New Reports in the Pipe Line for Sister Lucy Truth. See All the Evidence Published So far and what is to come.

The Quiet and Retiring Carmelite Nun. Not.

What to expect as we move ahead with Sister Lucy Truth.

1) 6 More Facial Recognition Reports.
2) Handwriting Analysis of various writings of "Sister Lucy". 
3) Another Plastic Surgeon's report.
4) An Analysis of the Ophthalmological data related to the Two Sister Lucys. 

We are working hard and trying to get as much out as we can as soon as we can. Please read what we have posted already, sign up for email notifications of material to come, spread the word about our investigation and findings, keep us in your prayers, say the St. Bridget Prayers with the Sister Lucy Truth Board and do not forget to help us fund this project by giving a tax-deductible donation to Sister Lucy Truth.


  1. Your diligence has exposed the Babylonian captivity we have all been labouring under these 60 plus years. Can these schemers and plotters that took hold of the Church of Rome possibly represent the "permissive will of God"? No. Liars at the highest levels. Your diligence has exposed it all as the bad dream that it has been. Will the cottage industry that has grown up around the fraud take any notice of the truth?. Not, egos and reputations are at stake. Let us pray that a brave soul or two will get the truth into the mainstream and that the wicked house of cards will finally fall apart.

  2. The site is spooky-looking. Everything is huge.

    Why not do a light-gray/black lettering combo with more compact elements.

    Also, the smoking gun should be the very first thing a visitor is presented with.

  3. There is so much evidence. One of the things that is absolutely fascinating is the forensic expert's conclusion: "There is no plastic surgery that would make A’s chin look like B’s chin." To think, that for decades, the Modernists have been using the Fatima apostolates (including the Fatima Center) as a principal vehicle for spreading the Great Apostasy. Obviously, the fake Sister Lucy was their most valuable asset because she recognized the Modernists as true popes and shepherds of the Church.
    Dr. Chojnowski, may your Sister Lucy Truth be a powerful weapon against the enemies of the Church.

  4. I'm just starting to dig into this, so forgive me for asking stupid questions. But what is the conspiracy? Is it that Lucy 2 was presented to the public after Lucy 1 died? Why not just announce her death? Why go through this trouble?

  5. Thank you, Dr C, for all of your work in uncovering this fraud. This is of great service to our Holy Mother Church.

  6. These Prelates simply do not Believe. No Catholic in their right mind would believe in Fatima's alleged third Secret on the Vatican's own website after reading the Sodano/Bertone commentaries that Our Lady was referring to Pope John Paul Two.
    The prophetic message said he would be shot DEAD.....not that he would be spared. Dead is dead.
    As far as Lucia, she is the one who was long gone when they released the Third Secret.

  7. Dr. Chojnowski, thank you. The scientific evidence shows that the post Vatican II Lucy was not the same person as the pre Vatican II Lucy.
    On August 22, 2014, the Fatima Center released a youtube presentation entitled: "Was There a Fake Sister Lucy?" It featured Fr. Gruner and John Vennari trying to divert attention from the fact that the two Lucies were *physically* different. This was strange since their entire apostolate revolved around the "Whole Truth" about Fatima. Even if the scientific facts were not available back then, did they think "Lucy" magically grew a new chin?
    One explanation for the Fatima Center's oversight could be that they shared common ground with Lucy II. Both sides agreed it was possible for Heaven to accept the consecration of Russia from a notorious heretic "Pope". It must be emphasized that although the Fatima Center rejected the 1984 "Consecration", this had absolutely nothing to do with the fact that the "Pope" who performed the consecration was a notorious heretic. This was something they preferred to ignore--the same way they ignored Lucy II's protruding chin.
    The new message of Fatima is a pernicious sham. If people preach it because: "Sister Lucy said so", they should be directed to your Sister Lucy Truth website. Case closed.


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