Chirping Crickets and the Apostasy at Abu Dhabi: When is a Public Act of Apostasy a "Public Act of Apostasy"? Just Wondering.

Believing in the same God


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Dr. Chojnowski: I am still waiting for the document entitled "A Document on Human Fraternity For World Peace and Living Together" to have some real effect upon the "traditional world." Surely, it was a time for "profound reflection." A reflection that would be a summary of all the long train of outrages to the Catholic  Religion which have hit Catholics since October 28, 1958. Can it be true that we get a document which is intended to be published throughout the world and used as a constant source of academic and religious instruction, which rejects the fundamental understanding of the Catholic Church for 2,000 years, without it SIGNIFICANTLY changing or at least cementing in place our understanding of where we stand in this "crisis"? What we have with the document "On Human Fraternity" is a PUBLIC ACT OF APOSTASY. There can be no question of this to any honest mind who has some modicum of understanding of the Catholic Faith and Religion. The document is meant to put the "religious" mind of "believers," putting Catholics and Muslims in this same category, on a track to a new goal, the goal of a utopian condition of a leftist pacifist world peace, in which "religion" is only tolerable IF it brings about this state of utopian egalitarian society. 
         Of course, the language of Masonry and the Pacifist Left, as if it has ANYTHING to do with the true religion revealed by Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost makes up the sole content of this document. It does not point IN ANY WAY to a supernatural goal for man and a long process of PURIFICATION FROM SIN, which ought to characterize man's life in this world. It says nothing about such things. The line which is, of course, the most offensive and which is a public act of apostasy is the one which states that, "The pluralism and the diversity of religions, color, sex, race, and language are willed by God in His wisdom," if the "pluralism and the diversity of religions" is willed by God, there is no purpose to Christianity. Period. None. That is what I say that Francis has committed a public act of apostasy by signing this document. He has not been manipulated, he has not been forced. He went to Abu Dhabi to sign it and to participate in its public presentation. So did his Secretary of State, Cardinal Pietro Parolin. If God wills the diversity of religions, then the whole history and teaching of the Catholic Church up to this event, and to its prefigurement in the documents of Vatican II, has been a lie and a manipulation of the faithful ---- as this document says over and over again. The REAL Catholic Church AND THE REAL CATHOLIC RELIGION ALWAYS SOUGHT TO CONVERT SOULS TO THE TRUTHS OF THE CATHOLIC FAITH, BRING THEM INTO THE Catholic Church, HAVE THEM PARTICIPATE IN THE LIFE OF GRACE THROUGH THE SACRAMENTS AND WORSHIP GOD IN THE ONLY WAY PLEASING TO HIM, IN THE HOLY SACRIFICE OF THE MASS. If any other social, political, or economic situation was improved by the faithful and those under the authority of faithful rulers, then that was purely accidental and ancillary to the over all goal of salvation for individual men and women IN THE NEXT LIFE. Francis does not believe in nor does he care about the salvation of souls or about their state in the next life. He did NOTHING to encourage or speak about the conversion to the true faith of the Grand Imam or his Muslim followers in Abu Dhabi --- none of whom can be saved and live in eternal happiness through remaining in error and falsehoods. Other religions are willed by Lucifer, the Dark Prince of Hell and not by God. Full stop. To say anything else is apostasy. These ridiculous and doddering fools, who have forgotten about any historical facts and self-evident human realities, completely reject the consequences of Original Sin and its tragic consequences for LIFE IN THIS WORLD and the next. Where is even a modicum of sense in the idea that we will achieve in this world a situation in which there is no injustice, no exploitation, and no violence. The only way in which these things have been, to some minor degree, mitigated, was by a rigid adherence to the Divine and Natural Law as these are interpreted and passed on by the Church through the centuries. This is the whole idea of CHRISTENDOM, a historical reality and idea --- and doctrinal teaching --- which was completely rejected at this meeting and in this document, by both Francis as a denial of the entire teaching and historical reality of the Church and Christian Civilization, and by the delusory Imam who knows that the Islamic religion has always been an historical enemy to the Catholic religion and the civilization that She produced. This document clearly intends to be a proclamation of a New Christianity and a New Islam, rejecting every bit of the historical realities that went before. Francis has NO RIGHT to do this, and not only must we not accept it, but we must DENOUNCE IT. 


  1. Apparently, the Recognize and Resist and the N.O.'s have a motto: Better to have the Devil for a pope than no pope at all.

    1. I was told by a SSPX member that I am a Protestant heretic because I do not know I have to no jurisdiction to identify Francis or other churchmen as heretics because that belong to Church authorities. I told him that he is not only identifying me as heretic but also others where I got the idea from, for example, Fr. Gruner said "Francis is either never a Catholic or he ceased to be one (aka Apostate) long time ago. I don't know maybe Bergoglio was on a material and public apostate but not a formal one so he was still can be elected as a Pope because he was formally a Catholic ? My question if a person is only a public and material heretic or apostate can we call him a heretic or apostate like the late Fr. Gruner did? I am not a theologian I just think it is ok for any Catholic to identify someone as an apostate if he rejects Christ publicly.

    2. You will find answers to your questions here:

    3. Isn’t it amazing that when it comes to the question of whether Francis et al are heretics, the SSPX says that we must leave it to the "Church authorities", and they brand those who claim that Francis et al are heretics as setting themselves up as pope, or of private judgment, accusing them as Protestants. Whereas the SSPX daily thumb their noses at the same "authorities" when it comes to accepting canonizations, liturgical laws, canon law, catechisms… even setting up their own marriage tribunal. Hypocrites!

      What does the Church teach about heresy and what makes one a heretic? Check any pre-Vatican II catechism for what they say about this, and membership of the Church. Also check these catechisms for what they say about the papacy, and infallibility, and the indefectibility of the Church. Not just catechisms but the teachings of the Popes before Vatican II. Put them all together and the only logical conclusion is… not what the SSPX tell you.

  2. So is Francis still the Pope even he is a public apostate?

    1. No, an apostate is someone who has left the Catholic Church and the Catholic faith, someone outside the Church (according to the catechism of the Council of Trent and others...). No one outside the Church can hold office in the Church. That is what St Robert Bellarmine explained so well and why the SSPX deal-makers despise his writings so much. Challenge SSPX to find a teaching of the Church that says a heretic or apostate can hold office. It's just garbage.

  3. While you're at it - the denunciation of "it" - could you also denounce the pseudo-pope Francis as the apostate par excellence that he cleary is?

  4. Rome lost faith - the prophecy of Our Lady of La Salette was fulfilled.
    "Some preachers will keep silence about the truth, and others will trample it under foot and deny it. Sanctity of life will be held in derision even by those who outwardly profess it, for in those days JESUS CHRIST WILL SEND THEM NOT A TRUE PASTOR, BUT A DESTROYER." - right now is fulfilling the prophecy attributed to St. Francis (published 1882, Washbourne)
    Jorge Bergoglio (aka Francis) is the destroyer of the Roman Catholic church, so he takes all effective actions to this end - he does it successfully.
    The prophecy of the 3-rd secret of Our Lady of Fatima (published in the Internet 2010 and in the book "El secreto mejor guardado de Fatima" by Jose Maria Zavala, 2018) is fulfilling right now: Rome has been deprived of the authority of the Apostolic See and will be destroyed.

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