Kevin Symonds Admits that Previously Posted Photo of Paul VI and "Sister Lucy" was Doctored. BUT......He also "knows" that there was not any "conspiracy" involved and it is no big deal. MOVE ON.....NOTHING TO SEE HERE.

Since Kevin Symonds refuses to allow me to take any piece of his posts to post on this website --- I will just give you the link to his blog. Clearly faked photos of Paul VI and "Sister Lucy" are no big deal and most certainly not part of any suspicious "conspiracy." The fact that these appeared in official publications and are part of the accepted Sister Lucy biography, is apparently meaningless and of absolutely no concern. That, Mr. Symonds, OR THEY ARE FURTHER EVIDENCE --- just little bits of evidence, of course, --- THAT THE VATICAN HAS PERPETRATED ONE OF THE BIGGEST FRAUDS IN THE HISTORY OF THE CATHOLIC CHURCH. But of course, since Mr. Symonds is so attached to the men in today's Vatican, he will not lend any support or encouragement to an investigation to prove --- in a scientific way --- that Sister Lucy I and Sister Lucy II were the same person or different people. Clearly Fatima was being USED by the powers that be in 1967 to advance their revolutionary agenda --- now --- endorsed by Our Lady's Messenger. 
Here is the link to Mr. Symonds' "Nothing to See Here" article:
P.S. For the commentators on this blog who have rubbished this entire effort as a huge "money making operation," I can only say that I will PROVE that this calumny is wrong. Why would I risk my immortal soul, destroy my reputation for life, and render a farce one of the major efforts of my life to make an extra $25,000? Every CENT has been spent on the investigation and will continue to be spent on the CONTINUING investigation. Impatience often seems to turn into down right meanness. 

I would like to also ask my readers why the manipulators of Fatima would doctor these photos even though Sister Lucy II was clearly there. This can be seen on the videos that I have published of this event. Ideas?


  1. They didn’t want to put her front and center, until they were sure the fraud would work. They must have been worried that people who knew her outside the convent might spot the fake. If she wasn’t put front and center, they could still deny it was her, but obviously, no one said anything.

    Or I suppose it is plausible they just wanted better images for their propaganda.

  2. Thank you so much for this work! We have been deceived so much we begin to feel like those dwarfs in Narnia who couldn't hear the truth. If it wasn't that I've followed and appreciated your work so much over the last few years, my initial reaction would have been suspicious of another scam too. God bless you and this effort!!

  3. You the Man. Keep up the good work! Crush the eraser-clapping, front row phoney ball-less katholics. Welcome to the long awaited backlash. Yes BVM we WILL obey.

  4. A criminal take over of the Vatican began in 1958. Someday we will know the details. Similar criminal coverup now being partly revealed in the clergy abuse crisis. It's all been one massive fraud but it has paid great dividends for the perpetrators in money, sex and power. Was the May 13 shooting of JPll a staged deception that allowed him to lay claim to being the Fatima pope, even though he never preached the Fatima message? The "invisible hand" claim is just a little too hokey .Lucy would have to be taken out, obviously. she being the true messenger that could reveal the whole scam. Replace her with a fake who would confirm the ongoing Vat2 takeover and confirm the counterfeit popes. Some good acting involved and controlling the media coverage through masonic cult operations like Opus Dei and you can fool most of the people all the time. Great work Professor!

  5. I think the manipulator wanted to convey his message that this impostor Lucy is closed with the pope in returned gave us an idea that this pope also covered up and conspired. Freemasons always gave us clues whatever they had hijacked.

  6. Have you checked that video?

  7. The errors of the Vatican II sect are many this scandal is just part of the mounting evidence that the Vatican has lost the faith and the Church is in eclipse as the prophecy of La Salette stated in the unapproved part of the message. Since the false council and false popes have put the true Church in the catacombs the Vatican II cult has repeatedly attacked the true Church and the words of the true Popes repeatedly. But we have the assurance from Our Lord and Lady that in the end Christ will triumph and the Church will be restored.

  8. Read of pope Paul refusing to meet with Lucy at Fatima on May 13. 1967. Apparently there was an opportunity to meet as he was in Fatima. Wondering how that date matches with the emergence of Lucy 2. Had lucy 1 died/killed by that date ? Was lucy 2 invented to push back on the BVM pressure soon after? If Lucy was long dead (i suspect) by 67 and covered for by Opus Dei, that failed meeting may have been the kickoff of the whole hoax. Also the fact that Lucy's death (natural?) Was covered/downplayed indicates a motive or force involved. Her death certainly would have been of great interest to millions of simple faithful catholics. BTW MY Mother witnessed the miracle in the sky in 1938, in BOSTON! It was not just Europe.
    Thanks for your work.

  9. Dr. Chojnowski, the reason why there's opposition to your Sr. Lucy investigation? It's because the truth is seen as a threat by some in the Fatima Movements. They obviously want Catholics to remain confused and attached to the Modernist church. What better way to do it than to have everyone believe that heaven's messenger, Sr. Lucy, recognized heretics and apostates as true leaders of the Church? Have you noticed, for instance, the only problem the Fatima Center has ever had with Sr. Lucy II was that she contradicted her earlier position regarding the consecration? They were never concerned about the photographs that showed her warm friendship with the Modernist "popes". That was all fine and dandy. If you wonder why organizations like the Fatima Center won't support this investigation, it's because it could cast doubt on their ludicrous position: that heaven recognizes unrepentant heretics and apostates as leaders of the Church and that heaven is patiently awaiting their consecration.


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