Wanted: The Gang of 8 Who Hijacked Fatima. If This Is a Criminal Investigation, these are the Obvious Suspects and the As Yet Unindicted Co-Conspirators.

The Gang of 4

High-Level Crime but No High-Level Approval for Crime and/or Cover-Up? 

Gang of 4 more

"Saint" Jose Marie Escriva 
The Nuns at Coimbra Self-Identified as Opus Dei Cooperators
"Good" "Saint" John XXIII
The First to Make Fatima Disappear. Was he the One Who Made Sister Lucy Disappear?

Cardinal Bertone: Brought the "Third Secret" to "Sister Lucy" for Her Approval in 2000. Clueless about the Fraud?

Cardinal Sodano: Announced the Release of the "Third Secret" on May 13, 2000. There he revealed some of the content before the approving ears of John Paul II and Sister Lucy II. Clueless, also?


  1. Wow. So obvious , and yet so powerful to expose publicly. Thank you for this.

  2. Dr C , I think you nailed it with one low level party who made his living guarding the Lucia secrets and keeping anyone who was getting too close away. Carlos Evaristo !

    1. You are absolutely right. There is so much that could be said about Carlos Evaristo! He's had a very successful career since he invented two interviews with Sister Lucy II: TV presenter (as an "expert in religious affairs"), part-time exorcist, curator of the Museum of St. Stephen's Church in Santarém (better known as the Church of the Most Holy Miracle, where an Eucharistic miracle occurred in 1247), and close to Dom Duarte Pio, pretender to the Portuguese throne, who awarded him the Order of St. Michael of the Wing. And connected with Opus Dei.

  3. Yes, cover-up experts on a serious criminal/moral issue, some of them dead, and where are they now. You could also do one on doctrinal cover-up too, and then you can include ALL the "cardinals", and the "bishops" as well, not to forget the last series of antipopes.

  4. Although I was aware of Our Lady of Fatima through studies of approved Marian Apparitions, it was suggested I read Our Lady of Fatima by William Thomas Walsh and The Fourth Secret of Fatima by Antonio Socci (don't let the title confuse you). I am almost finished with the latter and I can tell you my eyes have been opened. First to the definite "hijacking" of Fatima and secondly to the great importance that we listen to Our Lady! May God help us all to make reparations for sins, fast and pray for the salvation of our souls and the souls of many!

  5. I don't doubt any of it. All above my paygrade.

  6. And take note of the recent interview with the abused man of McCarrick, that began when he was 11. Serious, damnable criminality, and guys like McCarrick, Bernadine, Cody, Mahoney, Cupich (and a cast of hundreds) rise to the top of the pecking order. That is just a mistake? Hell no that is deliberate! Abused victim says JP2 protected McCarrick for the half a billion he raised for him. JP2, the media saint, who had his private secretary living in the room next to him for years.....Benedict and gorgeous George. Need to start smashing these media created false icons of Vat2. The whole thing smells of the bowels of Hell. Would they pull a Lucy elimination and substitution? Without blinking an eye>

  7. If the media operators can pass GHW Bush and his family off as great noble, pillars of society then passing off a gang of judeo-masonic homosexuals, running the Vatican as saints, would be a cake walk.


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