Fr. Hewko gives Dubious Ordinations of Fr. Poisson and Power of Pablo as Reasons for Leaving Boston, Kentucky. Affirms Commitment to "Catholic Resistance".



In the Acts of the Apostles (15:39), we find a dissension arose between the Apostles of Our Lord Jesus Christ, Sts. Paul and Barnabas, who had parted ways and continued spreading the Faith in different regions. Please permit me to draw a similar comparison, given this new situation. 

In 2015 A.D. Our Lady of Mount Carmel, in Boston, Kentucky (OLMC) had publicly disassociated from Ambrose Moran, and it should have rested there. But, contrary to the recent Statement of the “second disassociation” (January 23, 2019), rather than a “slow movement forward in this case,” he was hastily reintroduced by Fr. Joseph Pfeiffer with the conditional ordination of Fr. Poisson, in July 2018. Fr. Poisson had been previously ordained in 1996, by a bishop consecrated in the New Rite, making this first ordination doubtful. So now, poor Fr. Poisson has two doubtful ordinations, yet he continues to be sent out for Masses representing OLMC. 

The moral theology of the Church insists that we are not allowed to be “probabiliorists” with the sacraments, but always take the safest side ensuring validity and legitimacy, that is, the “tutiorist” position. Since the recent Statement of Disassociation also admits not having sufficient proof of the “necessary certificates and real clear authentication” of Ambrose Moran, this merely confirms the doubts of both: this “bishop” and the conditional ordination of Fr. Poisson. Nothing demeaning to the good character of Fr. Poisson, but the fact is, he still must be conditionally ordained by a traditional Catholic bishop, without any doubts!

Furthermore, should the papers proving the validity of Ambrose Moran ever happen to appear, in spite of this, his active participation with the schismatic Orthodox in liturgical ceremonies, the confusion and doubts surrounding his records, photos, documents, (which in normal times would be examined and cleared by the proper authorities of the Church) all dictate, by supernatural prudence, to avoid association with him. Besides, a baptized Catholic seeking holy orders from schismatics incurs suspension, according to Canon Law, and forfeits the right of administering the sacraments, if it happened to be done “in good faith” (c. 2372). Given our present situation, we priests are in no position to rehabilitate such a person. This recent reintroduction and aggressive promotion of Moran has been the cause of much confusion, bad fruits, and scandal to the Faith of clergy and the faithful. 

The second reason for my departure from OLMC is the amount of power given to a layman helping with material concerns, admittedly, and this is much appreciated. But, let it suffice to say, that his self-imposed title of “Chief in Charge” is, by no means, an empty one! Were his influence restrained and his videos (publicly representing OLMC) censored, his leverage would do far less damage to many, many souls. It’s because souls are driven away and harmed that obliges me to counteract this injustice. 

Lastly, all the negative impact the above reasons have had on the seminarians’ formation and my fruitless efforts to correct these negative effects, show me God’s Will is elsewhere. If any good-willing souls were harmed through all this, I beg pardon. 

My whole priesthood, apostolate and future are consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, all is in Her hands! With Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, I stand with the Catholic Resistance against the dissolving of the Faith infiltrating the entire Church and the Conciliar-SSPX by Modernism (cf. Pascendi, St. Pius X). 

The preaching of the integral Catholic Faith, the Mass of All Time, and the salvation of souls must continue. Even after a good pope fulfills Our Lady of Fatima’s demands for the Consecration of Russia, and Rome finally returns to Tradition along with the Virgin Mary’s prophesied Victory, this work must still continue! It is the ardent desire of the Sacred Heart of Jesus to save souls! 
On a practical note, my temporary address is: 

16 Dogwood Road South, Hubbardston, MA 01452

Sermons, catechisms, Mass schedules, and conferences will be found on the YouTube channel: SSPXMarianCorps and Any “scattered sheep” seeking the crumbs off the Master’s Table and desiring the Holy Mass, may contact me at: (315) 391-7575 or

Let us join forces, with the weapon of Our Lady’s Rosary and Scapular, praying for all! Please pray for me, and all priests so minded, to continue, with the grace of God, making our own the great Declaration of Archbishop Lefebvre of 1974, now more applicable then ever!

Sincerely in Christ the King,
Fr. David Hewko


  1. Praise be to Our Lady who has answered Fr Hewko's Rosary novena by separating him from the Boston, Kentucky group.

  2. Let us hope that Fr Hewko takes time to consider all his options and to change his opinion that the four Resistance bishops are heretics. A return to sanity is needed for the Resistance.

  3. Let’s hope that this decision of Fr Hewko may encourage others to question their continuing support of Fr Pfeiffer.

    But dare I ask, what is there now to stop Fr Pfeiffer from reaching out to Ambrose Moran? He's flip-flopped on this issue before. Yes, Ambrose shot himself in the foot with his rant against the validity of Archbishop Lefebvre’s orders (and by extension, Fr Pfeiffer’s), but going by the history if this group it seems that anything is possible. Anyone still connected with this group needs to wake up and leave.

  4. What a joke. He compares his situation to Paul and Barnabas after he admits they deceived and injured souls. But they all go their merry way preaching the gospel while he smears the sspx for a disagreement about a prudential matter. Supernatural prudence indeed. How about basic common sense.

  5. The sin of Adam, disobedience, caused the fall of man and disobedience and pride, in my opinion, is what led Bp. Williamson to create this fractured movement called " the resistance". The entire resistance movement is a bad joke and with each splintered faction it is becoming more dangerous to souls.

  6. Perhaps Fr Hewko will put another call into his long time friend Carlos Urrutigoity and go join him in S America ?

  7. "Fr. Hewko just gave full support to Fr. Roberts, the co-founder of the SSJ with Fr. U.
    It doesn't get any more "enabling" than that.
    Also, he did so against the wishes of his own parishioners."

    Fr Hewko knew exactly what Fr U , Ensey and the rest of them were. He was in the seminary with them as was a seminarian (Deacon) who posts on the blog above too. The same was in Philadelphia for a time and thanks to him and two other thirty something young men there, we were clued in to some very questionable situations.
    Frankly , I would not let any of these so called priests even pet my male dog.
    They know exactly what to say to their audience and what the laity longs to hear but as for being "traditional" well that is quite another story.

  8. Unknown , you must have KNOWN the joke before too .
    All the boys , now young men in their thirties, who were encouraged to drink and smoke as part of Hewko's Commando Group aka "Christeros" based in large part on the Hitler Youth.
    What he did in Eddystone , Philadelphia to the youth in the chapel there and in New England was just a preview of this latest fiasco. you would have thought that his running off to the monastery out West to "discern his vocation" would have been an indicator.


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