Many More Are Seeing the Parallel Between the Emergence of the Imposter Sister Lucia of Fatima and the Emergence of the Modernist "Ape" of the Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church.

Dr. Chojnowski: It is dawning on many, as last weekend's "Canceled Priest" conference in Chicago demonstrated, that there is something terribly foreign now occupying the institutional organization of the Catholic Church. Many of the externals look or are spoken of as the same and, yet, it is clear that there is a different "being" there, something that is even completely antagonistic to the being that we expect to be there. One reason for attending and being a presence at the recent conference, was to point out the parallel between the substitution of Sister Lucy dos Santos of Fatima by an imposter and the substitution of the real Catholic Church by an "ape" of the Catholic Church, the Modernist Counterfeit Church of Vatican II. Just as the Catholic Church can be "aped" by those "ecclesial unions" that steal from her many of her externals, so too, the real Sister Lucia was "aped" by a Portuguese woman who put on the same Carmelite habit, appeared in the same kinds of settings, was known by the same name BUT WAS NOT THE SAME PERSON. The individual who wept over the state of apostate humanity was NOT the same person who seemed quite content with the state of the world as it was in her time; always following the "this world affirming" messages of the men who claimed the throne of Holy Peter from 1967 until 2005. The change was dramatic and undeniable and, yet, it was only with the use of modern technology and modern scientific forms of analysis --- some cutting edge, like Super Facial Recognition --- that we have come to the undeniable judgment that the woman who appeared to the world as "Sister Lucy of Fatima" was not the real one that had actually seen the Miracle of the Sun --- no, ASKED FOR A MIRACLE AND WAS GRANTED THE MIRACLE OF THE SUN -- but a rather awkward and spiritually obtuse substitute. 

I think that the men gathered together to speak about their situation with regard to the long-ago Novus Ordoized dioceses are "looking at the pictures" again, just as we did when it came to the Imposture of Sister Lucy. When we "look at these pictures" again, pictures that we assumed would show us nothing but continuity and regularity, we, instead, see a complete change of spiritual "atmosphere," an "aura" that is trite and, even, sinister. It is not sinister because of the smiling faces that inevitably are expressed in all posed contemporary photos, but because of the LACK of the reality that IS SUPPOSED TO BE THERE. What if, just say, there was a family photo, of your family, and everyone was smiling, and, yet, there was someone else in the picture that was replacing one of your sons that SHOULD be there. Let's say he is even smiling, just like everyone else is smiling. Would we not throw down the picture in abject horror and turn away from it knowing that we would never be able to get that eerie image out of our mind? Would we not even begin to weep over the picture that we know is TOTALLY WRONG. But wasn't the new boy smiling? Was he not even, perhaps, a bit more "presentable" than your own son? Would that mitigate the horror? 

As this conference shows, many are beginning to wake up to the horror of the substitution that occurred at Vatican II. Let us critique this awakening surely, but let us encourage it certainly. 



  1. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if we eventually find out that the imposter Sr. Lucy was a member of the Order of the Eastern Star.

  2. What is the Eastern Star?

    Dr Chojnowski,

    Thank you for this statement. I agree with you and I hope the Cancelled Priests and all Catholics are waking up. It is only very recently that I woke up. Before I could wake up, I had to return to Holy Mother Church. I think there are many like me.

    How can I be sure to get your messages?

    My email is


    Moira Eastman PhD

  3. What Sr Lucia was prevented from revealing,was revealed by Our Lady at Akita.

  4. If you real Wemhoff's book, "TIME/Life and the American Proposition", of how the CIA took over and took down the Catholic Church, how they planned Vatican II and even set its agenda, how they bribed J23 to call it, and how they invented, "the spirit of the council" as a propaganda tool and hermenutic, then this overwhelming evidence regarding the substitution of Sr. Lucy is highly coherent with their agenda and methods and utter moral depravity.

  5. Coalition for Canceled Priests is the only Catholic group who did not propagate the declaration of the FAKE Sr Lucy as "Venerable" BECAUSE Sister Lucy Truth was at the conference IN PERSON!


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