"Calls to Kiss"? Sister Lucy II was a forerunner of the Archbishop of Kissy-Poo in a very embarrassing video from 2000 which Sister Lucy Truth had translated by expert Portuguese translators. Christine....Call your office!

Archbishop Victor Manuel Fernandez, Newly Appointed Head of the Unholy Office. Author of "Heal with Your Mouth: The Art of Kissing." 


Link with the translated Portuguese video: https://sisterlucytruth.com/contradictions-2/

Would the true Seer of Fatima, who famously said that God and Satan were in a final struggle and how the world was in imminent danger of the punishment of God for its sins, engage in this kind of conversation --- with a bishop, no less. Check out the video conversation that "Sister Lucy" had in 2000 concerning her upcoming meeting with John Paul II. I did not know that cloistered Carmelite nuns get out in the street regularly and get kissed by people. Surely not to such an extent that she "needed to wash [her] face afterwards." How bizarre can the Imposter get and how gullible do the Modernist masters of "Church Militant" and Opus Dei --- or are they the masters? --- to think that we would believe such a clownish personality is the true visionary of Fatima. Here is the relevant section of the translation from the Portuguese video: 

Sister Lúcia: When we meet the Holy Father, we have some little things to offer him. Can I take it? Bishop: Of course. To the bishop you don’t have to give anything. (Laughs) Unless is a little kiss. This one time I came here with a Cardinal, and he gave you a kiss. But you were a little bit shy. And then you said: “Well now it’s normal, in the old days this wasn’t ok.” (Laughs) But you accepted it, but you were a little bit uncomfortable. Do you remember?

Sister Lúcia: I do. In the old days a priest, or any man who wasn’t the father or the brother of a little girl, didn’t kiss her. Unless she was grown up, no man would kiss her. Not even a priest, a bishop or a Pope. My “second” father never gave me a kiss. We used to say that it wasn’t polite to kiss young girls. But now I see everybody doing it. Whenever I’m outside and I have to go somewhere, everybody is kissing me. Men and women, men with moustaches. (Laughs) And I say to myself: “Well, it’s just the way it is.” And when I get home, the first thing I do is to wash my face. (Laughs)

Bishop: Well, I was about to ask you something but I won’t, because over there you won’t be able to wash your face. I was going to ask if by the time of the beatification, symbolically and in the name of Francisco and Jacinta and many other people, I could go to you and give you a kiss. In that case it’s better not to, so you don’t have to wash your face.

Sister Lucia: It’s better not to. (Laughs) I’m not used to it. I endure it but...
Other sister: The Holy Father also gives kisses.
Sister Lucia: The Holy Father has already given me some kisses. (Laughs)
Other sister: You see, you see. But it was here on the head. Bishop, now you know you have to do like the Holy Father.

Sister Lucia: By that time, I kept the veil I was wearing that day. (Laugh)
Other sister: That time you didn’t wash it.
Sister Lucia: No, I didn’t. The Holy Father had just kissed the veil. The veil was kissed by the Holy Father, and I had it kept, but now I don’t know where it is.


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