FULL INVESTIGATION: After Reviewing the Issue, Investigator says that A Full Investigation Will Be Needed.

In my phone conversation with the Investigator yesterday, we agreed that a full investigation will be needed in the "Sister Lucy" case.  This means that Facial Recognition and Biometrics testing, even using a variety of methodologies will not be enough to "crack" the case. Using 1959 as a possible date dividing the "old" images from the "new"images, he is employing the most advanced Facial Recognition technology and techniques ---- he says that his company's technique has proven to be .2% more accurate than that of the FBI --- available. These organizations employing these techniques are international. Also, an important American organization will be put onto the case --- whose name I am withholding for obvious reasons.

After the pictures are analyzed there will be an investigation into interviews, statements, etc. He said to me that if he finds that there has been a replacement of the original Sister Lucy, he will then focus on finding out WHY this was done, how was it done, who did it, and what happened to the original woman. He also would then look into WHO WAS THE WOMAN WHO REPLACED Sister Lucy I.

Sister Lucy Truth has the funds to begin this investigation, but it does not yet have the funds to bring about this type of full investigation. I count on your generosity to allow this enterprise to continue --- for Sister Lucy's sake!

I have still not been able to sit down and arrange the pay from the website button with Wells Fargo, but I can receive checks and bank wires. I have not yet sent out letters of thanks for those who have shown their generosity. I thank you all for helping me in this endeavor. I will be in touch soon. Also, thank you for your very touching notes and letters of support. They are very moving and make me want to continue until the full truth is known.

Donations can be mailed to:

Sister Lucy Truth
4104 N. Murray Dr.
Otis Orchards, WA 99027

Also, contact me at justicepc@yahoo.com in order to arrange to wire funds to the Sister Lucy Truth account with Wells Fargo.

Thank you,
Dr. Peter Chojnowski


  1. What a monumental task lies ahead for this investigator. They've had decades to pile on the lies and deceptions. Were I to attempt this task I would probably first focus in on Bertone and find out what that creepazoid was doing and what Antonio Socci discovered about him

  2. Dr. Will it be possible to help via PayPal?

  3. "Sabbatean Frankism as the paradigm of the Modern Left" at "therebbeblog". A key or the key to unlocking the modernist hell that has been unleashed both politically and through the Vatican 2 usurpers? This piece is certainly worth looking at carefully.

  4. Can you get a Paypal or Patreon account set up for this? I think it can be done quickly

  5. I cannot understand how anybody could look at photos of these two women and conclude that they are the same person.

    1. Me neither.
      They look sooo very different!

    2. Even the 'spirit' shown in the faces are vastly different. The real Sister Lucia has the look of saintliness, while the replacement appears almost smug, if I can say that.

  6. Dr Chojnowski
    The sooner you can get a PayPal, or some other online payment system, up and running, the better. I'm sure I'm not the only one outside the US itching to contribute to this very worthy ( and necessary) cause!
    May Our Lord and His Blessed Mother keep you close them always.

  7. Thanks for drawing attention to the evidence that the real Sr Lucia died in 1949 and was subsequently replaced by two doubles, the first between the years 1949 and 1958, and the second between the years 1959 and 2005. That solves a number of difficulties, particularly the strange nature of Sr Lucia's supposed conversation with the Mexican priest Fr Augustin Fuentes in December 1957.

    - It explains why Sr Lucia signally failed to confirm that Pius XII, after being prompted by Heaven with several visions of the Miracle of the Sun as he walked alone in the Vatican Gardens, did in fact proceed to consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, albeit in the most minimalistic fashion possible, in 1952, in the Apostolic Letter Sacro Vergente addressed to the Peoples of Russia.

    - It explains why the 1957 'Sr Lucia' (not being privy to the counsels of the Blessed Virgin like the true Sr Lucia) was under the misapprehension that this consecration had NOT taken place. Hence her misplaced concern that 'many nations will disappear from the face of the earth and that Russia will be the instrument of chastisement chosen by Heaven to punish the whole world if we do not BEFOREHAND obtain the conversion of that poor nation.

    - It explains her expectation that 1960 would bring such a clear manifestation of God's Justice upon the world that NO ONE would rejoice at it. As we know now, that expectation was completely false, for most of the world did in fact rejoice at the liberalization of Catholic doctrine and morality wrought by Antipopes Roncalli and Montini.

    This first double would likely have been a naive yet pious nun who had been tricked into playing the part of Sr Lucia by Montini and his cronies ‘for the good of the Church’. Her interview with Fr Fuentes in 1957 doubtless determined them to dispose of her the following year and replace her with a second double.

    If Sr Lucia did in fact die on 31 May 1949, then that is the date when the Third Secret should have been published, for Sr Lucia had extracted a promise from her bishop that the secret would be revealed ‘at her death’ should that precede the year 1960. Now the version of the Third Secret published on the Spanish website mentioned in your post (www.ultimostiempos.org/component/content/article/7-noticias/159-lucia) states that ‘69 weeks’ after the publication of the Blessed Virgin’s order, Rome would be destroyed if it continued to pursue its abominations. If that version of the Secret is the true one, and if 69 weeks represents 69 years, then this coming 31 May would be the deadline. Those are of course pretty big ‘ifs’.

    The relevant part of that text reads as follows:
    ‘Si 69 semanas después de que esta orden se publique, Roma sigue su abominación, la ciudad será destruida. Nuestra Señora nos dijo que esto está escrito en Daniel 9:24-25 y Mateo 21:42-44’. (If 69 weeks after this order is published, Rome continues its abomination, the city will be destroyed. Our Lady told us that this is written in Daniel 9:24-25 and Matthew 21:42-44.)

    The reference to the cornerstone of St Peter’s tomb being moved to Fatima in the time of the great Antichrist John Paul II should perhaps be understand figuratively as indicating that from the time of his open apostasy at Assisi in 1986, there was no real excuse for the faithful not beginning to see through the imposture of the masonic counterfeit church of Vatican II.

  8. It's also worth examining the alleged Third Secret. An expert from a leading handwriting analysis firm group (for example, in another instance, it was called on to analyze the alleged ransom note found in connection with the Jon Benet Ramsey murder) questioned whether it was consistent with what we know to be authentic samples of her handwriting.

    Concerning the alleged Third Secret, the firm was commissioned by a group connected by the so-called Bayside apparitions, though of itself that ought not to be a reason to discount or disqualify the findings.


  9. I have done everything to get a credit card donation link on my blog. The account is fully set up with Wells Fargo. The only thing left is to actually get a donation icon on my blog. I will work on that on Monday. Thank you, all, for your interest. It will all happen.


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