The Great American Apostasy By the Numbers.....And this does not include the 23% of the American Population that Call Themselves "Catholic"

Political "Liberty" + Religious "Liberty" + Sexual "Liberty" + Marriage "Liberty" = Modern Apostate America or "Why is My Neighbor Mowing Her Lawn on Sunday?"

Dr. Chojnowski: Ever wonder why your neighbor seems to have no concern for the Sabbath day, when they are shopping or doing their lawn as you come back from Mass? Why does Sunday feel like another day in the America of 2019. Putting aside the 3% of the US population that can be classified as Jewish, Muslim, or Seventh-Day Adventist, we must suppose that most of the rest have ancestors who historically honored the Sunday Sabbath day. In the Connecticut of my youth, they even had "Blue Laws" that closed down stores on Sunday. If it were not for our own religious observance, Good Friday would be the most depressing of days since the population as a whole does not seem to distinguish this day in which Our Lord's sacrifice was offered from any other day of the year. 

The statistics presented do not surprise me, especially the stark rise in the agnostic/atheist population. Teaching at Gonzaga University for 11 years, from 2004 to 2015, I found that the students had generally no religious sentiments at all. In fact, they were totally indifferent to questions of truth. The only students that seemed to believe in anything were the Communists --- they had their own club at the university. The most prevalent religious sentiment was radical anti-religion. The few traditional Catholics that I had were silent when larger issues of truth were raised. This was a "Catholic" university in which the majority of the students came from "Catholic" high schools, generally from the region and generally Jesuit. 

What you find in our own traditional Catholic communities is a progression through to complete secularization with this third generation of "traditional" Catholics. Religion seems to have become for this latest generation a very thin powdering of a secular, materialistic cake that has as its main content "the American dream." 

From the Statistics offered in this article, since 1990 --- I am not sure of the significance of this date --- we see a collapse of Establishment Protestantism, while the Catholic Church and Evangelical Protestantism is undergoing a slow, an agonizingly slow, decline. We seem to be headed towards the sharply anti-religious, atheistic society that we find among the British. 
In the next article, we will delve into a text that traces the present apostasy affecting the Catholic world to the United States and the "American proposition." The "Americanization" of the Catholic Church seems to be the root of the present apostasy. Henry Luce, Claire Booth Luce, Fr. John Courtney Murray, Time magazine vs. Cardinal Ottaviani, Msgr. Fenton, and a few courageous others. How the Sister Lucy case is involved in this "Americanist Apostasy," still remains to be uncovered. Many are working very hard on it.


  1. Thoughtful piece. The Americanization of the Catholic Church has certainly taken place. My own search into this also raises another influential spectre, the Judaizing of the Catholic Church which happened at the same time, particularly with Nostra Aetate. If earlier generations of Catholics had heard of a Pope entering a synagogue, as JPll did in 1987, and renouncing all previous Catholic teaching regarding Judaism, they would have been aghast and might have grabbed pitchforks. This was 3 years after the Vatican signed an accord with CIA operated America that recognized the Vatican. There is a forgotten man (or is that scrubbed) in all this drama that lived over 500 years ago, his name was Giovanni Pico Della Mirandola, a "Catholic" who introduced noxious notions of Judaism, Kabbalah, the hermetic tradition, neo-platonism etc into the bloodstream of the Vatican. His oration on the Dignity of Man was full blown humanism, a humanism that would be echoed by the likes of Maritain with his "Integral Humanism", that had such influence at the Vat 2 council. So influential was Pico in his day that Thomas More wrote a biography of him. Although his heresies were at first condemned, that great Borgia Pope Alexander the Vl exonerated Pico and the humanist kabbalistic poison made it's way quietly into the lifeblood of the Renaissance Church and was never fully expelled. One historian who has seriously studied the entire matter has gone so far as to write, the Father of Vatican 2 was Pico Della Mirandola.

  2. Vatican II and Roncalli not only created a new religion but this heresy also changed the morality of non Catholics. The Church was wounded by the Vatican II sect but with the loss of praying Catholics the world was opened to the evil that permeates the globe with little notice among the worldly minded populace. "As it was in the days of Noe".

    1. praying, faith and trust that everything will be ok are so important these days.
      The war ended at cavalry, the losers are retreating and destroying everything they can on their way to "their reward"

  3. "Good Friday would be the most depressing of days since the population as a whole does not seem to distinguish this day in which Our Lord's sacrifice was offered from any other day of the year. "

    Sheer horror.

    1. I thought my times were crazy and I was a 70s and 80s teen.
      Now I never thought these things would be so out of hand.
      Love Dr Chojnowskys work and listen to him on Tradcatknight.
      Lent I to noticed... No reverence, not even mentioned or noticed. I am the only Traditionalist, in my family, my community, amongst my neighbors friends... Etc....
      I found Tradition, and Tradcatknight 3 years ago and other websites and its hard spreading the word. Even when your own family somewhat believes but continues the novis ordo and above all one sees that prophesies are being fulfilled, and I also before I found tradition I was helping fulfill prophecy.


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