Love and Responsibility? Scandal Breaks at Christendom College

If any RadTrad has any more public information on this breaking scandal please send details. We know that NewChurch has totally undermined traditional Catholic morality over the past 50 years, why are we surprised. The student parties at Christendom were wild 35 years ago. 

Here is the story from Christendom's own website:

College Executive Vice President Offers to Meet with Victims
Following recent alumni accounts of administrative mishandling of sexual assault reporting at Christendom College, the administration has ordered a thorough review of their policies and resources for cases of sexual assault and harassment. The College has issued an official apology to the victims and their families, and has reaffirmed its commitment to ensure the people from whom its students are seeking assistance are equipped with training, resources, and the capacity to respond to a victim’s needs with compassion, knowledge, and the ability to help.
“We have failed some of our students,” said Dr. Timothy O’Donnell, Christendom College’s president. “I am grateful to each woman who has come forward with her story. We need to hear you and your experience. Disclosing abuse and its aftermath is painful and difficult, and it takes a tremendous amount of courage. To those students who have been harmed, I am deeply sorry. We will do better.”
Ken Ferguson, executive vice president of Christendom College, has offered to meet personally with each and every victim in the presence of a certified trauma counselor. Anyone who wishes to meet is welcome to bring her own support personnel as well.
“We invite these victims to come forward and be heard,” said Ferguson. “We value their insight on concrete ways we can make this campus as safe as possible for women. And we ask, if possible, for their forgiveness. I want to extend my gratitude to Mr. and Mrs. Fisher for giving these women a platform to share their voices with us.”
Additionally, the College has hired experts to review campus compliance with best practices in sexual assault and harassment. Christendom revised its protocols in recent years and is constantly reviewing these protocols to ensure they are effective when a student reports sexual assault or harassment.
“Since I arrived four years ago, I have thrown myself into improving campus life for the student body,” said Ferguson. “We recently established a new wellness initiative so that any student who needs these services has ready access to them. We’re expanding that initiative to include trauma counseling and support for Christendom students and alumni who have suffered sexual assault.”
Those seeking to meet are invited to reach out to Ken Ferguson at (540-636-2900) or by email at


  1. The idea that a coeducational institution is somehow going to be a morally acceptable environment because they slap a Catholic label across it is delusional. Trads have become very liberal now, you can't change that by pretending that more than a tiny few still believe as our ancestors did. So much pretending is the cause of most of the problems of traditionally minded people. If you want Tradition, you have to be Traditional. Do you want your daughter to be married as a virgin? Does it matter to you? If it doesn't, then guess what. You're not a Christian, let alone a Catholic.

  2. After reading the details on Fisher's site, I know now why Dr Marra came to our hotel room in '94 after speaking at an IHM Conference at the basilica and cautioned us not to send our daughter to Christendom. He told he recommended it to a friend for his girl and it was a mistake . He also told us at the time that the Pro life offices in the Diocese were the political arm of the Bishops and Bishop McHugh, selected by the Vatican was anything but Pro Life.
    I am eternally grateful to him for his advice.

  3. Anonymous first-hand experienceFebruary 7, 2018 at 7:26 PM

    As a daily Mass attendee at Christendom, I would like to add a couple of comments:
    1. Having seen firsthand the high school student groups on campus who were attending the many sessions of Christendom's "Summer Program" I can tell you that it is scandalous to see the way many of the females were dressed, and that their horrifying attire (and street-walker shoes) were allowed/tolerated by Christendom. Utterly mainstream is an understatement. How many of these girls go on to attend the college and then contribute to degenerate morals?
    2. As one who makes frequent visits to the Blessed Sacrament in the Christendom chapel in the evenings and night I can testify that all too often there is very loud mainstream rock music being played at weekend outdoor parties at St. Lawrence Commons -- which is RIGHT next to the chapel. What an abomination! The students would be dancing and reveling to this "music" -- in the shadow of the chapel-- making recollection and focused prayer impossible. I don't know how this sort of partying (or its location) has been allowed to persist. I always continue to pray -- not with any real recollection, but as a consolation to the Silent Jesus Who is being so insulted right out the church windows.
    3. Seeing as making sexual accusations is now a very popular and ubiquitous phenomenon, we would do well to realize that it is now very easy for a female to see herself as a "victim" on many levels. And while some are certainly victims, many are not so innocent. Only God knows the truth because sex and drinking issues are prevalent at Christendom. Many send their wayward children to Christendom in the hopes of reforming their sons/daughters. Moreover, the college's tolerance of wild partying has fostered an atmosphere that condones undisciplined, overly emotional behavior that easily becomes excess and indulgence. Simplistic answers and pointing fingers will not solve the current problems. New written policies may help in certain areas (and make Christendom more politically correct), but the problem is much, much deeper and more complex. Solutions should address way more than just dealing with those who consider themselves to be victims.


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