Sister Lucy Truth Expands Into Question of the Authenticity of the Third Secret Released in 2000. Expert Analysts, With No Knowledge of the Text Backstory or Even the Significance of the Writings of Sister Lucy, are Engaged in the Analysis As I Type This.

Nowhere are the "Messages" to Lucia of Fatima, spoken of here by Pope Pius XII, referred to by the Released First, Second, or Third Secrets. Did He See the Third Secret and Understand that it was about the Apostasy to come from WITHIN the Catholic Church? This clearly is the reason for his "worry." Was this exactly what the Modernist who staged their coup d'etat on October 26, 1958 did not want the world to see? With this said, I have no idea what the handwriting analysts will find. 

This is one of the early texts of Sister Lucy being analyzed by the handwriting experts.
From her Memoirs. It concerns the Conditions for the Consecration of Russia and a discussion of its relationship to the First Saturday Devotions, also outlined below.

Tuy, May 29, 1930

Reverend Sir, 
This is what seems to have passed

between God and my soul, concerning the reparatory devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and the persecution
in Russia.

It seems that our good Lord deep in
my heart, urges me to ask the Holy Father's approval for the devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary that God
Himself and the Blessed Virgin asked for
in 1925, so that through this little devotion. They would grant forgiveness to those

souls who have offended the Immaculate Heart of Mary. The Blessed Virgin Herself promised to help the souls of those who practised this devotion with all the
graces needed for their salvation, in the hour of their death. This devotion consists of the following: receiving Holy Com- munion on the first Saturday of 5 con- secutive months, saying the Rosary and making a visit to our Lady, while meditat- ing on the mysteries of the Rosary,
and going to confession with the same purpose. The sacrament of Penance can be received on another day. If I am not mistaken the good Lord promises to
end the persecution in Russia, if the Holy Father will himself make a solemn act
of reparation and consecration of Russia
to the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary, as well as ordering all the Bishops of the Catholic world to do the same. The Holy Father must then promise that upon the ending of this persecution he
will approve and recommend the practise
of the reparatory devotion already described.

Handwriting sample of the 1930 entry mentioned above.


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