The "Official" Image: A Perfect Representation of Deception: The Fraud was Intentional and Professional From the Beginning. All with "Ecclesiastical Authority"!

The “Official” Image: A Devious Gift That Keeps Giving
Sister Lucy Truth exclusively broke the reality that one of the most widely circulated, “officially” approved photographs of “Sister Lucy” and Paul VI in 1967 is, in fact, a fraud. This “Official” image is below:
INSERT: 1 - Official Image Lucia and Paul VI

We proved that this “Official” image could be traced all the way back to a June 13, 1967 publication of Voz De Fatima, the official mouthpiece of the Shrine of Fatima, thus refuting any argument that the image emanated from some “unofficial” source years later.
However, it is important to now focus in on precisely the level of deception at work with this Official image. Indeed, as we will prove below, this is not the case where a picture of “Lucia” was innocently cut out and placed next to Paul VI in collage fashion. No, it wasn’t that simple. The level of intent is far more calculating. 
As conclusively demonstrated below, the source image of the “Lucia” depicted in the “Official” photo was itself manipulated. Specifically, the eyes and a portion of the face were altered to fit the narrative. We will explain. First, it is critical to realize that what we will call the “Source” image used for the “Lucia” portion of the “Official” photo is the image below:
INSERT: 2 - Source Image Lucia Young

The problem with this photograph, however, is that the woman’s body is facing the wrong direction relative to the position necessary to render a believable Official image. Indeed, her body is facing left even though her eyes are looking right. To be used in the Official image, the woman in this Source photo would need to appear as though both her eyes and body were pointed out toward the cheering crowds at Fatima next to Paul VI. Simple fix, just flip the image, right? Wrong.
INSERT: 3 - Source Image Lucia Young_Reversed

When the image is flipped (for a mirror image), the woman’s body now faces the “correct” direction—perfectly consistent with the “Official” image—but, problematically, the woman’s eyes now gaze the “wrong” way. How can this be corrected? 
The only option is to manipulate the eyes so they too face the correct direction. Precisely how these eyes were manipulated—or even whose eye(s) were used—for the Official image is unknown. Could one of the eyes actually be from the real Lucia? What is known is that the position of the eyes on the Official image is impossible because they gaze in the same direction as the body faces when we know that in the Source image the body faces one direction and the eyes look in the opposite direction.  In analyzing how the eyes were specifically manipulated, two interesting items have emerged.

FIRST ANOMALY: The “Miracle” of the Eyebrow
In the Official image, “Sister Lucia’s” left eyebrow is unnaturally floating off of her face. This physical “miracle” will undoubtedly be cited in her forthcoming canonization along with her amazing ability to bi-locate (tri-locate?) as documented elsewhere on this site. This anomaly is difficult to detect with the naked eye on the Official image but it is apparent upon close forensic image analysis. Below are several important images: (i) a close up of the Official image, (ii) a close up of the face with the colors inverted (ala a negative image), and (iii) a magnified view of the face using publicly available forensic photo software. Anyone reading this article can download the Official image and view these anomalies for themselves:
The floating eyebrow is apparent even to the naked eye upon close inspection.
INSERT: 4 - Close Up Official Lucia Eyebrow

If the Official image is posted into a free photo editing software such as and Control+Shift+I is pressed, the following image emerges.
INSERT: 5 - Official Image Lucia Young_Inverted Color

Below is the face of “Lucia” from the Official image magnified using free forensic software, Forensically.
INSERT: 6 - Official Image Lucia Magnified

SECOND ANOMALY: Deliberately Aged Face and Protruding Eyelid
It is evident the Source image was intentionally manipulated to make the individual appear older. This can be most clearly observed by comparing the right eye of the Source image with the right eye of the Lucia depicted on the cover of a book published in 1975, Lucie Raconte Fatima. A comparison reveals that the image was added to or otherwise altered below her right eye because (a) there is a clear, unmistakable, unnatural protrusion of the lower right eyelid up into the eye, and (b) the crease below the right eye in the Official image with Paul VI and the Lucie Raconte Fatima image is nonexistent in the Source photo.  It is unclear whether the unnatural protrusion of the lower lid is evident in the “Official” image, but the eyes of that image had to undergo further manipulation to obtain the “correct” position as mentioned, above.
Lucie Raconte Fatima, 1975
INSERT: 7 - Lucie Raconte Fatima cover

Again, here is the Source image.
INSERT: 8 - Source Image Lucia close up

Close up of the Lucie Raconte Fatima cover photo
INSERT: 9 - Lucie Raconte Fatima close up_1

Below is another image of the Lucie Raconte Fatima book cover with a different resolution
INSERT: 10 - Lucie Raconte Fatima close up_2

Anomalies to the crease and lower eyelid clearly evident. 
INSERT: 11 - Lucie Raconte Fatima close up_3

Conclusion. The Official image is more than a cut and paste job. It represents specific, intentional manipulation to present the perfect image to fit a convenient narrative. Indeed, one official publication with “Ecclesiastical Approval”— Documents on Fatima & the Memoirs of Sister Lucia, pg. 79—ironically captioned the Official image with a curious quote from Bishop John Venancio (pictured to Paul VI’s right on the Official image). Venancio commented on the meaning of the Official image as follows: “This gesture of the Pope indicated, ‘What Sister Lucia stands for, I stand behind.’” 

Since we know with certainty that the “Lucia” in the Official image was a carefully manipulated fraud, it appears Bishop Venancio’s words were truer than anyone realized: what Paul VI actually stood behind was an intentional deception.  


  1. You are a pit bull on this! Good for you!

  2. Your observation that the entire ecclesial operation has been participants in this deception is extremely significant. That implicates every so called pope from Roncalli on. They have all been key players in presenting us a fake kabuki theatre. A criminal operation. Who were the key gangsters in this takeover of the Church? Players still to be revealed (CIA, Stern gang, P2 lodge?) as things unwind. That the fake modernist cult is being revealed by a Thomist is very appropriate. They thought they had buried Thomas. Maybe we can call it the revenge of Thomas, the great respecter of reality. (of course will any of the bought up presstitute media pay any attention?)

  3. The evidence of the unbelievable fraud keeps piling up. It is almost too strange to believe, but I assure you it is true. We are trying to pursue every aspect of the Two Sister Lucy case in order to have all "bases" covered. This is why it is taking longer than expected. So many reports to authorize and collect. All from experts who are facing the information without any bias whatsoever. We only chose to lay the evidence before world experts who had no biases. That is why we are confident in the information that is coming into us and which is still to come.

    1. The evidence that something is amiss is truly compelling. I just do not understand what advantage Rome would gain by having the fake Sister Lucy come out and say that the consecration done in the 80's was incomplete since Russia was not mentioned and the fact that the bishops attached no importance to it???.

  4. The veil has also been modified (to see at the height of the neck or cheek) ?

  5. Your painstaking efforts are greatly appreciated. Thomas would have it no other way. The popular saying is that the devil is in the details. A good Thomist would say that God is in the details since he created everything. That is the reality that escapes the modernist liars since they think they can just make up the truth.

  6. How could these things have been done in the 1960s? They did not have the technology.


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