Who are the Bad Fundamentalists that Francis and his Imam Friend Condemned as Evil in Abu Dhabi? I bet it was you!

"I'm a Believer"
"Daydream Believer"
"Pleasant Valley Sunday"
"Hey, Hey, We're the Monkees"
Why do so many Monkees song titles from the 60s fit so well here?
And now on to Francis and his friends at Abu Dhabi. I am sure he would wish he were in the "Ecclesial Gathering" Pictured Above!
From the Zenit article on the Apostasy at Abu Dhabi:

Earlier today, Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Pietro Parolin told journalists, including Zenit’s Deborah Lubov, that the importance of this day is dialogue among religions, especially Christianity and Islam, promoting peace and combatting fundamentalism.

Dr. Chojnowski: Have you wondered yet who are these "fundamentalists" who are the main source of evil in our world, the evil ones who are keeping the world from realizing a utopian existence of equality, fraternity, gender equity, and dialogue? I would bet that every one who is now reading this website would be fit into that category by not only the ridiculous women pictured above but by Francis the Apostate and his Imam "fellow believer." What is important here is how "official" it all is. The above statement about "dialogue among religions" and "promoting peace and combatting fundamentalism" was made, not only by a mente vacante Francis, but by his Secretary of State. The top hierarchy of the Counterfeit Conciliar Church was there participating in this unbelievable act of apostasy. Remember, in the official signed document it was stated that God wills the plurality of religions!

In order to understand what is the "fundamentalism" that can unite Francis and the Grand Imam --- other than a Masonic World-View --- we should look at the places in the "Document on Human Fraternity" signed at Abu Dhabi this month, where "fundamentalism" is mentioned as the chief enemy of a happy world. Let us put the texts from the document in italics: History shows that religious extremism, national extremism and also intolerance have produced in the world, be it in the East or West, what might be referred to as signs of a “third world war being fought piecemeal”
Here we seem to be in the world of 60s utopianism. From a Catholic point of view, what is "religious extremism"? Notice how it is equated with "national extremism" which I suppose is what we call "nationalism" and is a form of "intolerance." If it were only the case that a Third World War would be fought over religion. Perhaps to liberate the Muslims in many Arab countries from the constant threat of death if they should convert to the true religion? What exactly is the "religious extremism" that Francis states his official revulsion to? Could it be the belief that one religion has the totality of truth, since it, and it alone has been revealed by God? Could it be that it is also a religion which DEMANDS adherence and says that if you refuse adherence you will be sentenced by the All-Good God to eternal damnation? Something like that? Aren't these "fundamentalists" more threatening than any Muslim militants ready to create havoc with acts of random terrorism? Sounds like the old Catholic Religion to me, you know the one that gets you kicked out of FrancisWorld and VaticanII Center; not to mention the "It's A Small World" Ride. 

We affirm also the importance of awakening religious awareness and the need to revive this awareness in the hearts of new generations through sound education and adherence to moral values and upright religious teachings. In this way, we can confront tendencies that are individualistic, selfish, conflicting, and also address radicalism and blind extremism in all its forms and expressions.
Now we are told that the good shepherds of the "believers" who signed this document, want to awaken "religious awareness" ---  not the old spiritual awareness that prompted Blessed Pope Urban II to call the First Crusade, dummy, but an awareness of "upright" religious teachings. Ones that do not encourage "radicalism" and "blind extremism" "in all its forms and expressions." In other words, not the historical Catholic Faith, which set up a completely religiously unified civilization, which fought with --- get the smelling salts --- VIOLENCE AND FORCE --- to make sure that it never suffered from diversity of religious expression. And for all those radicals who wasted their lives preaching the Catholic Faith so as to keep people from Hell, died so as not to be even the slightest smidgeon ecumenical, worried about going to Hell if even the slightest doctrine was denied or even doubted, and traveled to the ends of the world --- and say by 1900 --- occupying and dominating the entire world, so that a civilization based ultimately upon the Death of Jesus Christ and the hope for Resurrection would be the culture of all, intentionally trying to suppress cultural elements which directly contradicted this great faith and hope --- shall we light the fires for the suttee again? --- you must be the "evil" which dear kind Francis and his kissing cousin Imam seek to drive from the minds of all future generations. 

I had better stop now. I think you get the idea. And since the Conciliar Church has not seemed to get beyond 1966, here is a short Monkee's Video to show you how awful it really was!


  1. The tribulation intensifies and a small rest of the faithful to Our Lord crystallize.

  2. From the moment John XXlll delivered his speech on the eve of the council till this very hour, the fake council has been taking us down the Judeo-Masonic. hermetic path of the false religion that will lead to the antichrist. The opening speech by the antipope referred to a dawning new and happy age....no more of these prophets of doom, he said, (would that include Lucy?). And the ecumenical statement on the Jews in 2000, signed off on by Joseph Ratzinger, states the Jews do not wait on their messiah in vain. The diabolical primrose path has been sown with deceptions and a little necessary backtracking, to keep things moving along but there is no doubt where it has been headed all along. They would crucify Our Lord once again.

  3. And, the SSPX desires to be "regularized" by these apostates. The SSPX is a dead end--deceived, deluded, and misleading the people who follow them. They have grown soft, the church impotent. Just look at their lame Web sites, and their weak commentary on the blasphemies of Frankenstone and the Ratican II heretics.

  4. Thanks for the article, Dr. Chojnowski.

    The video is entirely appropriate, because according to Francis' principles "Monkeeism" could be a path to salvation. I mean, Francis' doctrines are very similar: just daydream about a world that is tolerant, merciful and kind - regarding what was once horribly wrong as now being perfectly right - and don't hit me with your negative waves regarding outdated concepts like Death, Judgement, Heaven or Hell.

  5. Dr. Chojnowski, thank you for spelling it out once again that Francis is an Apostate and that his church is counterfeit. This is an absolute truth. There are probably many other Catholics who are also convinced of this fact, but they are being silenced by the manipulation tactics of the false Traditionalists, a.k.a. Recognize and Resist. Why don't they realize that the position of "Recognize and Resist" is heretical and that it was officially condemned at Vatican I? Why can't Catholics see that they're being psychologically tricked by these false Traditionalists? It's time Catholics stopped second-guessing their own intellect and questioning their own judgment. They need to grow up and start thinking for themselves, independently from their false friends.

  6. I'd rather have Davy Jones, or any of the other three Monkees, in the Chair of St. Peter, than the baboon Jorge Beelzebub.


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