Dr. Peter Chojnowski will be attending the Conference for Canceled Priests in Chicago next week. He will be representing the cause of the ULTIMATE CANCELED RELIGIOUS Sister Lucia dos Santos!


Canceled! it means in our own times an act by which someone is removed from the public eye or their public role because they, at least for a moment, articulated attitudes or views that came or come into conflict with "progressive" ideas that are opening up a new and more advanced anti-Christian and anti-Natural Age. We see in our own times how easy it is for someone to fail to silence their inner-most conscience and logical reasoning process in order to remain docile before the New Phase of atheistic deconstruction to come. 

When it comes to the greatest act of cancelation in the history of the Catholic Church, we find a religious, a Carmelite nun and the designated Messenger of the Blessed Virgin Mary, being not only removed from the public eye, but actually replaced by an imposter who illicitly and criminally stole her very identity in order to serve her Modernist masters who had committed long before to a radical remaking of the Holy Roman Catholic and Apostolic Church. The real Sister Lucia dos Santos of Fatima would not have agreed to this modernistic remaking of Holy Church, nor would she have remained silent when the designated year of 1960 came, requiring the revelation of the complete Third Secret. For this refusal to participate in the radical remake, she was ruthlessly eliminated from the public eye and, likely, even from this earthly existence. 

From June 23rd to June 24th, Dr. Peter Chojnowski will bring the cause of the most canceled religious in the history of the Catholic Church to the attention of the 2nd Canceled Priests Conference in Chicago. There he will be available for any discussion about the scientific investigation into the disappearance of Sister Lucia dos Santos and her substitution by an Imposter who hijacked her persona until the substitute woman's death in 2005. "Cancelation" cannot be fully appreciated until this greatest of cancelations is publicly acknowledge by all. See you there!


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