"World Youth Day" has begun! The Youth of the Modernist Counterfeit Church on Full Display. "Thank You" JPII for This and for Putting Back Into the Public Eye the Imposter Sister Lucy.


  1. WYD 2023 Lisbon is a Flop, extraordinaire https://www.fromrome.info/2023/08/03/wyd-2023-lisbon-is-a-flop-extraordinaire/
    ---- How many youth will go kneel at the tomb of the IMPOSTER Sr Lucy in Fatima on the 5th of August when Bergoglio will go there? https://www.fromrome.info/2022/12/06/did-the-cia-replace-sister-lucy-to-enable-their-vatican-ii-take-down-of-the-church/#comment-56858

  2. FAKE Pope Francis was AFRAID to canonize the FAKE Sr Lucy because it would have awakened the WYD young people to the IMPOSTER Sr Lucy. If an 8 year old can SEE the difference between the 2 Sr Lucys, so can an 18 year old. The Octopus Opus Dei Catholic media tentacles -- The Fatima Center and 'Church Militant' -- and its mouthpiece Christine Niles continue to be the Pied Pipers deceiving Catholics that there was no FAKE Sr Lucy who is actually the poster child of the Vatican II Apostate Church....... https://www.fromrome.info/2022/12/06/did-the-cia-replace-sister-lucy-to-enable-their-vatican-ii-take-down-of-the-church/#comment-56858

  3. Bonus: The Miracle Of Fatima https://www.bitchute.com/video/U14b2LI5aXEi/

  4. Thank you Giovanni Battista Montini/Paul VI for bringing to its successful conclusion the Masonic revolution initiated by the Rosicrucian Angelo Roncallo/John XXIII, and that naturally gave rise to such wordly, un-Christian aberrations!



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