Upfront from Sister Lucy Truth: Where we are and what we will SOON be doing. Be ready.

St. Joseph Appeared with the Child Jesus on October 13th, 1917 to the Three Children at Fatima.

Dr. Chojnowski: In light of the complete transparency of the Sister Lucy Truth investigation. I feel obligated to tell the readers of RadTrad Thomist were we are now and where will want to SOON be. 

1) We are still on the identification stage of the investigation. We are now very much in the process of collecting reports from relevant professionals which will testify to the identity or misidentify of Sister Lucy of Fatima I (pre-1958) and Sister Lucy of Fatima II (post-1958). Even though the evidence so far as been overwhelming, we want our thoroughness in the case to make any further scientific identification project unnecessary. I would hope that by Easter, this stage of the process could be completed. 

2) We are waiting for outstanding reports from the following professionals: 
a) 3 Facial Recognition reports from 3 different algorithms and companies. All the companies have an international presence and sphere of operation. Also, a private investigator's report on all of this information, including information which has already been uncovered and fully reported.
b) 1 Plastic Surgeon report.
c) 1 Final Report from a Forensic Artist.
d) 3 Reports from our Handwriting Analyst for 3 documents submitted to him. After this process is completed we want to submit the Tradition-in-Action "Third Secret" for scientific analysis. 

3) The Sister Lucy Truth website with all of the collected information and reports will be launched SHORTLY. My colleagues believe that the site can be made available to the public WITHIN THE WEEK. Since we are not finished with the identification process of Sister Lucy Truth, the website will allow for email updates to all of those who sign up, so that once new reports are added to the site --- as these come in, those who have subscribed will be informed of the new scientific information.

4) We are creating a presentation which will be given to private audiences ---- private, so as not to interfere with the ongoing investigation --- concerning all of the most recent findings of the Sister Lucy Truth investigation. One conference has already lined up this presentation. 
Please pray for Sister Lucy Truth to Good St. Joseph, Patron of the Catholic Church, so that it can achieve its mission in the coming months.


  1. Our Lady of the Rosary, pray for us. St Joseph, pray for us and pray for the Catholic Church and the propagation of the faith.

  2. Dr Chojnowski, I am glad you are bearing in on the Third Secret letter, subject of both Tradition in Action and Zavala’s 2017 book. Zavala’s notable contribution was to authenticate this letter in the hand of Sr. Lucia.

    Provenance of that letter is what’s lacking. Therefore as it only exists in a photo image it is susceptible to manipulation as the formidable Dr. GuimarĂ£es has demonstrated.

    I believe the correct date is January 9, 1944, by the way, for several reasons, contrary to customary Brazilian/European form notwithstanding.
    Literally 1/9/944 or 1/4/944. I reckon the 9th of January is the most reasonable date based on context like the date of the first part of the Secret and the week of struggle thereafter that Sr. Lucia had in putting pen to paper to write such horrific things as a false pope of “an evil gaze” leading people either into a Church of Hell or in worship of Satan, which is much the same.

    Immaculate Heart, Triumph!

  3. Can you let us know which conference you will be presenting at?

  4. Anxiously awaiting the SLT site. Prayers for all those seeking truth and justice.

  5. Just remember no matter what the outcome......Opus Dei just released a movie called "The Divine Plan" based on an Opus Dei book researched and written by an Opus Dei Apologist member and researched in the Pontifical University in Chile.
    Remember COMMUNISM is dead thanks to Pope JP2 according to Sr Lucia......But also according to Vatican official release of Third Secret in 2000, Our Lady did not know when She appeared in Fatima in 1917 that the Pope's life would be spared because SHE said he would fall dead after being shot !
    Heaven never handed her the updated telegram before she appeared to the three children in 1917 and prophesied the Third Secret ?
    But also remember if the consecration is not done as
    requested , Communism will spread it's errors throughout the world ?

    We are all living under an illusion apparently.
    Bernie was not being endorsed by CPUSA as we read on the communist party website. China and N Korea and Cuba are no longer communist .Putin is not a Communist former KGB....and Pope Francis has no communist leanings ( even though he claims he knows nice communists)


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