Forged Letter from 1969 by Sister Lucy II demands Absolute Submission to Paul VI. Glad it wasn't Written By Sister Lucy!

Fake Sister Lucy Tells All to Follow the Revolution of Paul VI

Here is the content of the falsified and forged letter attributed to "Sister Lucy" dated December 27, 1969. If you refuse to recognize the imposture, how do you get around acknowledging that Sister Lucy endorsed the Modernist Revolution.

English translation of the text:


  1. You have to establish the fate of the true Sister Lucy: if she died or was murdered after 1958 then all the letters signed by "Sister Lucy" from there on should be forged letters; if she survived in a somewhat "guarded seclusion", she could had written authentic letters in some cases.

    1. The fate of the true Sr Lucia would be very helpful, but it is not necessary since there is already overwhelming evidence of the imposture, as reveals. It is also proven there by means of handwriting analysis that all the post-1957 letters were written by a different hand than those 1957 and earlier. She was most likely murdered, very possibly tortured and offered as a sacrifice to Satan, when one considers how diabolically evil the traditional enemies of Christ and their Freemasonic associates are. It appears that they even slowly poisoned Padre Pio, conveniently having him die shortly before the universal imposition of the Novus Ordo abomination.

  2. wow, she uses the term, "people of god?" At that point she was in her 60s? Are we really to believe that the term "people of god" would just roll off her tongue as is she had been hearing about this novel VII term for decades!? Very interesting! thank you

  3. Entering into the great mystery of Vat 2. I mean mystery as in a detective novel. The fake Lucy, the forged letter, is Opus Dei the occult hand hidden behind and in Vat 2? There is a very interesting piece that can be found on the internet entitled: Opus Dei and the Church: Vatican ll, Benedict XVl and John Paul ll by an Opus Dei priest, Robert Connor, a piece that states that Vatican ll was the fulfillment of the goals of Opus Dei and that this was clearly understood by Paul Vl and the subsequent popes. Have we been thrown a bit off track as to the leading forces behind the robber council and have not properly focused on the occult, masonic and sinister operation that is Opus Dei? Escriba visited fatima 8 times.....he obviously knew it was important to the new church's operation....and so did Paul Vl. So we have the possibility of a criminal operation to take over the Church, replace Lucy with a fraud who would affirm the imposters. This would explain the elaborate hoax of JPll being declared the Fatima Pope. Criminal and occult minds can think very elaborately, and they always know they have a clear advantage over normal, healthy minds. Your investigation has some people very concerned I am sure. I invite you to read Connor's article. It could shed some real light on this incredible mystery.

  4. So long as you are united to the Supreme Freemasonic "Pontiff" it really doesn't matter what you do after that.

  5. search engine police report on the opus dei operation, a Belgian police report that was never allowed to go public. Article shows the extreme influence of this group and it's vast political power. All conciliar popes have been opus dei connected, esp. JPll. Well all but maybe one, JPl, perhaps just not OD connected enough for this operation and we know his fate. Be safe.

  6. The charade marches on and those cut from the same clothe make P P6th a Saint !

  7. 99% of Catholics have been deceived by both Paul VI and the impostor Sr Lucia, as well as by the whole Vatican II counter-church. (Hopefully most of them are invincibly ignorant of the massive diabolical deception and are among the "elect [who] will be deceived" in these latter times, as Jesus foretold.) In the New Church of Vatican II, you can institute and preside over the Great Apostasy, let loose a deluge of heresy, impiety, and sacrilege on the faithful – and get rewarded with “sainthood” and recognition of “heroic virtue” in the end. This says all you need to know about the abominable Vatican II Sect. To say that this impious cult could be the product of the Holy Spirit, the Roman Catholic Church, is blasphemy! Since the creation of the Novus Ordo Church in 1958, every single deceased “Pope” has been either “beatified” or “canonized”, or is on his way to either. What’s going on here? It’s clear: They want to and need to “canonize” the Vatican II council and the New Church. Though the Catholic Church only produced 2 canonized saint Popes between 1566 and 1958 (Pius V and Pius X), the Novus Ordo church claims, essentially, to have had nothing but “sainted Popes” since then. How much more absurd can it get?! See and a few articles at


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