products of a process that I begin to understand now was so wrong.

    I was brought up Catholic and can remember the traditional Mass; I remember the changes as they came in. It didn't occur to me we had a choice. Thank You, God, that You gave me the grace to understand the message of Fatima, and to find a traditional Mass in my city.

    We need to pray for people who haven't had their eyes opened, and to pray as Little St. Jacinta did for their souls. We need to pray the Rosary, we need to lead good lives and make the five first Saturdays. Also, as Roberto Di Mattei says, this is a crusade, we are crusaders, we need to fight!

  6. I asked a question the other day. The last time I looked, no one had answered, so I will ask it again.

    In light of the above, is it permissible to go to a sedevacantist chapel for Mass and confession without fear of endangering the salvation of my soul?

    1. To Anonymous at 9:09 AM:

      God bless you for searching for the truth.

      So, "is it permissible to go to a sedevacantist chapel for Mass and confession without fear of endangering the salvation of one's soul?" The answer is yes. If the priest is Catholic and not a heretic, then it would be permissible and good for the soul. The danger to souls would come from believing that a heretic could possibly be a true pope.

      The sede position is based on the Catholic fact that: "An heretical pope necessarily ceases to be head of the Church, for by his heresy he is no longer a member thereof; in the event of his still claiming the Roman see, a general council...could remove him. But this is not deposition, since by his own act he is no longer pope." (A Catholic Dictionary, Third Edition, 1958.)

      As Catholics, we must believe what the Church teaches regarding the power and character of the primacy of a (true) Roman pontiff (i.e., no recognizing and resisting allowed).

      However, it is a matter of fact that Francis is a pertinacious heretic. Therefore, he is not and cannot be the true Vicar of Christ. One way pertinacity can be established is that it may be evident from a person's status and education (in Francis' case, he's supposed to be the HEAD of the Church), and the type of dogma he rejects (Francis rejects the fundamentals of Catholic dogma) that he must be aware of the facts.

      If you'd like to learn everything there is to know regarding the Catholic Doctrine on the question of a heretical pope, there's a new book available by Fr. Paul Kramer. The name of the book is "To Deceive the Elect."

    2. Doesn't Fr Kramer believe Benedict to be pope? If so, the book is not worth reading as Fr Kramer himself will be deceiving the elect. Benedict is just as much as heretic as Francis!

    3. To Anonymous I - Yes, you must go to sedevacantist chapel and it will not endanger your soul, it is the truth. mostholytrinityseminary and CMRI have sedevacantist chapels, google them. Don't go to any Mass in union with antipope Francis. It is offensive to Almighty God.

    4. Catholic, although Fr. Kramer believes Benedict to be pope, the book is still worth reading because it offers so much valuable information regarding the Catholic teaching on defection from the Faith and the Church, heresy, and loss of Ecclesiastical Office. It demolishes the Salza/Siscoe position and clears away the confusion they've been spreading. Their sophistry is exposed in detail in the book, and there's much to be learned in that alone. It's a major step in the right direction.

      Also, my recommendation of the book was not unsolicited. Anonymous 1 had requested it in an earlier post.

    5. Someone who believes in a false pope and a heretic as Fr Kramer does cannot know or teach Catholic doctrine to others. He needs to realise that he is wanting in terms of knowledge and if he cannot figure out that in terms of his ordination and in terms of accepting and promoting a blatantly heretical author such as antipope Benedict, then he is seriously in error and certainly unable to instruct or help others. Think about it just for a minute and you will realise that all of this should go without saying as it is so obvious, but there is so much deception out there. I will pray for Fr Kramer to fully acknowledge the truth but so long as he encourages others to embrace a heretic as the Vicar of Christ on earth he is himself a public mortal sinner (although I do not judge his conscience in terms of his guilt for that sin). There are plenty of priests ordained in the old rite (unlike Fr Kramer or ?Mr Kramer) with excellent websites explaining Church teaching on heresy and the pope. There is mostholytrinityseminary and there is and especially Rev Anthony Cekada on youtube, with the other authors on and in his publication Quidlibet. Mario's Novus Ordo watch is also commendable and traditionalcatholicsermons website.

  7. The Vatican II sect is not the Catholic Church. Since Roncalli usurped the Throne of St. Peter we have been without a Pope. The Novus Ordo Missae is without validity. The cult has it's own Mass it's own Popes and Saints and its own dogma the Heretical Vatican II council. Christ is not in any of it.


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