Kidnapping At The Vatican (Full Documentary) | Real Crime. So "saidtly" JPII could not be involved in the Sister Lucy Fraud and Coverup, right? How are WE going to hold the Vatican accountable for an even greater crime than the tragic one spoken of here.


  1. Apparently the den of vipers in the Vatican didn't want to give the Italian mob the $ it wanted, so the girl was killed, and the crime boss Pedi was given a tomb of greatest honor at St Apollonaris in return for the mob's not making public the criminal activity of the Vatican Bank, at least for the time being.

    I think there's more misdirection here than just the Ali Agca in exchange for the girl fakery. I think JPII was a Judeo-Masonic asset the whole time, possibly even going back to his seminary days.
    This is what Fr Luigi Villa dug up on him: (more at

    And it looks like the assassination attempt may have even been faked. See blood on his hands (as if he dipped them in a container) and just small splotches in the stomach area. And look at the cassock he supposedly wore, now in a Krakow museum. It looks like some just splattered blood in the calf area, besides the small dots on the torso.


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