Before he INFALLIBLY decided who was Pope (2016), John Salza INFALLIBLY decided that the Earth was at the Center of the Universe (2010) .....If you should ask.......well what about the Sun? ANATHEMA SIT!!!!

I do not wish to enter into the scientific or philosophical aspects of the cosmological debate. I will say that such empirical speculation is not a matter for the Church's infallible magisterium. Here Mr. Salza says that if you do not believe the earth is the center of the of the universe YOU ARE A HERETIC AND NOT A CATHOLIC ---- well, maybe they need a few admonitions at least before the excommunication candle is snuffed. I guess they can join Fr. Paul Kramer, Fr. Nicholas Gruner, and Fr. Anthony Cekada and all the others who have been declared INFALLIBLY NOT CATHOLIC by Mr. Salza. 


  1. But do you have to clearly and manifestly confess that the earth revolves around the sun, and be deposed by a future Pope or cardinal, or does the heresy of heliocentrism automatically sever you from the Church?

  2. "I will say that such empirical speculation is not a matter for the Church's infallible magisterium."

    You'd be wrong. The Church definitively made a canonical ruling against Galileo's propositions as being FORMALLY HERETICAL. And not because of any scientific inquiries, but because Galileo and Copernicus contradict the plain reading of Scripture as well as infallible Dogma based on the Council of Trent which taught that no one can interpret the Scriptures apart from the consensus of the Fathers. On which they were unanimous about the Earth's position as central and non-moving, and the scientific data confirms that.

    It was the Church, St. Robert Bellarmine, the Holy Pontiffs and the Holy Inquisition that said that those who accept these propositions contrary to Scripture and Tradition are heretics. Not Salza.

    As Salza and Sungenis rightly argue, this ruling has not been lifted, but much like other teachings has been left to fall by the wayside in the face of modernity, so the implication is that it is still binding on Catholics today. But the majority reject it due to invincible ignorance.

    This is a topic that Catholics have to grapple with. The standard apologetic that the Church was getting involved in matters that was none of its business is demonstrably false. It saw heresy and it took measures to destroy it, and science today vindicates the Church. And one need only read the ruling against Galileo to see that it had to do with articles of the faith.

    The other major significance of this is that given the fact that the Church began abandoning defence of this teaching around the late 1800s, even with Popes stating in encyclicals that the belief in heliocentrism might be true, that the idea that the Popes are completely immune from all error by the Holy Spirit is false, either because the Popes were wrong prior to Galileo, or they were wrong after Galileo. In either case, one would have to accuse the Holy Spirit of screwing up, which would be absurd.

    Given that Cardinal Ratzinger admitted that the Second Vatican Council was convened as a result of the implications of the Galileo affair where the Church had to reconcile the faith with the advance of the modern world, there are BIG implications to it. Especially considering that not even the Novus Ordo Popes ever contravened the declaration of Heresy by their predecessors, instead tip toe-ing around it, with John Paul II appealing to Relativity, and even Ratzinger admitting that science could not demonstrate its case against the Church.

    1. Sadly many who regard themselves as traditional Catholics have been so extensively indoctrinated in heliocentrism that they are entirely untraditional when it comes to God's Revelation about the nature of the Earth. As you say, the Fathers correctly understood that the Earth was central and immovable. They also believed in the Firmament, i.e. a solid dome above the Earth, separating the waters above it.

      I find it particularly sad that sedevacantist Catholics should fall for the Revelation-destructive theories of heliocentrism. They have been graced by God to understand the truth about the papacy today, yet they tend to ignore the masses of scientific evidence demonstrating that the Earth is exactly as described in Revelation. They also overlook the fact that certain aspects of this Revelation came close at one point to being elevated to the status of infallible Catholic dogma by the Magisterium.

      The reason for this, I think, is these Catholics have fallen hook, line and sinker for an Impostor Science. Just as God's enemies killed Sr Lucia dos Santos in 1958 and replaced her with an impostor to prevent the truths contained in the Third Secret of Fatima from being revealed to the world, so too did they kill off the true science of the Earth from the late 1940s after they had discovered that the Earth is indeed as described in Revelation.

      Had the world been given access to these amazing discoveries, they would have drawn closer to God, and God's enemies would not have been able to exploit their new scientific knowledge for their own nefarious ends. So these discoveries were buried, and masonic lie-factories like NASA were created to create a fictional parallel 'science'.

      George Orwell, who had access to hidden knowledge in his time, adverts to this in his novel 1984, where O'Brien informs Winston Smith of the exixstence of a false parallel astronomy concocted for the masses. I believe he too may have been killed for revealing too much in that novel, as prior to his death he had been making an excellent recovery from tuberculosis and was confidently expecting to take an active holiday in Switzerland.

      The Freemasons love to satirize the truth in their propaganda today. The famous Hennessy brandy advert depicting Auguste Piccard breaking through the dome into a watery space is just one example out of hundreds of this revelation-of-the-method mockery.

  3. Sorry Peter, but I'm all for John Salza on this one. Excellent video, we hadn't seen this one and appreciate you linking it.


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