Fr. Luigi Villa Rips Aside the Curtain and Reveals the Truth of the "New Christianity" of Opus Dei and "Saint" Jose Marie Escriva. I think it was because the Real Sister Lucy Represented the "Old Christianity" --- That is, the Real Catholic Religion --- that She was Eliminated. That She WAS Eliminated, there can be NO DOUBT. Did the Imposter Replace a Dead Sister Lucy, a Hidden Away Sister Lucy or a Murdered Sister Lucy? This is Still Unknown.


  1. Official Opus Dei site notes that on 2/6 1945 Escriba met with Sr. Lucy at her request. Really. At her request. Why? How did Sr. Lucy know of and desire a meeting with Escriba? Escriba had not yet received papal approval, that would not happen till 1950. So how did our simple Lucy learn of the Opus Dei founder and why would she want to meet with him? Could it be that the founder wanted to meet with Lucy to see what kind of opposition she might present to his "New Way" that would be endorsed at Vatican ll? Perhaps he found out that she would not be taken in by his "new Way" and thus began the process for her removal and replacement.

  2. Beginning to think that what we are witnessing is an old fashioned turf war between the Jesuits and Opus Dei (reflecting on Randy Engle's analysis). Opus Dei pope JPll slaps the Jesuits by personally appointing the head Jesuit, something that did not sit well with the if to say you guys have been the vatican handlers for a long time but there is a new kid on the block. The Jesuit pope responds by ripping off the papal foundation (an organization that most certainly has opus dei connections) to the tune of 8 million dollars with an unheard of demand for 25 million. Opus Dei junks it's papal protection cover and goes after the jesuit pope via Vigano and their media. The leftist jesuit operation against the right leaning OD operation. The Gambinos vs the Corteleone family. An ugly Vatican ll and power and a lot of sex. The glory of God and the salvation of souls is the furthest thing from their minds.

  3. Consider that Sr Lucy said the secret was to be revealed in 1960 or at her death ,
    whichever came first .It was not revealed in 1960, surely Sr Lucy would have questioned the delay.

  4. 32 pages was quite revealing especially about OPUS DEI. I always felt something was just not right about them, a superiority complex perhaps, and their stepping on simple people that can't control. I had a personal experience with that and with them re: peter armenio. Not charitable at all, and lacks compassion.
    I look forward to more on what really happened to Sister Lucia de los Santos, when she died and why, and what part her convent played in her death, and who else was involved, if that will ever be possible.


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