The Miracle of the Sun: A New Video Presentation of Dr. Peter Chojnowski's Speech for the Fatima Challenge, WHEN THEY USED TO INVITE HIM TO SPEAK!


  1. Dear Dr. Chojnowski, do you have a book or other reference you can recommend for reading these early testimonies of the miracle? Or the other photos that were published in the secular press at the time? I would love to learn more about this as I've always been interested in Fatima, and have always wondered about the original reports surrounding it all. I know there is the three-part series The Whole Truth About Fatima, but I've not been able to find a copy of the first book in the series which recounts the events when they happened. It seems the books are out of print now, and no one who owns that precious first book wants to part with it on the used book sites, either.

    Anyway, congratulations on this new website. It is wonderful. God bless you in this important work, and may God protect you for it. I put nothing past the powers that be anymore. May our Lady's Immaculate Heart triumph over evil soon.

  2. Here it is:
    Meet the Witnesses by John M. Haffert


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