Exactly 60 Years Since the Death of Pope Pius XII. The More Time Passes the More It Seems as if EVERYTHING happened in October of 1958. The Death of Pope Pius XII, Fear on the Part of the US Government Of the Election of a traditional Pope, the TWO Occasions of White Smoke ---- October 26th and 28th, and the Disappearance of Sister Lucy.

   Lest We Forget, the Month When the Take-Over               
 Happened and The Church Entered the Twilight 

Just passing, some 20 minutes ago, was the 60th Anniversary of the Passing into Eternity of Pope Pius XII. Since then, the world has come to believe that Catholic Doctrine has changed, the Catholic Mass has changed, the Catholic Sacraments have changed, the Catholic Priesthood has been infested with Sodomites and Violators of the Innocence of Youth, the Social Doctrine of the Church has changed into Marxism Lite or Not So Lite. Catholic Universities are where you go to have your faith destroyed, not bolstered. Catholic schools teach the vilest of immoralities, allow unnatural situations, have undergone a Mass Falling Away into Apostasy and Secularism. Catholic Politicians Try to Out Do themselves Fighting to Implement Laws which directly Violate the Natural and Divine Laws. Catholic customs gone, Catholic devotion gone, Catholic modesty gone, and the Great Seer of Fatima, Sister Lucia, Publicly supporting Those Who Brought About All of This Destruction and Going Along With it insofar as She Implemented these Things in Her own Life. 

What happened in the month of October 1958? Why was NOTHING told to the world by 1960? Why do so few care? To borrow an example from St. Thomas Aquinas, when we walk into our house and find that manure has been thrown all over, we do not say ---- as the "Remnant" might --- "Manure!" No, we shout out ---- IN ANGER --- "WHO DID IT!" We want to know the cause of what happened. 

In a short time, I will post an account --- verified by two first hand independent sources --- which will show that Pope Pius XII DID read the Third Secret in 1957 and was planning to publish the results in late 1958. He never made it and John XXIII BURIED IN SOME DARK VAULT IN THE VATICAN the Secret that Sister Lucy said that Our Lady wanted revealed by 1960 ---- why? Because its meaning would be CLEARER THEN. After spending the past 4 months reviewing information provided by expert analysts and investigators, I can say with absolute confidence that Sister Lucy was NEVER SEEN IN PUBLIC AFTER OCTOBER 1958. The person that appeared in her place was a FRAUD and IMPOSTER. Although I cannot uncover what EXACTLY happened to the Institutional Organization of the Catholic Church 60 years ago, I can put forward the professional evidence that algebraically and medically demonstrates that something very sinister happened to Sister Lucy of Fatima in the time after the fateful day of October 9th, 1958. It helps that ALL of the experts that we are consulting have nothing to do with the Catholic Church. After the TRUTH is fully displayed, then we will seek JUSTICE for Sister Lucy. We are heartened that now the main investigator is treating it as a "criminal case." The data is spread all over the United States, with many different individuals now. A website is being produced that will contain ALL THE EVIDENCE. But the evidence shall not be published all at once. Drip by Drip we shall wear down the wall of the GREAT LIE. The website is being developed as I write. The evidence has been gather, is being put together for display, and VERY MUCH CONTINUES TO BE COLLECTED. New information comes in LITERALLY EVERY DAY. 

I SHOULD keep my mouth shut about ALL OF THIS. I AM KEEPING MY MOUTH SHUT ABOUT MOST OF IT. However, it is there, ready to come out. Be Prepared.

Some excellent film footage and interesting commentary on Novus Ordo Watch to Commemorate the Anniversary of this Momentous Historical Event.
See, sixty-years-since-death-pope-pius12


  1. in a short time.... why wait? and WHY do you say you SHOULD keep (my) mouth shut? isn't truth supposed to be spoken IN season and OUT of season? yet you keep silence with knowledge that could be helpful to other believers rather than share, just building up more and more suspense. what's the point?

  2. When St. Catherine Laboure was in deep conversation with Our Lady, the convent's prayer bell sounded and she immediately got up, excused herself, and went to prayer. The next apparition, Our Lady told her that if she hadn't been obedient in that instance, she never would never would have seen Our Lady again.

    Sister Lucy was also obedient to the Church. She may not have like Novus Ordo, but she was obedient to the Church.

    1. Not that every story about Fatima has to be accurate, but I seem to remember watching a film on Fatima that said the children were forbidden to go to the Cova by their bishop. But they went to the Cova anyway, out of obedience to Our Lady.

    2. The Novus Ordo is not the Church. The 'Sister Lucy' seen in public after the Church was exiled by VII was a fraud, just like VII.

  3. God bless you. Can't figure Google sign in, name John Raymond. I am sedevacantist, but believe Fatima Center had it right on Consecration, 3rd Secret. GOD BLESS YOU, YOUR HOLY WORK. DEAR DT LUCIA, I LOVE YOU, MOURN WHATEVER THEY DID TO YOU.

    1. Hi, John; seems we frequent the same pages. That the V2 sect did something to poor Sr. Lucia is an understatement. Even as she may have had dentures, no self-respecting dentist would put in such a hideous set as had the false Lucia. Plus, that chin! Every time I see her, she reminds me of Wayland Flowers puppet , "Madame" in a habit .

  4. You said "John XXIII BURIED IN SOME DARK VAULT IN THE VATICAN the Secret that Sister Lucy said that Our Lady wanted revealed by 1960"

    Are you saying that all who read the 3rd secret after Pope Pius XII died read a false copy and John XXIII is likely the last one to read the real 3rd secret, or are you saying the likes of Pope Benedict XVI and Pope John Paul II did have access to the “dark vault in the Vatican” and actually read it?

  5. I strongly sense that what is coming forth from your investigation is a modern day equivalent of the Athanasian creed. How fitting that it should come forth on October 9th, the feast of Cardinal Newman, who always proclaimed this exacting creed as THE antidote against modernism. You have dotted your i's and crossed your t's. The modern world demands scientific evidence....you will deliver it. I am humbled to tears. God bless you over and over. Glory be to God in the highest.

  6. While I have always believed there to have been a substitue...come on; the "new" Lucia has a chin like Wayland Flowers' 'Madame" puppet!!!...always pretty obvious she was a fraud. Nevertheless, I am almost breathless waiting to SEE the perpetrators squirm when all is revealed.

  7. The Church has been in eclipse since Roncalli usurped the throne of Peter. This action has caused turmoil and chaos in Christ's bride and the secular world. Events and the social norms of this present society would have looked like the pit of Hell to Catholics of pre Vatican II Church. The Modernism and Universalism that many wanted before Vatican II has been shown to be from the Machinations of the evil one. God has allowed this to happen because of the lukewarm Catholics who wanted to be loved by the world rather then obey God. The Vatican II sect and the Novus Ordo Missae are not Catholic. Sr. Lucy most certainly was martyred in 1958 the year of the last true Pope.


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