Logical Bear Trap? Canadian Scholar Publishes Thesis Which Declares Francis to be a Public Heretic and Having Lost Office, based on Filial Correction and Canon Law.

Here we have a link to a new thesis recently made public by one of our readers. Jason A. Brown, MA has just put up his thesis which declares Francis to be a public heretic and, hence, having lost office in the Catholic Church. Mr. Brown is a student of Medieval Studies. Using even the 1983 Code of Canon Law and the recent Filial Correction, Mr. Brown provides evidence by which to demonstrate the heresy of Francis and his lose of office.

Here is the author's short autobiography:

My name is Jason A. Brown. I am a medieval historian and translator of old Latin books. I am currently a PhD candidate in the final year of my doctorate. I have a Master of Arts in Medieval Studies and a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in History. I have been a Catholic for 9 years, and for most of that time I have been studying Catholic doctrine, scholastic thought, and Church history, particularly the Church in the middle ages and in the 19th and 20th centuries.

I am not associated with any religious order, nor any clerical or lay society or fraternity. I have received no funding or financial support for this venture, nor do I seek any.

This project is in no way associated with any institution or employer to which I have been attached. It is a personal endeavour. 


I'll tell you also that I am a husband and father, with four young children so far. I enjoy reading and writing, teaching, drawing, cooking, and logical argument. I am also a patriotic Canadian and admirer of traditional French Canadian culture. I speak English and French (tolerably) and read, write, and teach Latin. 

Dr. Chojnowski: Surely this is an important contribution to the FrancisWars currently raging. I publish the link to the document below:



  1. I agree with this. So if one believes him to be a false pope, is it legitimate to attend mass including sspx? Can one get absolution - I doubt it somehow - so how do we get confession unless the priest also thinks he is not pope. It’s very difficult to know what to do to be saved now

  2. I am a French Canadian from Sudbury Ontario...and I share the same position you did. I just finished a personal research or medidation on the twelve articles of the Nicean; Creed of Nicea Constantinople....In my meditation I make a parallel showing how the teachings of Vatican II and the teachings of the Catholic Church contradict and not the same doctrine.

  3. I am reading this well thought out condemnation of Bergoglio as a public and condemned heretic. It seems very airtight in it's Catholic, Thomistic reasoning. The question arises, how come so few prelates have come to these conclusions. The few that have have yet to say forthrightly that he is a heretic, only that he "promotes" heresy. The Masonic Modernists have had many years to stack the deck....extending long before the Vatican Council that they successfully hijacked. The Revolutionaries don't play with toy guns, once you are in the club you are either with them or you die. We are dealing with a death cult...the rewards: worldly power honors,riches, money and sex....to oppose them...well you will be dealt with. Is the SSPX real Catholic opposition or a false opposition that is really part of the scheme...my strong hunch is that any real opposition gets destroyed.

  4. Francis does not care about anyone or anything. He only continues on his road to the destruction of all things Catholic.

  5. Antipope Francis is a heretic out of his own mouth and actions. What a disgrace ! He even at this time, refuses to repent of his heretical and destructive agendas. He leads many believers and unbelievers, who follow or recognize him, to Hell. Now, is that a true pope ?


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