The Saint Peter Dossier, Part II: When the Bishop Says Jump! A Continuation of Our Exclusive interview with a former FSSP priest.

Continuation of RadTrad Thomist's interview with Fr. Joseph Poisson. Part II, When the Bishop says "Jump"!

Fr. Poisson:  The solution of the Fraternity, if there is a problem with the bishop, is to change priests. I knew then, since I was being picked on, that I would never be a parish priest. At one point, I could not even go to the bishop’s Mass, the Holy Thursday [Chrism] Mass anymore. Now I wanted nothing to do with it. So I could only be an assistant priest and I was happy with that. That released me from it. Then I was sent to Scranton.  

RadTrad Thomist. What was your experience of the [Novus Ordo] bishops that you met along the way? 

P. What can I tell you on that? 

R. What did they seem to want from you?

P. Oh! They just wanted the money! They want the collections. They want their fund raising They want their Fraternity priests to make their [financial] goals. It is just about their money. We give you the church, the privilege to be here, the collections are meant to be kept up, keep everybody happy. 

R. So if you preach too hard they don’t like it.

P. Well not necessarily. It depends what you preach on. If the big money giver gets upset, he won’t give money. I do feel guilty. I should have preached against the bishop and Vatican II and all that. Again, this did not strike me until I left the Fraternity, “Hey, they don’t preach against Modernism, because they are part of Modernism. So we never had a class in Modernism in the seminary, a class in Pascendi!

R. So how did they understand the situation in the Church? What was wrong?

P. For example, Fr. House, he was one of the first to join the Fraternity, he was the one killed. I remember him saying, “You need to read Pascendi!” But there was no classes on it, like Fr. Pfeiffer has classes on it, and it is very hard to understand by yourself, but it is a very important one if you are going to understand the crisis in the Church. Modernism is the basis of the crisis. 

R. You would think that Modernism is the whole reason for the Fraternity to exist.

P. It is to deal with the bishop and compromise. It is all part of the problem. But really, it is all based on one simple statement, “If Archbishop Lefebvre is not excommunicated, the Fraternity is built on a lie."  After I got all of the evidence, I realized that it was not built on a rock, it was built on sand, it was built on a lie. 

R. It was based on his “excommunication” it was established in the same document as the “excommunication.” When you go back and read Ecclesia Dei, the document, you see that it has this new understanding of Tradition. They speak of “living Tradition.” 
Were you feeling doctrinally on the “outs” with the Fraternity?

P. I could feel a change with my superiors. There was more Liberalism. Things that are let go. Even with the priests, the quote ‘holy ones’ in the seminary, when they become a priest they become different. When you got a parish, when you got power, they make compromises. 

I noticed these things, so I said that we need to stand up for the truth.  These things were growing in my mind and no one was there to help me with it. There were a couple of others that thought the same way, but, ultimately, they all gave in. So I said, I just want a small post where I can teach truth? There were so many questions that were not answered until I got out of the  “bubble” of the Fraternity. Because when you are in you are so concentrated on your priesthood and the faithful, that you do not see things until you are outside. I was not seeing the situation. I just needed for things to slow down, and to read and pray. But when I went home, my mom had the books there! The answers to my questions were right there. She had all of these books at home, but I was never home to read them. The others don’t really…they just want to go along with the flow. I could not talk to anybody. That is one of the worst thing that the Fraternity has, when you are out in the parishes you have to go to a Novus Ordo priest for confession. 

That is one of the biggest things against the Fraternity, you are out there in nowhere. But God has His ways.  God gaves me signs from other people. They would say, “You have to go!” 

R. God speaks in strange ways!

P.  The Passionist priests are in Scranton, St. Anne’s, they are terrible confessors. But these were my spiritual directors, and so I asked the question of my confessor —- under the seal —- I asked him if it was God’s will that I should go. The priest said, “Go in peace!” So I knew that it was God saying, Go! I did not know where I was going to go, but it was under the seal and God can speak through the priest. So even though the priest is a heretic, he can still give an answer with his mouth. Things were building up. Priests were picking on me because of my preaching. These were all signs that maybe its just not me but maybe it is what they are built on. 

R. I think that is one thing for people to understand is that sometimes the appearances don’t reflect the actual substance. Is that the case with the Fraternity of St. Peter. Is it therefore deceptive? 

P. Well, when I said to myself that I could no longer go to a Novus Ordo Mass any more, I could not go to the bishop’s Mass any more, you begin to extend that to, is it more than that. Is it Vatican II? Do I need to read about the SSPX? I found myself minimizing everything, like the collection. I would make the collection for the bishop, but I would just give him a little bit and not what he wanted. I just suffered the consequences. Finally, I decided to get out of it. 

R. So you were led into it by this appearance of orthodoxy and traditional practice…..

P. I just kept asking myself “How can I get out of it and still be in the Church?” But I started reading the Angelus and later I said, when I started looking at the history of the Church, that there is such a thing as false obedience. That is what the Fraternity has built, to obey these superiors and bishops. But obedience goes so far as mortal sin, but this is not talked about. Faith is greater than obedience. All of these things were coming to me. If I left or was drawn out by Our Lady, I might not have a salary, but if truth was outside the Fraternity and the Novus Ordo church than I need it. I don’t care about security. I care about truth, that is my “drawback.”  My view of the future is well-formed. Catholic prophecy helped me to understand about the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart, to understand where the crisis in the Church was going, Fatima, Our Lady of Good Success, I knew about these things more so than the other priests of the Fraternity of St. Peter. 

R. No one could give you satisfaction.

P. Correct, “What ever satisfies the pope and the bishops that is what we do,” “We are ‘yes’ people.” “Yes, bishop, if you want us to jump 3 feet tomorrow, we will jump 3 feet tomorrow. If you want us to jump 2 1/2 feet the next day, we will jump 2 1/2 feet the next day. What ever makes you happy.” 

Much more to come for the St. Peter's Dossier. Only about 1/3 of the interview has so far been posted.


  1. It's good that some are waking up to the errors of the Novus Ordo, but is following a deceased Archbishop who sided with Paul VI and JP II rather than his good priests (who had to leave) and other bishops of good sense like Bishop Carmona (see his excellent letter online) and Zamora really going to help much? Is this priest really with Fr Pfeiffer? That is sad. From the frying pan into the fire. Fr Pfeiffer along with the other Resistance priests preach for hours on how we "have to be with Pope Francis" and disobey him. What of his helping the paedophiles Fr Robertson and Fr Tetherow and what of his fake bishop Ambrose Moran who already tried to fake it for the Orthodox. One need only google to get good evidence of his very shady history. Fr Pfeiffer is a one man band and when he dies, his cult, I hope, will also die with him.

    1. This is a reply to CatholicJanuary 10, 2019 at 1:48 AM

      So your pontificating that it is insufficient to withdraw obedience from a heretical prelate in order to be Catholic? Therefore one must pronounce pertinacity against ones prelate or at the very least, claim they pronounced pertinacity against themselves, and one has no right to hold that one has no authority to pronounce pertinacity against a superior, or to hold that one is not sure that they have indeed pronounced pertinacity against themselves? Oddly, the prophecies of Blessed Ann Katherine Emmerich would make sense if Pope Benedict has not proven pertinacity against himself, but Francis has! So would the dogma of Pope Paul IV. Is the tail wagging the dog? Catholic theology makes just as much sense if you don’t throw out prophesy as it does if you do. Yet it seems prophecy is revealing a theological distinction that would otherwise be overlooked and ignored. Fr. Gregory Hesse was not a Sedevacantist, yet it was his opinion that a pope would never prove pertinacity against himself (why would he have that opinion if he was stating it to be theologically impossible?). If pope Benedict did not renounce the munus, that is probably still the case.

    2. Dear soul, Pick up an old Catholic theology book and have a look what happens when you elect a heretic to the papacy - his election is INVALID. Along with the election of women, children and the mentally insane.

      Now, do we as Catholics not know what heresy is, when so many heresies including the Lutheran heresy proclaimed by Francis to be true, have been already condemned by the Church and those who follow them anathematised (eg. Exsurge Domine). Denying an article of faith also makes one a heretic.

      No one has to proclaim pertinacity (which is only for a canonical trial which comes later on, you are not an ecclesiastical judge are you? this is more falsehood from sspx and Resistance about "needing pertinacity"). Listen, Francis said dogma can evolve BEFORE he was elected, therefore he was NEVER VALID material for election. THE CHURCH SAYS, (not me, no I'm not pontificating). We all have to obey the Church. [it is obedience that is a virtue in time of crisis, not disobedience as SSPX chant with their cry of "duty to disobey". It is obedience to the Church that will help you keep your faith in this crisis, not continually looking for "authorities" that can be disobeyed.]

      THE CHURCH SAYS A HERETIC IS NOT A POPE AND THEREFORE HE IS NOT. DISOBEY IF YOU WILL AT THE RISK OF YOUR OWN SALVATION. The Church also says that folks like you must be in "invincible ignorance". Fr Cekada wrote an excellent article giving all the pre-Vatican II quotes from theologians on election. Most of the people I know who write in your tones will not even read (will not vince their ignorance) as they rather believe silly lies about Fr Cekada which will sound ridiculous at the throne of God on judgement day AND THEY WILL NOT EVEN GO AND LOOK IT UP THEMSELVES. SO THEY CANNOT CLAIM INVINCIBLE IGNORANCE. May God have mercy on their souls. They are at the movies instead now perhaps. Let us pray for them.

  2. I know you won't post this , so I am asking if you would kindly give Fr Poisson my email and phone number. He knows me from Harrisburg. Certainly his choice if he contacts me. I hope he does.
    Mrs Doller 717-497-1075/

  3. Can I get the link for the first part of this interview? Thank you

    1. Check out
      And scroll down.

  4. For the better part of two years (2009-2011), I served Holy Mass, for Fr. Poisson. I am delighted to hear about him again. Yes, working under a Novus Ordo bishop and the conciliar wolves is very difficult. I wish him all the best in finding a parish setting free of the Modernistae.

  5. Fascinating perspective. I hope and pray for this poor man that he gets away from Fr Pfeiffer and Ambrose Moran!


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