Help Sister Lucy Truth Crack the Secret of the Third Secret: General Call for Writing Samples from "Sister Lucy".

                                                         Nah.......Just Doesn't Seem Right

Sister Lucy Truth is putting out a general call for any writing samples that may be in the digital or printed possession of our readers. These should be originals or high-quality copies. We are submitting these samples to the best analysts in the world and will need as many from the pre-1967 Sister Lucy and any from the post-1967 "Lucy". We would also like any video, photographic, or newspaper evidence from the meeting of "Sister Lucy" with Paul VI on May 13th, 1967. 

Not only can an investigation into handwriting samples help us to crack the case of the identity of Sister Lucy I and Sister Lucy II, but it will also allow us to make a scientific judgment on the "Third Secret" supposedly revealed by the Vatican --- and endorsed by "Sister Lucy" --- in 2000. Was this the real Third Secret, was it some other vision had by Sister Lucy or one of the other two children, or was it a complete fabrication? If Sister Lucy was done away with around 1968, surely one of the main reasons for it would have been the Third Secret. Please submit all samples you may have care of me at

Here are some handwriting samples below: 

From a Letter Written by Sister Lucy in 1940

From a Possibly Forged Letter Written  from "Sister Lucy" Written in 1969.


  1. So in 1969 they were working on getting their forgery standards raised to the level of respectability.
    After all, they had a Newmass to crank out and had to get everyone's cooperation with that, so they couldn't have this one pesky nun in the way of progress. Simple: replace her with a well-rehearsed substitute and keep her family and friends at a safe distance. Get the surviving witnesses used to the idea that the benefits of cooperation far outweigh their own knowledge of the truth. For if they cross paths with the powers that be, well, there is a price to pay for that! Whereas being respected as international celebrities would be a very appealing prize for otherwise nobodies.

  2. I'm a penmanship teacher myself and had 4 years of penmanship training in school under traditional Dominican nuns. The slant, letter formation, etc. - everything is off between these 2 samples. While there is usually some difference between a person's "best" penmanship vs. daily casual work, even the alphabets used here are different. Have been following your investigation with interest.



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