Breaking: Sister Lucy Facial Recognition Analysis to be Done Tomorrow June 28th, Vigil of the Feast of Sts. Peter and Paul. Results should be Known at the End of the Day.

Dear Supporters of Sister Lucy Truth,

The promised Facial Recognition analysis by the very latest programs will be done tomorrow June 28th! About 625 different comparisons between high-resolution photos will be performed. Involved in this work will not only be the Investigator that I have hired but owners of BILLION  dollar companies using technology which the United States government itself uses for facial recognition work.

Granted I am nothing, but the fact that this investigation, done by state of the art professionals, has been ignored by the "Catholic media" is to me astounding.

I need everyone to do two things. Pray to Our Lady of Perpetual Help today on her feast day for this project. Second, I need money, because if we find out that there was in impostor put in the place of the real Sister Lucy, I want the investigation to move on to answering two further questions, 1) What happened to the real Sister Lucy; 2) Who was the impostor(s)?

Please give a TAX-DEDUCTIBLE DONATION to Sister Lucy Truth by getting to the Donation icon from the triple bars at the top of the blog page or send a check or money order to:

Sister Lucy Truth
4104 N. Murray Dr.
Otis Orchards, WA 99027

Note: Yesterday, the non-Catholic investigator I have hired for this case said to me, "My only question to you is WHY HAS NO ONE DONE THIS BEFORE?" 


  1. This is going to blow the doors off the conciliar imposter church!

  2. Cant' stop there Pete... there's also enough circumstantial evidence to warrant an investigation into the probability of two "Warren Carrolls," "Mike Matts" and "Walter Janaros."

    1. Well at least there will be two people left to write for the Remnant.

    2. The original Walter Janaro never listens to songs produced after Night Ranger's 1984 hit "Sister Christian".

    3. I knew the original one liked to party! I can picture a scene from 1983.

  3. I haven't been this excited since I was a child waiting for Christmas (and I'm 71). 60 years of fraud and deceit, the lid is coming off. And we'll know all the gatekeepers and collaborators when they try to ignore or deny the evidence.....put a check in the mail this afternoon.

  4. There is one chance on a press release. Shout it from the roof tops.

  5. Not only is it the feast of OLPH, it is the octave of John the Baptist (done away with by the modernists), the holy man who stood up to the power of this world. The world and the novus ordo fake Herod church will try to deny the obvious, but the stone will have been slung that will bring Goliath down. Your diligence in the pursuit of truth is a heartening thing indeed.

  6. Hopefully, the Sister Lucy findings will be published on Canon 212. Do you think Frank Walker will agree?

  7. The Feast of St. Peter and Paul is on June 29, not the 28th. It is WITHIN the octave of St. John the Baptist. Can't wait to hear the results! Sending you a check today. God bless your efforts! Yes, why hasn't this been done before?

  8. ok... what's the story.... been waiting decades for this ... thought we were to have results.


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