Another Proof that the "Purgatory" Original Rendition of the Fatima Rosary Prayer was Taken For Granted Well into the 1950s. So What Happened to the "Most Abandoned Souls in Purgatory" After That?

Dr. Chojnowski: So what happened? Here we find, in an Italian devotional book entitled "The Month of Mary" printed in Rome in 1952 -- the cited text is the 1954 edition of this 1952 text -- an original rendering of the Fatima Rosary Prayer that unselfconsciously and matter-of-factly gives the "Purgatory" rendering of the Fatima Rosary Prayer. Again it is clear, "O My Jesus, forgive us and save us from the fires of Hell; free the holy souls of Purgatory, especially the most abandoned." This rendering is especially important, since it comes in a section of the text dealing with the importance of praying for the most abandoned souls in Purgatory during the Month of Mary. Did religious writers producing devotional texts and publishing them with the "Libreria Editrice Religious" in Rome, the book itself being based upon the devotional method of an Italian Jesuit Fr. Alfonso Muzzarelli, remain totally ignorant of the "rectification" of the Fatima Rosary Prayer by Sister Lucia sometimes in the 1940s? What this does tell us, is that the original rendering of the Fatima Rosary Prayer, unchallenged until the late 1940s, continued on in popular and official devotion well into the 1950s, being taken for granted as being the true prayer given to the 3 Children of Fatima by the Blessed Virgin Mary herself in the summer of 1917. 


  1. If Fr Josemaria Escriva was the personal Spiritual Director of the Opus Dei "Cooperator" Carmelite Monastery in Coimbra when the IMPOSTER Sr Lucy came into the scene, did he also doctor this prayer of the Fatima Rosary? Opus Dei recruited Taylor Marshall and within 7 MONTHS after he was just ordained as an Episcopalian priest, he became a CATHOLIC and worked at the Opus Dei flagship Center in Washington DC.

    And guess what, he is NOT running for President of the USA after all. Taylor Marshall just wanted to pull a stunt to get more followers and millions of donors. See "Taylor Marshall’s Publicity Stunts & False Theology – Exposed"

    We encourage people to watch this video all the way through. It covers a number of important issues, including a mistranslation of St. Robert Bellarmine that’s used by many false traditionalists, and much more.

    0:00 Marshall’s “Presidential Candidate” Publicity Stunt
    7:45 Marshall’s Deception About The Removal Of Pachamama Idols
    16:35 Marshall Considers James Martin & Joe Biden To Be Catholic
    18:37 Marshall’s Contradictions On Whether Francis Is The Pope
    23:57 Marshall Is Actually Novus Ordo In Theology
    26:01 Marshall’s Misquote Of St. Robert Bellarmine
    38:48 Is Marshall Just A Dad With a Webcam?
    43:29 He Still Considers John Paul II To Be A Saint
    44:24 Marshall’s Interesting Admissions About The End Times

    This is a sample on HOW Opus Dei and its henchmen like Taylor Marshall DECEIVE and FOOL gullible Catholics.

    If Opus Dei's henchman Taylor Marshall can keep on changing his words to fool Catholics, changing a few words in the original Fatima Prayer was a piece of cake for Fr. Josemaria Escriva.

    CATHOLiCS MUST STOP following controlled-opposition Taylor Marshall and support Sister Lucy Truth instead
    -------- and PROTEST the FAKE "Saint" Sr Lucy - before and after she is canonized--–U741M
    ------- and demand that the body of the IMPOSTER Sr Lucy be removed from the Basilica of Fatima
    ------- and REMOVE the sale of her images and statues inside Catholic churches.

    The TRUE Sister Lucia dos Santos, pray for us.
    Our Lady of Fatima, pray for the Church.

    1. Recently watched one of his videos,there was a free gift of a hand made rosary with each purchase of something, so much better then cheap tacky plastic beads he said,I found that remark grossly insulting to people who pray on them,and the organisations that send out thousands to missionaries ,are their prayers thought less of .It came across as a very elitist remark.

    2. Taylor Marshall recently announced that he now has 500,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel. He also has a Patreon membership club at $7 minimum a month. If 10% of 500K are Patreon members, that means 50,000 members give x $7 = $350,000 a month that he rakes in, multiplied by 12 months = $4, 200,000 a year! FOUR MILLION TWO HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS A YEAR! What a mammon! In ten years, that's $42 MILLION! He now lives in a million dollar house. So, all he does is -- to be AN ACTOR -- make HALF-TRUTH videos -- at the marching orders of the Octopus Dei tentacles -- to deceive gullible Catholics and consequently undermine and destroy the Roman Catholic Church from within. Christ said, you cannot serve God and mammon. Those Patreon donors should instead donate to Sister Lucy Truth so that a private investigator can be hired and DNA tests can be conducted between the two Sr Lucys, and news ads can be bought in Portugal and USA and Rome and Catholic cities to show the differences between the 2 Sr Lucys until the ENTIRE Roman Catholic Church is AWAKENED about the REALITY OF THE IMPOSTER Sr Lucy. The FAKE Sr Lucy installed by Opus Dei founder FAKE saint Fr Josemaria Escriva is the greatest crime against Our Lady of Fatima.......

  2. “In many books about Fátima, the prayer Our Lady asked you to say after the decades of the Rosary is given in some such form as this: ‘O my Jesús, pardon our sins, save us from the fire of hell, have mercy on the souls in Purgatory, espe- ríally the most abandoned/ Is that correct?”
    “No, it is not,” she replied positively. “The correct form is the one I have written in my account of the apparition on July 13: O my Jesús, pardon us, and save us from the fire of hell; draw all souls to heaven, especially those in most need.”
    (W. T. Walsh: Our Lady of Fatima - interview of the author with Sr. Lucia)

    1. This is a quote from Walsh's popular account of the Fatima Apparition, it does not PROVE that this was the original and authentic version of the Fatima Rosary Prayer given by Our Lady to the Children of Fatima. Did Walsh speak Portuguese? Did Sister Lucy fully understand the intent of his question if it was all done through a translator? Where is the documentation of the interview? Can we see the Portuguese text? Why does a popular historical account trump the interviews with the Children by clerical interrogators immediately after the July Apparition itself? Why was a practice of 30 years -- public and engaged in by Jacinta, Francisco, and Lucia herself --- simply negated by an "interview" in an appendix to a popular account of the Fatima Apparition. What about the evidence that SLT has put forward concerning the "Purgatory" rendition? Does that have any validity?

    2. I see you would like to diminish Walsh (who is BTW IMHO one of last truly Catholic historian) calling his book a "popular account" , his interview with Sr. Lucia "interview" (quote-unquote) in "an appendix". Walsh spoke Spanish and wrote excellent books on Spanish history. Sr. Lucia before their talk had spent many years in the convent in Tuy Spain. I do not know whether he knew Portuguese but the key word: Purgatorio is the same in Portugese and Spanish ( and very similar in English)
      The issue is: in 1946 Walsh talked to Sr. Lucia and asked her a precise question regarding the version of the prayer appearing in some prayerbooks at that time (the same one as quoted now by Dr. Chojnowski) as received the precise answer. So either Walsh lies (I don't think so) or the alleged "sensation" is not a sensation at all.

  3. This is just one piece of evidence and does not prove anything. Why is this interview of which we have no transcript the final say in this questions? Is Walsh an infallible source? I am just trying to figure out how the priests who actually interviewed the Children at the time, and the main documenters of the Fatima Apparition come in on the side of the "Purgatory" meaning. Why do we have devotional books written by Jesuits in the 50s accept the "Purgatory" meaning? Why did Fr. Alonso, in 1980, say that the "Purgatory" understanding of the prayer was the accurate one? 1980 is a long time after 1947. Let's just keep our minds open and look for facts and find out what happened to radically change the meaning of the Fatima Rosary Prayer. Bishop Robert McKenna also did an extensive study of the question and apparently came out on the "Purgatory" understanding of the prayer. We will see. We will publish all the evidence that we get.


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