Exclusive to RadTrad Thomist: Interview with Fr. Paul Kalchik, Who Burned the Rainbow Flag and is Now In Hiding from the Thugs of Cardinal Cupich. Since Fr. Kalchik is in Hiding, the Interview was Carried Out through a Secured Email Account.

Here are the questions posed to Fr. Kalchik by a lawyer friend of RadTrad Thomist. The questions are in black. The response from Fr. Kalchik, as he wrote it, is in red.

How was the flag used before you arrived at the parish? During Mass? Processions?

How exactly did Cupich contact you to let you know that you are no longer serving in that parish? Written? Verbal?

Have you received any formal documents with regard to your removal, possible laicization, etc?

Were you instructed that you had to go to a psychiatric facility for evaluation? I ask because this is a common way that heterodox bishops get rid of good priests?

Here is Fr. Kalchik's response:

For the full story about what played out this fall, my explanation of the events, as I wrote it, check on the Churchmilitant.com Web site  What was bantered about by the press, four fifths of which was just made up.  It's not like parishioners went to Walmart and bought a bunch of gay flags and had a bonfire.  What was burned was a banner that the parish's bad pastor had commissioned to push the gay thing and he with Cardinal Bernadine had it hung over the Crucifix in the Church's Sanctuary.  Question number Two:  Cupich does not put anything into writing, he sent two thugs, two priests, to tell me "What not to do"!  Again, their is an article on the CM Web site from September 26th 2018.  Lastly, since the events played out in September I have hired two Canon Lawyers one American and one Italian, two of the best in the world, and my Case or Lawsuit against Cardinal Cupich and crew, has been filed with the Congregation For the Clerics at the Holy See. one of the highest Tribunals in the Church.  But, as Cupich and Pope Francis are joined symbiotically, it sits.  And probably will do so for a long time.  The real question is "Is there any holiness, left at the Holy See, in the Holy City.  
We all need to pray very hard, so that this sham Pope and these sham bishops will be removed.  Fr. PJ      

Just to Remind Everyone, Here is the Previously Published Story on Fr. Paul Kalchik: 

Here is a link to a 10-minute on-camera Church Militant interview with Father Paul Kalchik, the Chicago priest who is now in hiding after being tossed from his parish by Cardinal Blase Cupich. Kalchik lost his position after presiding over the burning of a rainbow flag that had a cross stitched on it. In the early 1990s, the gay pastor of Resurrection parish hung it over the altar as a sign that the parish was gay-friendly. After Kalchik and fellow parishioners ritually disposed of the flag recently, the cardinal ordered him removed from the parish, and allegedly commanded him to go to St. Luke’s, a mental health treatment center best known for treating clerical pederasts.

Kalchik fled — he says to avoid being arrested. In the final three minutes of the interview I link to above, Kalchik talks about the death of the gay pastor, Daniel Montalbano, who was found dead in his rectory bedroom of a heart attack in 1997. Kalchik says that three deacons saw Montalbano hooked up to some sort of “sex machine.” Montalbano had walls covered by mirrors. In cleaning out Montalbano’s room, deacons found two closets full of gay pornography — magazines, videos, and so forth. Kalchik says the deacons took them out to be burned, and were ordered by the Archdiocese never to speak of these things.


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