Vatileaks: Declassified CIA Document Obtained by RadTrad Thomist, Shows Pope Pius XII's Plans for Post-War Catholic Bloc of European Nations Between U.S. Liberal Alliance and Soviet Communist Alliance. Also, Reveals Pope's Work to Make Russia the Great Catholic Missionary Field of the 20th Century.

Grand Geo-Strategist and Evangelist. What COULD HAVE BEEN

Dr. Chojnowski: RadTrad Thomist has just obtained a declassified CIA document that details the interrogation of a former Catholic priest who became a National Socialist and German operations officer during World War II. 

Further commentary will follow on subsequent posts. However, in order to get out this information to our readers in a timely fashion, I would advise them to keep a look out for several points as they read the extensive account of the interrogation of Albert Hartl, a Bavarian who left the Catholic Church and Priesthood to become a much used asset for the German National Socialist government during the 1933 to 1945 period. His work related to the Catholic Church and the Vatican is a special focus of the questions posed to Hartl during his interrogation in by American Army Intelligence in 1946. 

Items of Great Significance:

1) Vatican's Plan to Open Up Russia as An Extensive Missionary Field after the Russian Revolution.
2) The Vatican Under Popes Benedict XV, Pius XI, and Pius XII Had Extensive Contacts with the Soviet Government Attempting to Negotiate the Establishment of Catholic Missionary Efforts in Southern Russia.
3) Pope Pius XII's Plan to Establish a Catholic National Political Bloc Stretching from Portugal to Poland and Bulgaria, to be Lead by a Catholic Italy as a Counter-Weight to the American Liberal Bloc and the Soviet Communist Bloc that Was Going to Emerge After the Collapse of National Socialist Germany. Plans for this geo-political Catholic fortress were already being laid in 1941. 
4) The American government took it for granted that the world-wide Catholic Church led by Pope Pius XII was immune to doctrinal takeover by the Americanism that dominated the Catholic Church in the United States, because of the Church's rejection of the American doctrine of religious liberty. 
5) The willingness of the Vatican to supply exact and accurate data to the German Military on the Soviet's planned invasion in January 1945 (information that the German government did not believe, but which proved to be completely accurate), while refusing to betray the military information of the Americans and the British to the German high command. 

Note: There is so much more to garner from this uncovered document about the Vatican's geopolitical activity and attitude from the end of the First World War to the end of the Second World War. This information will be a contribution to our efforts to find out what happened in 1958 and why. And who done it. 

More commentary will follow on subsequent posts. 


  1. Very interesting! Never heard about Pope Pius XII's Plan to Establish a Catholic National Political Bloc, or that the American government took it for granted that the Catholic Church led by Pope Pius XII was immune to doctrinal takeover by Americanism. This speaks volumes about this Pope, and it also contradicts the ridiculous accusations that some "Traditionalists" hurl against him.

    Can't wait to hear more.

  2. I think we must be very careful here regarding the events of WW1 and WWll and the Pacelli papacy
    The Pacelli family, regarded as the black nobility, has been deep in vatican financial concerns since at least Gregory XVl. It was Pacelli's great grandfather that was the chief financial advisor to Gregory that found the Vatican taking out a 35 million dollar loan from the House of Rothschild in 1832 at 5% usury absolute scandal to many traditionalist catholics who found this subservience to the Jewish money ruling power intolerable. Under Pius lX another Rothschild loan was procured with the same Pacelli. Under Leo Xlll the arise of Jewish controlled finance was answered with Rerum Novarum without any mention of the Jewish ruling power or usury (formerly a mortal sin) a chief financial advisor, a member of the Pacelli family. Pacelli called for a serious discussion of a Jewish homeland as secretary under Benedict XV. Pacelli gave us Bugnini, the promotion of Opus Dei, Montini and Roncalli thrived under him. He lacerated
    the liturgy of the tridium. He gave us the faggot Spellman as the highest ranking American prelate. He gave the highest papal award the Cross of St Sylvester to a free wheeling OSS operative "Wild Bill" Donovan who would morph the OSS into the CIA, that now creates black psyops and wars all over the world. I would be very careful before I signed on without reservations, to Pius Xll.

    1. Anon @ 6:36 pm: Are you suggesting that we petition the banks to give us 0% interest on our investments? And which "traditionalist Catholics" were "absolutely scandalized" by the Vatican taking out a bank loan in 1832 at 5% interest? I didn't realize Catholics had to distinguish themselves as "traditionalists" almost 200 years ago.

      I'm not sure you understand the definition of the word "usury". The Catholic Encyclopedic Dictionary, 1958, defines the word as such: "Usury is strictly speaking profit exacted on a loan of money just because it is a loan. This is unjust, because money as money has no value save in its use. *But* interest may be justly charged for reasons extrinsic to the loan itself, such as danger of non-repayment or loss of opportunities of other profit. In modern times this latter extrinsic title always exists owing to economic conditions..."

      As for your other accusations against Pope Pius XII. I don't believe them. You don't seem to be a reliable source.

  3. More can be found out by reading "John Courtney Murray, Time/Life, and the American Proposition: How the CIA's Doctrinal Warfare Program Changed the Catholic Church' by David A. Wemhoff

    Vatican II reflected the desired changes of John Courtney Murray et al, i.e. the Protestantizsation of the Catholic Church now pretty much accomplished.

  4. P12 was the last true Pope according to the sedevacantists. Perhaps they are mistaken. In order for the Church to be effective spiritually in the world it must be materially poor and non-political. The Pope should also be a constitutional monarch, elected by all the Bishops and subject to dismissal. All powerful Popes have lead to many corrupt actions. The Pope would have infallibility only on issues relating to faith and morals.

    1. Only on issues related to faith and moral .... Well, that is actually the case per the Magisterium's teachings itself ....
      Now, the Church can not be a Judeo-Protestant/liberal "constitutional monarchy ", and this is by divine will, as monarchic character of the Church originate from Our Lord Jesus-Christ.

    2. Michael, true Popes are not "subject to dismissal". Only heretical "popes" are:

      "An heretical pope necessarily ceases to be head of the Church, for by his heresy he is no longer a member thereof: in the event of his still claiming the Roman see a general council, improperly so-call because without the pope, could remove him. But this is not deposition, since by his own act he is no longer pope. In other forms of wrong-doing (a pope) remains a member of the visible Church and does not differ from any other sinful ruler whose lawful commands must be obeyed." (A Catholic Dictionary, 1958, Third Edition. Deposition)

      "The councils of Constance and Basle, and Gallican theologians, hold that a council may depose a pope...In point of fact however, heresy is the only legitimate ground. For a heretical pope has ceased to be a member of the Church, and cannot, therefore, be its head." (Catholic Encyclopedia, 1913., Vol. IV p. 435. Councils)

  5. Anonymous. What is the basis for saying the Church was set up as an absolute monarchy? There is none as far as I know.

    No one is stepping up to the plate to depose Pope Francis even though he is a heretic. Pope Francis can get away with anything and only a few Cardinals will object.

    We need a new method of governance in the Church because the present system is corrupt and has been since the time of Constantine. The Church's allegiance is to politics, power and money. The Church is not capable of cleaning itself up or so it seems. I am looking for some clear divine intervention to indicate God's will for the Church governance going forward.

    1. Michael, you originally said: "The Pope should also be a constitutional monarch, elected by all the Bishops and subject to dismissal."

      But a heretical pope *is* subject to being removed or deposed, "since by his own act he is no longer pope". There is nothing wrong with the present system of governance. The problem is with the bishops who are doing nothing. Is it because the majority are Modernists who support the New Religion? I don't know. All I know is that even the R&R traditionalists erroneously recognize the heretics as being true popes.

      I'm not sure if you're suggesting a system of democracy like in the U.S., where everyone gets a free vote every few years. If this is what you're suggesting, it contradicts the hierarchical constitution that Christ gave to His Church. Besides do you think a democratic system would solve the Church's problems, considering the track record of how American Catholics have voted in past elections?

      If you really want to know why the Church has an hierarchical constitution, you should seriously consider getting yourself a book that teaches the basics of the Faith, like Fundamentals of Catholic Dogma, by Dr. Ludwig Ott.

  6. The accusations against Pope Pius XII are based on an outcome bias, after Vatican II, by some "traditionalist Catholics", who couldn't stomach Pius XII's necessary and legitimate Holy week reform. After the Vatican II liturgical revolution happened, they suddenly saw the event as having been predictable, even though there was no objective basis for predicting it. So they scapegoated Pius XII for John XXIII's sins and went searching for any "facts" to justify it.

    (Let's not forget that Pope St. Pius X did not eradicate the Modernists. He admitted only driving them underground, where they continued to grow exponentially in strength and numbers.)

    So, how would the "traditionalists" judge Pius XII's actions had he done something unimaginable, like expelling all the seminarians, priests, bishops, cardinals, and starting all over again? Hint: They would continue to use their fallacious outcome bias. Pius' decision would not be judged immediately, according to its own merit. It would be judged later, after the fact, according to the outcome. If the outcome is bad, then Pius' decision would also be bad. But if the outcome is good, then so would be Pius' decision.

    Ironically, these very same people, whose super-sensitive traditionalist senses can't tolerate Pius XII, are practically desensitized and indifferent to "Pope Francis", even though he is an anti-Catholic apostate that wore pedophilic symbols on his vestments during WYD in Panama!

  7. To anonymous who called me an "unreliable source" regarding Pius Xll. Sir you brought no evidence to dispute any of the facts I presented which are all historical information, readily available. I consider your smear job just that, a smear job, by someone who knows nothing of the church's ancient prohibition against usury. If you can dispute the facts then do so.....attacks based on "smears" are the works of scoundrels.

  8. Why should we consider a renegade as a reliable historical source? Example (p. 50 of the linked photocopy) "at the beginning of 1941 HARTL heard that a number of Polish priests and monks have been brought to Dachau. He states openly that he was not alarmed by this news, since the German clergy had always manifested a strong antipathy toward the hyperchauvinistic Polish clergy and since he knew that even nuncio Orsenigo had always a strong dislike of the Polish clergy."
    What the alleged expert on Polish church matters during the German occupation did not know was that the deportation to Dachau was a huge "relief" for those priests (not commencing of the persecution - lasting since 1939), when compared with their previous situation. The "relief" worked out under the influence of the Holy See, in 1941, probably with regard to the German decision to attack the CCCP (which Germans tried to present as the anti-bolshevik crusade). Cf. e.g. Reports of Witold Pilecki on his mission in Auschwitz (translation mine):
    "At first the priest did not live [in Auschwitz] longer than several days. They were beaten to death with clubs in the [death camp] square (...) or during some other "labour" designed to torture them. Then, at the beginning of 1941 - after an intervention of Rome - priests had been evacuated to Dachau, where they apparently had quite bearable conditions".
    "They [i.e. Germans] were beginning with a question asked by a stripy guy with a club: 'Was bist du von zivil?' A reply: priest, judge or lawyer led to beating and death. (...) They deliberately destroyed the intelligentsia (...) Under some influence of Vatican by the mediation of the allied Italy at authorities of the Reich priests were transported to Dachau. For the first time - at the beginning of 1941. (...) In Dachau, the priests had apparently quite bearable subsistance when compared to conditions here [i.e. in Auschwitz]"

  9. Thanks Anonymous. In regard to your reply to me: "f you really want to know why the Church has an hierarchical constitution, you should seriously consider getting yourself a book that teaches the basics of the Faith, like Fundamentals of Catholic Dogma, by Dr. Ludwig Ott."

    As you surmise I am in disagreement with the monarchical nature of the Church which has largely been a disaster. The Church has been too intertwined with politics and politics almost always wins. To mitigate this we need the church not to be a City State Monarchy but structured more like a religious order with a time limit on the Pope's time in office. Christ, I think, would agree with this. He said to render unto to Caesar that which is Caesar's and to God the things that are God's. We need a much simpler, poorer, and politically uninvolved Church which rejects all of Vatican II and emulates the state of the Church prior to Constantine.


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