Our Darkest Hour. With the "Canonization" of Paul the Sick, Either NewChurch is a Huge Diabolical Fraud or It is Good and in Accordance with the Will of God. We Much Choose Either Undying War Against the Modernists or Submission. RadTrad Thomist Chooses War.

A Fake Saint with an Imposter Nun.
If We Prove the Imposter Nun We Prove the Fake Saint Who Perpetrated the Fraud. No Saint Could Have Done That.

I really thought that we would be shouting from the rooftops on the day in which Giovanni Battista Montini would be declared a "saint" by NewChurch. The man who tried to abolish the Mass and replace it with an Low Church Anglican/Presbyterian Service, the one who promulgated the heresies of Vatican II, the teachings that the Catholic Church was not identical with the Church of Christ but that the Church of Christ included other "Christian" denominations, the one who changed EVERY SACRAMENT to conform to the New Theology which denied the distinction between Nature and Grace, the one who injected Pentecostalism into the Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church, the one who allowed catechisms that were explicitly heretical and which destroyed the faith of HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS, the one who issued a General Instruction to the New Mass that failed to mention that the Mass was a sacrifice, the one who said that the United Nations was the last hope for mankind, the one who tried to crush out of existence Tradition and ordered the suppression of the SSPX and, indeed, all of Catholic Tradition, the one who is called a Mason by many and one who is called a homosexual by even more, the one who was responsible for giving the Soviets the heads up as to who were the priestly and episcopal "infiltrators" behind the Iron Curtain, the one who betrayed Cardinal Mindszenty, the one who forced the New Theology and Maritainianism down the throat of the Church, etc.

You could really keep going on. All of these things mentioned above have been surrounded by gold --- like the figures in a Byzantine icon -- to indicate that they are now "unchangeable" and, in fact, "blessed." To say otherwise is, really, to be going against the "Church." I don't think that we realize this yet. To not break with this abomination, whose foundations were laid in the 1960s, is to submit to it or to "apostatize" by "stepping away" from it. One must perform some act by which to separate yourself from this thing whose fraudulancy and deception is more fully manifested each day. The Church is not a club, it is an ecclesia united by ONE FAITH. Paul VI did more than any other man in human history to destroy the faith in people's hearts. Only through a special grace from God do any of us still have the authentic Catholic Faith of the Ages AFTER the career of Paul VI. 

Let's just say it. He would have destroyed it. HE WANTED TO DESTROY IT. 

This is our darkest hour. The only time that shall be worse is when the Antichrist will come. The Chastisement will not be spiritually dark, because it will punish men for their sins and open up to them again the light of faith and grace --- and true nature. The enemies of the Church have "canonized" exactly what we have been fighting against all of our lives. They have declared US TO BE THE ENEMY. Let us take them up on it. Let us BE their enemies. Let us be the nastiest son's of a gun that they have ever had to deal with. In the Divine Order of Things, it is EITHER US OR THEM. Either they will destroy, humiliate (that was today), and castrate Catholic Orthodoxy and Tradition, or we will drive heresy and apostasy from the Temple of the Lord. We will fight you on the beaches...we will never surrender. Let loose the dogs of war!


  1. "...we will never surrender..." No, we will never surrender, we will never accept "new Church" "Conciliar Church" not even if they call themselves "Catholic Church". How could a name suddenly make them Catholic? How can so many be so easily fooled? Where are all the other real men? Sleeping? How many true soldiers does Our Lady have left? Who will answer the call? Who cares about their mother at La Salette weeping? We need a crusade to bring Francis and his men to justice, to get him out of OUR Vatican City and install Catholicity their once more. Not hard to guess what the third secret might have warned of, wake up everyone! We need a worldwide Crusade once more.

  2. Good professor do not omit the weapons of ridicule and laughter. Debate with the tyrant and imposter....he desires nothing more than that you take him seriously. Scorning and laughing at him he cannot stand. October 14th, (the day after the anniversary) he "elevates" a diabolical instrument of Hell. Scorn, laughter and ridicule is all this deserves. It is the greatest day of absurd infamy in world history since Caligula demanded the Roman Senate accept his horse as one of it's a members. This is how the tyrants from Hell operate......laugh and scorn them into the bowels of Hell.

    1. "laughing at him he cannot stand”

      "God laughs His enemies to scorn” says the bible. I believe the laughter of God at His enemies is the very chains that hold the damned in hell. That is, the pain of God’s laughter at them, because of their pride, is for them, greater then the pains of hell!

  3. Dr. Chojnowksi, I pray you stay strong in faith and vigilance on the grounds you are bravely taking along with those souls who are eager for truth in this matter, namely, the professionals who are carrying on the investigation. The faithful who also are seeking this truth on what happened 60 years ago, leading up to what was to be the release of Our Lady's warning for humanity, continue to pray for this cause. It is vital at this time, by the Grace of God, that what was done in the dark, now come to the light so that more souls will awaken to the masonic revolution that God allowed to take place due to the sins of liberalism and modernism that invaded the nations and now have all nations at the brink of destruction...as Our Lady foretold.

    You are doing Our Lady's work to bring more to her protection for the coming storm of God's wrath that will clear the way for her glorious triumph, the triumph of Holy Mother Church, and the glorious Eucharistic Reign of Christ the King!

    Amen, to your holy anger at the crimes committed against Our Queen and Our Lord's Holy Bride the Church. A Great Millstone awaits these evil men for what they have done to destroy the innocent of generations. Count me in among the "dogs of war!" ...to arms, to arms, to arms ye sons of God to the side of our Queen arrayed for battle! Ready for Camp Machabee-Vendee-Cristeros!

    Sancta Regina Caeli; Sancta Mater Dei; Sancta Virgo Maria!


    1. "A Great Millstone awaits these evil men for what they have done to destroy the innocent of generations."

      Their punishment is to be much worse then a Millstone, for Jesus said, "it would be better that a Millstone was tied to their necks and they be cast into the sea.”

  4. No one cares. They love their church of religious freedom. Don t spoil their fun!

  5. Today is Oct 20 and silence is the only thing one hears so far from other "Traditional Catholic sites"....such as Fatima.org and The Remnant. Nothing on Canon212, Barnhardt or akaCatholic either. Their silence is deafening...even though you have provided serious, professional credible proof of a Sister Lucy imposter from at least 1967 onward. Why? Biggest scandal in the Church...and nothing but....crickets. Bigger question is what happened to the real Sister Lucy? Criminal Investigation Recommendation? From professionals? That is very serious indeed!
    Dr. Chojnowksi, besides the required fasting, prayer, penance and Holy Mass, VERY, VERY Bright Lights are an absolute MUST for Providing 24/7 Exposure in Living Color and shouting Holy Ridicule at all times. These are the weapons of choice. When will your dedicated St Lucy website be online? It's a critical tool so all of us can help you ramp this up. This scam is disgusting. It explains the whole sorry mess behind the hijacking of the Church at Vatican 2. All Catholic Media of good faith should jump on this and hound the Conciliar Church apostates with Truth and Ridicule. God Bless You. Holy Mary, help us clean out and restore your Son's Holy Church. Let's Roll!

  6. The canonization of Roncalli and Wojtyla was also a certain sign that that the new religion is just that: A NEW religion.


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