Fr. Poisson Call Your Office! Fr. David Hewko Gets Ready to Jump Ship in Pfeifferville! Dubious Ambrose Moran Cited as Cause of Upcoming Split

You Are No Archbishop Lefebvre! Fr. David Hewko Gets Ready to Take a Hike.

Fr. Joseph Pfeiffer has had the idea of founding a New SSPX since 2012. He was, in his own mind, the one to be the New Archbishop Lefebvre. One by one, the initial priests of the SSPX Resistance have jumped ship. Even Bishop Williamson was clear that you COULD NOT AND SHOULD NOT establish a new SSPX nor was there anyone of the stature of Archbishop Lefebvre to do this. Also, it is not 1970 anymore. 

Knowing Fr. Hewko as I do, the note to Fr. Pfeiffer below is nothing other than a official break with Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Boston, Kentucky. He must know something very bad about Dubious Ambrose Moran to issue such a public statement. I think he knows that Fr. Pfeiffer wants to be consecrated a bishop and Fr. Hewko does not know exactly what church Ambrose Moran is from. 
I also know that Fr. Pfeiffer has wanted to be the first bishop consecrated by Bishop Williamson going back to at least 2013. Bishop Williamson has not only refused to consecrate Fr. Pfeiffer but he has even refused to bless the oils necessary for the administration of the sacraments for Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Boston, Kentucky. 

Fr. Hewko must know that Fr. Pfeiffer plans to be "consecrated" a "bishop" by Ambrose Moran. This has been clear since the summer when Fr. Pfeiffer was definitively asserting that Ambrose Moran was a "valid Catholic bishop." 

Fr. Poisson seems to be doing the mission runs to the groups that Fr. Hewko once covered. I really do not know where Fr. Hewko will go. Where is Fr. Raphael now? Both have been so critical of the statements of Bishop Williamson, it is hard to believe that they would rejoin him. 
Here is the announcement by Fr. Hewko and the link to the statement posted by one of the faithful: 

Dear Faithful, we must pray! We all suffer in this diabolical disorientation that Our Lady of Fatima warned about affecting the entire Church. Regarding Bp. Ambrose Moran, I notified Fr. Pfeiffer that if OLMC has not disassociated publicly from him within a week, I will be obliged to leave. For many reasons this is a dead end. Please offer your Rosaries to Our Blessed Mother for Her intercession!   [Received from Fr. David Hewko, January 13, 2019]


  1. This seems like the best outcome to Fr Hewko's Rosary novena. Truly the Rosary can solve any problem.

  2. Read these quotes from Archbishop Lefebvre.

  3. This would be the Resistance to the Resistance to the Resistance to the Resistance. SSPX (first "resistance") > 2nd is Bp Williamson > 3rd Fr Pfeiffer's Resistance and > 4th ? Fr Hewko's. Hopefully though, Fr Hewko might realise that it is only in accepting authority of true Popes that unity will be finally found and that there is no true Pope who does not outwardly profess the Catholic faith. St Michael defend the truth! Our Lady of the Rosary, pray for him.

  4. You mean Fr. Pfeiffer wanted to be the 1st bishop consecrated a bishop by Bishop Williamson, but he spoke up in disagreement when Bishop Williamson told someone it was ok to go to the New Novel Rite if they could not get to the TLM? Everyone would have their undies in a knot if he had not spoken up!

    I never understood why established tradition was not tried here anyway. If someone in the Resistance is called to the priesthood, they go to the bishop and ask him to teach and ordain them, it worked before, maybe it would work again?

  5. Bulletin: Francis denounces anti Judaism....not anti semitism (Crux) The talmudic rabbi in heart and soul, reveals the utter devastation of catholic christianity that has occured with earnest since the criminal Vatican 2 coup. The fake catholic Vat2 popes have all been in on the takeover. This is not just a modernist cult it is a Jewish one, aided and abetted by devious crypto catholics as in the Jesuits and Opus Dei. Ratzinger and JPll were both ardent lovers of Judaism (Ratzinger, 13 rabbis on his mother"s side who endorsed the Vatican document of 2000 that stated "The Jews do not wait on their messiah in vain"). The greeks have sold us the trojan horse......this is a fake, rabbinical religion using what they do best, deception. Sound the alarm!

  6. Apparently you didn’t receive the latest & greatest from Fr. J. Pfeiffer (Jan.24 -25, 2019), accompanied by the raucous, annoying music. Since, it seems you were not on the list to receive this is the gist: Bish.Moran was vetted (ad nauseum) and found to be lacking in definite, certifiable credentials and will N O T be associated with OLofMt.Carmel in Kentucky. I pray very hard for the brave, orphaned priests who take the Catholic Faith seriously & daily sacrifice themselves for it. I am certain their work is the last remaining thread of sanity in our Holy Church. God bless them and you, too.

  7. I agree with Fr. Hewko, as far as the Church being in a diabolical disorientation, but this continued splintering of resistance groups only leads to confusion. For some reason, God has decided to chastise his Church. We Catholics, must learn to accept the inevitable of living in an era without a proper foundational structure; visa vie, the Church. Scripture says, "if the foundations are destroyed, what can the righteous do?"(Psalm 11:3,RSV) We must hold to the traditional dogmas of Church teaching, even if only in our hearts. God is testing us and we shouldn't compromise our faith just to obtain a false form of unity. If we hold the truth of the faith in our hearts alone, we are still Catholics. The Church has gone, or is going, underground. Hold fast to tradition and our Lady.


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