Opus Everywhere! How Opus Dei Operative Leonard Leo Has Orchestrated All of the Bush and Trump Appointees to the Supreme Court. With Roberts, Alito, and Clarence Thomas as Purported Opus Dei Members, Majority of Supreme Court Either Members of or Recruited by Opus Dei.

Opus Dei Supremo, Leonard Leo Picks the Court
Dr. Chojnowski: My thanks to one of our readers, we have this additional information on the operations of Opus Dei in the US Judiciary through its operative Leonard Leo. So we have Opus Dei dominating the life of the Vatican, the US Supreme Court, setting up US presidential candidates, operative in the American University system, and even in the Carmelite Convent in Coimbra, Portugal.  Read about this previously unknown, at least unknown to me -- which shows you how far I am out of the big leagues --- shaper of the US Judiciary and Supreme Court. Has this man actually "picked" the Supreme Court. My question is, has America gotten any more conservative in the 20 years since this Opus Dei operative has been active? The answer is, No. Has Roe been overturned? No. What needs to be addressed is the label of "conservative" and "Catholic" that the MSM uses to describe Opus Dei and their surrogates.  If Opus Dei appointees have not made America -- in any way ---more "conservative" or "Catholic," the question is, what is their agenda?
Read an interesting article on the influence of Leonard Leo linked below. Again the left-wing tone of most of the articles about Leo can be examples of saying the truth for all the wrong reasons. The stopped clock is right twice a day.


  1. If he did influence the recent SC decisions, he did far better for the USA than the likes of Obama, Hillary, Warren, Schumer, Pelosi etc. would've done. Be thankful for those conservative choices.

  2. And Popes too?? JPll very close with Opus Dei. Benedict praises Escriva on anniversary of his alleged canonization. How about Paul Vl? Some interesting info found at St.Josemaria Institute site by just searching Jose Escriva and Fatima. According to the site Escriva first visited Lucy on 2/6 1945 AT HER REQUEST (emphasis added). All and all he made 8 visits to Fatima. He was there for the anniversary in 1967. He met with Lucy May 8th in Coimbra. Rather strangely he left May 12th for reasons given that sound odd. If he met with the real Lucy in 1945 (assuming some kind of switch had not already been made), then he would have certainly known the 1967 Lucy was a fake. Why would Lucy request a meeting with Escriva in 1945? Seems strange.

  3. Well, without endorsing Opus Dei in any way, he certainly deserves at least some credit for publiclyopposing Obama and Hillary as well as for positioning pro-life people in high places (despite Kavanaughs gravely disappointing start). Time will tell. But this country has always a sinkhole of Enlightenment errors, so especially considering the way things are today, it is hard to expect much.

  4. If Escriba (actual name) was a conversio (fake Jewish convert, intent on judaizing the Church), and Randy Engle has brought forth an abundance of evidence that Escriba was a monumental liar and a judaizer, then we need to take a second look at the rainbow colors which have grown so prominent in society and in the novus ordo church. Not only do the rainbow colors represent the colors dear to sodomites, the rainbow is the chief sign of the chabad and noahide laws. The powerful OD operation may be one occult way in which the judeo-masonic operation will be most effective in removing catholicism and christianity. The novus ordo operation's strong affinity for the false religion of kabbalistic, talmudic judaism is well established.


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