The Warren Report: What was Warren H. Carroll doing in Dallas in 1963?

Here is some information on the various CIA related "conservative" organizations that were present and working in Dallas in 1963. Here we find "former" CIA man Warren H. Carroll right in the middle of the web. He worked for H. L. Hunt as writer. I must post H. L. Hunt's confession at the end of his  life concerning his involvement with the Kennedy assassination. As I have mentioned before, scripts from Warren Carroll, as chief propagandist for Howard Hunt in Dallas in 1963, on "Heroism" were found in the back seat of Jack Ruby's car after he shot Lee Harvey Oswald. Notice that Jack Ruby visited the home of Lamar Hunt, son of H.L. Hunt , 2 days before the assassination of JFK. Is it all just coincidence? Or perhaps there is more to Warren Hasty Carroll than meets the eye. Could all of it have NOTHING to do with the establishment of Triumph Magazine and Christendom College? Here is an account of the Warren Commission Testimony and Evidence below from Mae Brussell. I will paste pictures of the original letters below, along with the taped confession of Howard Hunt --- of Watergate fame and who, many believe, was one of the "Hobos" caught and then released after being captured at Dealey plaza on November 22, 1963. 

I found this information on the YAF (Young Americans for Freedom, established by William F. Buckley) provided by Mae Brussell very interesting. Mr.Caddy of course gets a mention.
1960: Young Americans for Freedom
President Harry Truman warned about the CIA "Gestapo" he had created.
President Eisenhower left the White House fearing the new "military-industrial complex" he handed to us.
In 1960 candidate Richard Nixon was qualified for the job of President. A lot of influential people were sure he was the only choice.
Nixon was familiar with every red scare tactic. From his first campaign against Jerry Voorhis in 1946 for the House seat, or vs. Helen Douglas in the Senate, and working with Sen. Joe McCarthy, he knew it well. The prosecution of Alger Hiss, with such flimsy evidence, proved his value alone.
But Nixon had also accumulated strong connections with members of the crime syndicate, the Vatican hierarchy, defense industries and known nazis. He knew them all.
What if he lost after those seventeen years of preparation? Would there be a back-up team for the future? Could the Pentagon or Reinhard Gehlen visualize leaving the entire United States presidency to chance elections?
Remember what happened to Senator Robert Kennedy on the eve of his primary election in June, 1968? They can't get that close to losing it again, you know. With both Kennedy's gone, Nixon finally made it.
September, 1960, two months before the elections, William F. Buckley Jr. launched his YAF, Young Americans for Freedom, from the grounds on his Connecticut estate.
Prior to that date, Buckley's career was one of the most conservative in the U.S. Following his graduation at Yale, mentor Frank Chodorov grabbed him for purposes related to his job with McCormick's Chicago Tribune.
Buckley served the CIA in Japan from 1950 to 1954.
He also did a stint with CIA in Mexico with E. Howard Hunt.
Co-founder of YAF was Douglas Caddy, whose offices were used by the CIA and Howard Hughes organization, at the time of Watergate illegal entries and other dirty tricks.
After the CIA in Japan, Buckley was ready to publish his own magazine, The National Review. This was an unusual opportunity to bring together the world's most conservative writers for publication and much propaganda accompanied by Buckley's glib innuendos.
Once the publication was going, Buckley decided to bring Young Americans for Freedom to the campus; old ideas, old money, and young minds to mold. Behind the project were always the well-funded military masters, such as the YAF's Tom Charles Huston and the Cointel-Program Nixon cooked up.
The selected advisory board for YAF was a Who's Who of oldies even then: Senator Strom Thurmond, Senator John Tower, Mr. Ronald Reagan, Professor Lev Dobriansky, General Charles Willoughby, and Mr. Robert Morris are a sample.
Robert Morris may not be a household name. But William Buckley knew him well, and Morris, Nixon, and Senator Joe McCarthy were team players. Senator Joe McCarthy's two strongest supporters for him to represent Wisconsin were Frank Seusenbrenner and Walter Harnisfeger. Both admired Adolf Hitler and made continuous trips to Germany.
Senator McCarthy obliged fast enough. Before he went after the Commies in the State Department, he had to release a few of Hitler's elite nazis lingering in the Dachau prison camp. McCarthy beat John McCloy by about three years.
In 1949, during congressional hearings on the Malmedy Massacre, the bloody Battle of the Bulge, McCarthy invited himself to take over the entire testimony. He wasn't satisfied until the prison doors flew open. The most detestable and ugly battle of World War II, an assault upon Americans and civilians in Belgium, was ignored. Hitler's precious Generals Fritz Kraemer and Sepp Dietrick, along with Hermann Priess and many others, were free.
With that business finished, McCarthy took on Robert Morris as Chief Counsel for the Senate Internal Security Subcommittee. Morris' earlier training in Navy Intelligence in charge of USSR counter-intelligence and psychological warfare could be utilized well by Senator Joe. Particularly the psychological warfare part.
After McCarthy died, Morris moved to Dallas, Texas. He was a judge, and became president of Dallas University.
In 1961, a year after Buckley founded YAF, another conservative organization was formed in Munich, Germany, calling itself CUSA, Conservatism USA. These were not students, but members of the U.S. army, soon to be mustered out, then to appear in Dallas, Texas, by November 1963. The host would be Robert Morris.
A correspondence between Larry Schmidt in Dallas, to Bernie Weissman in Munich, Germany, in preparation for their arrival, was published in the Warren Commission Hearings, Vol. XVIII.
Segments of the letters are as follows:
November 2, 1962: Dallas to Munich, Larry Schmidt:
"Gentlemen we got everything we wanted."
"It saved the trouble of infiltration."
"Met with Frank McGee ... (president of the Dallas Council of World Affairs.)"
"Suggest Bernie convert to Christianity and I mean it."
(Bernard Weissman, the only Jew, was brought all the way to Dallas on November 22, 1963, to lend his name to the "Wanted for Treason" fliers handed out to welcome JFK. He testified that the John Birch Society paid for the ads and "wanted a Jewish name at the bottom.")
"We must all return to the church."
"These people are religious bugs."
"I think in terms of 300,000 members, $3,000,000."
"The John Birch Society has a million members. Look for us to merge with them in 1964."
"Arrangements are being made for me to meet the heads of the Dallas John Birch, General Walker, and H.L. Hunt, Texas oil millionaire."
(General Walker had been retired from the military by John Kennedy for his compulsory Pro-Blud indoctrination.)
"I have already met the top editors of the Dallas Morning News, the country's most conservative newspaper."
"These people are radicals but there is a method in their madness. You see, they're all after exactly what we're after."
"No liberal talk whatsoever, none."
"Down here a Negro is a n."
"I mean, no one is ever to say one kind word about niggers."
"Liberals are our enemies."
"The conservative isn't against the Niggers, he just wants to keep him in his place for his own good."
(Pres. John Kennedy and Atty. Gen. Robert Kennedy had waged a bitter battle from Sept. 30 to Oct. 3, 1962, at the University of Mississippi. The integration of one black student brought in the U.S. Army and caused Gen. Edwin Walker to be confined.)
January 4, 1963, Larry Schmidt to B. Weissman, Munich:
"I want big men ... believe me if I had a dozen such men I can conquer the world."
"I will go down in the history books as a great and noble man, or a tyrant."
"I expect to see you here in Dallas, especially Norman and Larry."
"If Jim Mosely is not here by Feb. 15, he is finished."
"One thing had best be understood, I am not playing games here in Dallas and expect you not to play games in Munich."
"I am not here in Dallas for my health or because I think Dallas is a wonderful place."
"Continue to have regular meetings and try to get things back in order in preparation for the big meetings."
February 2, 1963, Larry Schmidt:
"We have succeeded, the mission with which I was charged in Dallas has been achieved."
"Friday night I attended a gathering of the top conservatives in Dallas."
"The meeting was at the home of Dr. Robert Morris, President of the Defenders of American Liberty."
"Present were Mr. George Ward, Detective for Dallas City Police, Mr. Ken Thompson, editorial writer for the Dallas Morning News, Mr. Clyde Moore, former PR man for H.L. Hunt, former UPI writer. (Eight others)."
"I told them exactly what I wanted."
"Others suggested using an already existing movement, named the Young Americans for Freedom, with already 50,000 members."
"CUSA, as set up in Munich, is now an established fact in Dallas, only we are calling it YAF. I think you catch on."
"We are starting Munich chapters of YAF. To spread to Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Heidelberg, Berlin, Kaiserslautern."
"We are getting every top name in business, education, politics, and religion to endorse YAF."
"The advisory board includes 37 congressmen . . . including Sen. Strom Thurmond, Sen. John Tower, and Sen. Barry Goldwater. There is Ronald Reagan, Gen. Mark Clark, Gen. Charles Willoughby, John Wayne, etc."
"Change all your records to read YAF."
"All those months in Munich were not wasted. I accomplished my task in Dallas. I need you here soon. I sold these people on each of you and they are expecting you to come to Dallas and play an important role."
"The days of leisure are over."
"We want to see you, Norman, Jim and Bill Burley back here in Dallas."
"Sheila and my brother will be here in August; Ken Glazebrook in Sept."
June 13, 1963, Larry Schmidt to B. Weissman in Munich, Germany:
"Warren Carroll, our only other recruit to CUSA, is already a PhD and two MS's. Warren is a scriptwriter for Lifeline, the H.L. Hunt television and radio series. Hunt is the millionaire oilman."
"Warren is 32, former CIA man. Don't worry, he has been checked out."
"Hunt checked him out."
(This appears to be a military action, DIA. They have to check out the CIA man, using Hunt's security).
After Jack Ruby was arrested for killing Oswald inside the Dallas jail, there were copies of Warren Carroll's Lifeline on the seat of his car. The section was on "Heroism," on how to become a "hero." This is interesting because one of the first reasons Ruby gave for killing Oswald was, "I wanted to show them a Jew had guts."
"We want to get Norman into the Republic National Bank ... where we are building our credit like crazy for the day we need ready cash."
(The Dallas Republic National Bank was identified by the Washington Post, February 26, 1967, as a conduit of CIA funds since 1958.)
(Connie Trammel, who worked at the Republic National Bank, accompanied Jack Ruby to the office of Lamar Hunt, Wednesday, Nov. 20, 1963, two days before Kennedy was assassinated.)
October 1, 1963, Larry Schmidt to Munich, Germany:
"I have a lot of contacts, bankers, insurance men, realtors."
"My brother began working as an aide to General Walker. Paid full time."
"National Indignation Committee will merge in the Fall of 1963, as soon as Bernie and Norman are in Dallas."
"This is a top secret merger and is not to be discussed outside the movement."
October 29, 1963, Larry Schmidt to Munich Germany:
"This town is a battleground and that is no joke. I am a hero to the right, a stormtrooper to the left."
"I have worked out a deal with the chairman of YAF. The arrangements are always delicate, very delicate. If I don't produce the bodies it is likely Dale (Davenport) will think me a phoney."
"He needs our help now. Adlai Stevenson is scheduled here on the 24th."
"Kennedy is scheduled in Dallas on November 24."
"All big things are happening now." 

Here is E. Howard Hunt's death bed admission. Part I
Howard Hunt's admission, Part II


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