Surrealism Meets Sister Lucy Truth: Was Salvador Dali the First One to be Fooled by the Imposter Sister Lucy?


Dr. Chojnowski: Was Salvador Dali, the Surrealist painter and well-known Communist, the first one to be tricked by the imposter Sister Lucy in 1961? Very possibly.

For some reason, John Haffert, co-founder of the Blue Army, decided it was the Surrealist Communist Salvador Dali, would relied on the semi-conscious images that came to him from his "subconscious," to paint the Vision of Hell given to the Children of Fatima in the First Secret. What is interesting for the purposes of Sister Lucy Truth is that the Surrealist desired to meet with Sister Lucy in 1960 because he could not visualize how his painting should be. What he says he could not understand is the face of Our Lady. Immediately, when accepting the commission for the painting from Haffert, and eating escargot, he apparently knew how to portray Hell and the Damned Soul even though this presentation in NO WAY resembles the Vision as described by the real Sister Lucy. Dali compared the Soul about to be damned --- which, by the way, was not the subject matter of the Vision --- to a snail about to be speared with escargot forks. Also, remember, Dali painted his picture --- which I don't want to endorse so I just give you a link for those interested --- AFTER SPEAKING IN 1961 TO "Sister Lucy," who was in Coimbra behind the grill. How would the real Sister Lucy inspire or incline one to paint this painting? 

What interests us here is this, why was Dali, one of the most famous painters of the age and a well-known Leftist --- not given access to Sister Lucy in 1960 even though this was during the time of John XXIII who fawned over Leftists and even received his cardinals hat from the Leftist anti-Catholic President of the French Republic. Why would a church canon be able to gain him an access that his famous name could not? Well he finally got access in 1961. Was this because someone in the Vatican realized that now they were going to have to find someone who could impersonate Sister Lucy since so many were going to be interested in meeting and speaking with her? Just as an amateur sleuth, I would say that this is further circumstantial evidence pointing to 1959 as the critical year of the real Sister Lucy's disappearance. Again there is no photo graphic or written evidence that the real Sister Lucy lived beyond this date. 

Another striking point, and more evidence that the woman who paraded herself around as "Sister Lucy" of Fatima was a complete fraud and imposter, is her first encounter with the "Vision of Hell" painting by Dali which she saw for the first time in 1997. Read the text from the Blue Army article below:

When Sister Lucia finally saw his painting of the Vision in 1997, she studied it intently, then said to her interpreter, “Hell is spiritual and not physical, and it is impossible for anyone to make an image of hell. The painting comes as close as humanly possible to representing hell.”
This is proof positive that the woman speaking did not see Hell nor was entrusted by Our Lady to propagate this Secret. Hell fire will be physical as will Hell for the Damned and the whole First Secret was PRECISELY an Image of Hell. The Secret was not the idea of Hell, this is Catholic dogma that is not a secret but part of public divine revelation. Rather it was a Vision as to what Hell is like. What kind of insult is it to Heaven that "Sister Lucy" says that "The painting comes as close as humanly possible to representing Hell." So what was the First Secret? This woman sounds like a softy Novus Ordo who is totally uncomfortable with the very idea of Hell. Nor does she seem to have much awareness of what the content of "her own" vision was. Also, even though Dali seems to have made a good confession in 1961, the following close of the Blue Army article says that Dali made no official conversion and "kept his religious sentiments to himself." 12 years ago, strangely enough, the Blue Army must have sold the painting ---- supposedly the painting that "comes as close as is humanly possible to representing Hell," ---- from the very lips of "Sister Lucy" --- to a "private collector" in Connecticut. Must have needed the money. Maybe the Connecticut dealer could sell the painting to raise some money for Sister Lucy Truth!
Here is the end of the article:
Salvador Dali died of heart failure on this day, January 23, in 1989, at the age of 84. He kept his religious sentiments secret from the world. Sister Lucia must surely have prayed for him.
His Vision of Hell painting hangs in the home of a Connecticut art collector who purchased it from the World Apostolate of Fatima/Blue Army in 2007.


  1. Sure makes one think about what the real essence is of the operation called the Blue Army. That they would pick the communist Dali should tell us volumes. How many deceivers and communist front operations have we been dealing with over the last 100 years or so? Augustine writes that the principal goal of the demons is to deceive men and that the demons unite with their human counterparts in the forms of statesmen and savants. In other words Leaders who deliberately lead men astray. JP2 had a similar take on the existence of Hell....not a physical place...and probably not too many people go to this spiritual place of separation.

  2. Haffert may have been fooled by Dali and company but I assure Sr. Lucia was not and in all likelihood never met nor approved of his vision of Hell.

  3. Modern "art" by modern man ... ugly and grotesque. Dali must have been tripping on acid. That the Blue Army commissioned this surrealistic trash speaks volumes. They, too, were infiltrated.

  4. Ugly painting like the ugly church built in Fatima .
    Something seems very wrong with the so called Blue Army.

  5. Am I wrong in suppossing that Dali was not a communist but a monachist and supporter of Franco?


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