Full Update on Status and Extent of the Sister Lucy Truth Investigation: The Evidence Continues to Build

Not One Bit of Evidence Will Be Overlooked.

Here is a listing of the Types of Experts Currently Working on the Sister Lucy Truth Investigation. The report of a plastic surgeon has already been released on this site, along with two forensic drawings of What Sister Lucy should have looked like at the ages of 60 and 80. Along side these renditions is the pictures of Sister Lucy II as she appeared in pictures from 1967 and the late 1980s. 

The Following Experts are Currently Involved with this Investigation:

1) Private Investigator

2) Plastic Surgeon:

3) Ophthalmologist 

4) Prosthodontist

5) Oral and Maxiliofacial Surgery 

6) Oculoplastic Surgeon

7) Periodontist, Endodontist, and Orthodontist

8) Facial Recognition Technology Experts

9) Periodontologist

10) Facial Recognition Experts 

11) Handwriting Expert

12) Forensic Artist/Dentist

13) Facial Recognition Lab

14) Computer Technicians

15) Attorney

16) Accountant 

We are working hard to get together all of the above experts' reports and publish them together in a definitive dossier, which will be accessible, via a separate website dedicated to continually uploading and publicizing information about this case. Please continue your generous support of our efforts. It will be worth it, let me assure you. I am sorry for the extended "close to the vest" period of this investigation, but because of the professionalism of the participants and because of the expansion of the investigation itself, the "Truth" part of this investigation has now extended over some 5 months. I am trying to wrap up this part of the investigation as quickly as possible. We will have a DEFINITIVE REPORT when we are done. 

Sister Lucy Truth
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  1. Replies
    1. If you can find a way of getting it, we will be happy to run with it. Only will the pressure put on the Vatican by this investigation will they be moved to get that DNA sample. They will certainly not give it unless they are somehow forced to give it.

  2. Samples from family members and or artifacts could be compared. I would think early habits worn or artifacts etc. would be preserved. Prayer books used perhaps? As this progresses exhuming remains may be appropriate. In addition to being a hoax it is a million dollar scam and fraud if true. If they are covering up a death then there needs to be a criminal investigation. Comparing lucy2 DNA Remains to DNA of known relatives of the real Lucy i believe would be definitive. I am not an expert.on this. I believe photos etc. will never get beyond a 'shadow of a doubt.'

  3. Bishop Mark Piverunus has Jucinta's Rosary. The late Fr. Oswald Baker (you can read about him on our website) went to Portugal many years ago and met Jucinta's Mother who gave Fr. Baker the Rosary.

    When Fr. Baker died in 2004 the Rosary was passed onto a lay woman who died in 2010, the Rosary then went to Bishop Mark Piverunus CMRI who brought it with him to England in 2016 on a Pastoral visit to confer the Sacrement of Confirmation in Ely.


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