Novus Ordo Watch Opens the Barn Door: Produces New Video on Sister Lucy Truth. No Stopping Us Now.


  1. Can we expect to not be ignored by those we put forth an effort to convict of something, anything?

  2. Enjoyed the NOW video!

    It's obviously true that the R&R (i.e. The Fatima Center, CFN, The Remnant, and the SSPX) have been conveniently ignoring the scientific evidence about the two Sisters Lucy. Yes, the term "diabolical disorientation" and "Sister Lucy II's" approval of the heretical popes (after Vatican II) have been used by the R&R for decades for their own ends. Therefore, the R&R will not change course now; they'd be afraid to admit they were wrong all along, and that all their work and their supporters' donations and sacrifices were for nothing.

    An article in the Summer, 2006 Issue of The Fatima Crusader explains that "diabolical disorientation" was about confusion, or heresy, spread by the devil, and that it mostly affected the leadership in the Church. However, the author believed that Catholics who were victims of this alleged "diabolical disorientation" could only be "material heretics", since (according to the author) the devil "made them think and really believe they were serving God, when they were serving Satan".

    This theory about "diabolical disorientation" is similar to the atheists' doctrine of "determinism"; that is, "No one has free will; no one is responsible for his/her actions."

    Thank you, Dr. Chojnowski, for the unbiased scientific evidence that, so far, proves one "Lucy" was an impostor. Keep up the good work!

  3. Begin to get a strong sense that if you are a so called catholic news agency or commentary site, and you are doing everything you can to ignore and avoid this explosive event, then you are deceptive fake news. Maybe we will find that fake news has been a big part of the problem for a long time. Maybe we are going to find that yes, even much of the traditionalist/conservative media were plugged in and paid for, false opposition. They never cared for the truth, only what money they could get out of it and they have steered the sheep down all sorts of deceptive paths.

  4. The "diabolical disorientation" or the "operation of error" is the vice of homosexuality/pedophilia in the priesthood.


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