"The Eye Test"


  1. There are THREE Sr Lucys. The eyes on the right side - and on this video - belong to the THIRD Sr Lucy who appeared only ONCE with Anti-Pope Paul VI. Her teeth are bigger and her chin is not protruded as the famous FAKE Sr Lucy.

    See image with "1967" --- https://www.mgr.org/TheThreeSrLucias.html

    Someone needs to go and pay a visit to the Rector of the Shrine of Fatima in Portugal and show him all this scientific evidence!

  2. Here is the film of the 3RD Sr Lucy who met with Paul VI at Fatima in 1967.

    Here is the film of the 3RD Sr Lucy who met with Paul VI at Fatima in 1967.

    Notice that her upper teeth are much bigger throughout her mouth which appear fully in her smile. Her gums are not showing at all in her full smile - unlike the FAMOUS FAKE Sr Lucy whose upper gums are partially shown in her full smile and all her teeth are much smaller in size..

    https://cdn.viqeo.tv/embed/?vid=a9b769b7e93c8cf51079 -- See 3:52 with big caption: "This is the same woman appearing with Paul VI in 1967."

    Her nose, her eyes, her chin are different from the FAMOUS FAKE Sr Lucy.

    So, what is in your video above is the 3RD Sr Lucy that appeared only ONCE in 1967 --- https://www.mgr.org/TheThreeSrLucias.html

  3. Lois Gibson is is one of if not the greatest forensic artists that ever lived looked at ALL the photos given to her by Dr. Chojnowski and she said in a Forensic report this:
    Sister Lucy Truth commissioned forensic expert Lois Gibson for a second report to confirm whether there were multiple impostors that replaced Sister Lucy of Fatima or only one impostor. She confirmed: there was only one impostor from 1967 until her death in 2005. Over email correspondence, Prof. Gibson reiterated that the conclusion is so straightforward, even a child could observe it.

    1. Lois Gibson needs to take a look again at the 3rd Sr Lucy as explained above. It's possible that she overlooked her. The two Sr Lucys are probably the only religious she examined and the rest are all laypeople. She said that even an 8 year old can tell the difference between the 2 Sr Lucys but as a forensic scientist, she still need to point out the positions of the teeth, measure out their specific sizes and describe their different appearances, measure out the chins, the shape of the lips in their smile, etc. even if they are that obvious to an 8 year old, which she did, but only for the 2 Sr Lucys. That 3rd Sr Lucy does NOT have a sharp protruding chin and her teeth are all bigger than the FAKE Sr Lucy. She opens her mouth when she smiles which the FAKE Sr Lucy never did. I suggest that you send her an email and include these comments on the 3rd Sr Lucy, and see what she says.

    2. Read the Forensic report by Dr. Rudd Karsten.
      He said the woman who appeared with Paul VI was wearing dentures the (Big Teeth) and she wore the same dentures as they wore down in her old age and appeared like shortened nubs.
      Dr. Chojnowski sent all available pictures to Lois Gibson for her forensic reports.
      If you have a Forensic report from a different expert please send a link.


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