Vatican Alert! Francis to Demand Oath of "Fidelity" to Himself and His "Magisterium" from all Clerics in Conciliar Church. Coming in "Months." Who among "us" will take the Oath?

Just in....A Translation of an Italian article coming from information circulating at the Vatican. Francis will demand Oath of Fidelity to Himself and His "Magisterium" from all Clerics in the "Church." All who do not take this Oath will be Suspended from their duties. My question is who amongst the traditionalists will continue the theological game of Twister and find a way to take the oath by cosmic acts of "mental reservation." 

Here is the Breaking News.....Be ready for a very intense 2018!
The Article whose translation Fr. Kramer says is 99% accurate:

"Drrafts part LVII: the danger of the schism. Oath of fidelity to the magisterium of Bergoglio "of Fra Cristoforo

I state that what is reported in the drafts comes from a source very much in the Vatican circles. And he tells me how important he feels about what he succeeds in "capturing" all the entourage that hangs out daily in Santa Marta. So I report exclusively what is "confided" to me. And the public for duty of Truth. I can tell you that the source is worthy of trust. Proof of this is the fact that so many drafts have now become sadly realized. Those who have not yet had implications, it is not that they will not happen. It is only a matter of time. Because, as you will have understood, things in Santa Marta can change from one day to another. It depends on the moods. We are simple ambassadors. And as they say: ambasciator does not bring penalty.

Clarified this we arrive at the Spiffero. In terms of "reforms" Bergoglio has always had very clear ideas. From the first moment of his pontificate he beat the nail on: migrants, ecology, ecumenism. With the publication of Amoris Laetitia he then sealed his "relativism" in matters of morality. These points are now established in the neochiesa. Now in almost all the Parishes you do not hear about anything else. The faithful and children are taught nothing but the "verb" Bergoglio. Like an obsession.

But as we have seen in these times, not all have aligned. And among these there are also Bishops and Cardinals. This is the concern of Bergoglio. Those who "resist". He can not stand it. He is stronger than him. Here then is what Santa Marta has been studying for a few months.

My source told me that a sort of "act of fidelity to the pope (obviously Omissis) and his magisterium" is under study. The small letters are desired.

This kind of "act of fidelity" will be required of all clerics of the Catholic Church, deacons, priests, bishops and cardinals. And it must be formally pronounced. In the various dioceses a day will be chosen in which all, bishop, priests and deacons will have to pronounce solemnly this formal act. Which means to promise "blind loyalty" to the "magisterium" and the teaching of Bergoglio. Of course it will be mandatory. Those who do not make this "promise" will have to consider themselves "suspended a divinis".

If this draft were to happen (I hope not), we will be at the turn. And I believe that nobody will save us from the schism. Also because how can we lend loyalty to a heretical magisterium?

In my opinion there will be a rift never seen in the history of the Church. The Neighbor of Bergoglio, and those who will remain faithful to the Traditional Teaching of the Church. And hence the total confusion.

Regarding the times, the source has not been unbalanced. He told me about a few months. He told me that the text is being prepared.

I think it's time to increase prayer. We strongly invoke the Madonna who can save us from this disaster. Let's do Eucharistic adoration. Let us pray to the Apostles, the Martyrs, the Saints, the Souls of Purgatory, the Archangels, the Angels. Let's move Heaven as much as possible. Because if such a thing happens, the battle will really be furious. We pray so much! Let us pray for one another, because none of us yields before the enemy. We also add fasting! At least who can do it!

It's true. The Lord has told us that the gates of hell will not prevail. But he did not tell us there will be no battle. The battle will be there. And it will be the decisive one.

Fra Cristoforo


  1. Is this Cristiforo guy legit?

  2. Pure rubbish from Rand Corporation army of trolls who run Catholic Forums and Blogs.

    Fra Cristoforo does not exist. Same old tactics they have been using for 2000 years.

  3. Sounds like a perfectly logical development of NuChurch to me. Similar oaths and pledges are already being taken by newly installed "Parochial Vicars" (no longer called pastors) by the USCCB. NUChurch is certainly intent on stopping all "dissent." Only time will tell if Fra is a troll or whether those who support the CIA-NWO controlled Novus Ordo thing are the slippery trolls. If I had to place a bet it would be that some kind of loyalty pledge to the heretic in chief is on the way.

    1. Well, this has been prophesied exactly to the point by Maria Divine Mercy in 2013 !!!

      Look here:

  4. It's unlikely that anything like this will be adopted–but in actuality, there is no need to formally adopt this "act of fidelity" in order for it to come into fruition–and the pope knows this.
    The pope's modus operandi is to allow something like this to leak out informally, and then after it's discussed and criticized by various sides, the pope laughs and says that he would never demand anything like that...but, the clerics should all "want to" be faithful to "his" teachings without an oath.

    At that point, others in his circle will press for the oath to be taken by everyone–despite the fact that the pope is not demanding it. All will obey!

    1. Just remember that Henry VIII demanded an Oath in support of his sinful "Marriage", an oath that Thomas More did not take and on account of which he lost his head.

  5. Just make sure you always have a copy of the complete Catechism of the Catholic Church and you'll never have a cause to worry about anything 'new' that comes out of Rome - everything is there... and get used to using the Rosary beads as well. You'll be safe and sound!!

    1. The CCC is a new catechism that bind people to the new church along with the new cannon law - it is not related to the true laws of the church or the true
      Catholic Church or the true Catholic Catechism....The beads three times per day I can totally agree with...TCTM Kate xxx

    2. Now that the novus ordo sect's schools are ALL anti-family, anti-indissolubility of marriage and all LGBT(Q) friendly, what more can we expect from the new religion's major infidelities to the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church?

    3. Use only the Catechism of Trent. Go back to the True Mass---the holy Tridentine Mass.
      The 1983/4 Catechism has been watered down. The 1962 Missal has been touched by a Freemason. Use the pre-62.

    4. Odylex; May I ask what priestly order do you follow that celebrates the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass using a pre-1962 Missal? Also, what Missal do they follow? 1955 Pope Pius XII;1920 Pope Pius X; 1884 Pope Leo XIII?
      Also, inasmuch as it was the pre-Vatican II Church that promulgated the 1962 Missal, is the suggested reason for rejecting this Missal the fact that Pope John XXIII was the pope at that time?
      Finally, is there an ecclesial basis you can point as the authority supporting the position that you or the priestly order you follow?

    5. Which missal do you use?

    6. Odylex; you have apparently elected not to respond to my questions, but you should know that I did not raise them simply to be obstreperous; they are legitimate and important questions that should be answered. many traditional Catholics would very much desire to return to a Mass celebrated in a church that did not support the post-Vatican II teachings. Unfortunately, but that has proved very difficult for most.

      As you may be aware, the SSPX is the only priestly organization that has continued to follow all of the true teachings of the Church that were instant at the time of the Second Vatican Council. If you are not aware, the Missal that was promulgated immediately before the Council was the 1962 Missal. It is that Missal that they use.

      Some of the other priestly orders have recommended goin back to some of the earlier (and more conservative Missals), but that was not the teaching of the Catholic Church prior to the Council in 1962. A number of those priestly orders have always denied that Pope Francis is a legitimate pope. That is contrary to Catholic teaching. It is not for any one of us to judge the pope. Only the God can judge the pope.

      We are are all well aware of the disgraceful behavior that has contributed to much discord within the Church that is rightfully laid at the feet of Pope Francis. Nevertheless, he is still the pope and he will answer to God for his wrongs, just as you and I will.

      But you are absolutely correct in recommending that faithful Catholics purchase and study the Catechism of Trent. The Baltimore Catechism is fine, of course, but it is directed more to children than adults. The Catechism of Trent is an adult Catechism and is faithful to the teachings of the Church.

      Again, my initial post was not intended to be argumentative or disrespectful in any way.

    7. Tom, before you pretend to be an expert on Sedevecantism, I would recommend studying it in great detail. I currently attend an SSPX chapel, but am very disturbed by some of their teaching on obedience to the pope. Look up "12 inconvenient questions for SSPX" written by the website Novus Ordo Watch, and then tell me you can dismiss the latest heretical teaching coming out of Rome because you do not agree with it.
      The SSPX mass is the only 1962 Mass in the world that keeps the second confiteor before communion because the archbishop wanted to, as far as I know. Also, for many years The SSPX used all of the Missals used back to St. Pius X. I read that it wasn't until the 80's that SSPX made 1962 missal mandatory for its priests to use. St. Pius X missal is 1951, and is used by some sedevacantist groups.

  6. Francis is the Trump of The Vatican. Though he allegedly has little use for Trump, I swear Francis and Trump are taking lessons from each other.

    1. Sam, I respectfully disagree with your equating President Trump and Pope Francis. Yes, they are both independent figures, but the similarity stops about there.

      President Trump completely rejects the secular media, while Pope Francis essentially embraces it. Pope Francis is a globalist of the first order and President Trump is a committed nationalist. Pope Francis appears to pay greater homage to the false “religion” of climate change than the religion of which he is the earthly leader. President Trump completely rejects climate change as a globalist scheme to redistribute the wealth of the world––especially that of the United States.

      Finally, and probably most importantly, both men have been elected to lead globally respected institutions; but whereas President Trump dearly loves the institution he leads and desires to preserve the Constitutional values of the the United States, it is to be seriously questioned whether Pope Francis even likes the Catholic Church as it was established by Jesus Christ and defined by the Holy Ghost over the centuries. There is little doubt that he is hell bent on changing her.

      It is the secular media that hates Donald Trump and everything he is promoting and stands for; while that same media cannot be more solicitous and admiring of Pope Francis. Perhaps you might have a personal animus toward President Trump, and if so, I would respectfully suggest that you more closely examine your reasons for holding it. Most Americans who feel that way have simply been indoctrinated by the media. I don’t think you want to put yourself in that camp.

    2. Trump worships Israel


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