John Paul II receives a letter from Roberto Calvi indicating to him that Calvi knows why the Vatican Bank has. been laundering money for the Mafia. 12 days later Calvi is found hanging off of Blackfriars Bridge, killed in a ritualistic Masonic way. But we are to believe that John Paul II would not use the faked persona of Sister Lucy? Absurd.

Let us at Sister Lucy Truth be clear. Based upon evidence, conversations, and reflections had within the last 5 years of this investigation, we are accusing the Vatican and the leadership of the Vatican with the murder and cover-up of the murder of Sister Lucy dos Santos, Messenger of Fatima. We also accuse those various ones with the imposture perpetrated from at least May 13, 1967 to 2005 when the Imposter died. No "saint" would in any way participate in such grave and sacrilegious crimes. We also condemn the woman who took the place of Sister Lucy of Fatima on the world stage. Her identity is still unknown. However, there is no doubt that hers is a grave crime and sacrilegious theft and she engaged in a perverted use of the persona of the very Messenger of Heaven for our time. This strange woman endorsed exactly what the real Sister Lucy did and would have condemned. The substitution makes all the difference in the world. The final go-ahead for a hit against such a world-famous seer and religious icon could not have come from any one other than from the man sitting at the top of the Vatican hierarchy. We know exactly who used this faked persona to advance their own agenda and their own personality cult. We also know who spent 3 decades covering up the imposture and presiding over the intentional distortion of the meaning of the Third Secret and of the entire Fatima Message. We accuse John XXIII, Paul VI, John Paul II, and Benedict XVI. These along with the Imposter herself, are clearly guilty of grave crimes in this regard. 

Any questions?


  1. Dr. Chojnowski, thank you for your efforts to reveal some of the darkest secrets of our era. Could you please arrange to have this video made available in Canada. Right now we are unable to view it.
    Thanks so much.

  2. Father Kramer seemed to indicate that Father Gruner was coming around to the idea that "pope" francis was an anti-pope. I would think that if he reached that point, it would only have been a matter of time before he reached the conclusions that your research has uncovered, that the entire mess officially began with vat2.

  3. How can we get this fascinating video available in Canada? Any ideas? I will ask around.

  4. You have presented documented proof that a fake "Sister Lucy" was foisted on the gullible sheep who were, have been and continue to be abandoned and mocked by their "shepherds". Rome has been in apostasy since the death of Pope Pius 12. The traditional criminal Mafia are rank amateurs in comparisons to the Judas Jerks masquerading as clergy and prelates in Rome. This is not going to end well. NO ONE can mock God and/or His Mother and get away with it. May the Lord and His Mother protect and have mercy on we the abandoned sheep.

  5. Apparently the den of vipers in the Vatican didn't want to give the Italian mob the $ it wanted, so the girl was killed, and the crime boss Pedi was given a tomb of greatest honor at St Apollonaris in return for the mob's not making public the criminal activity of the Vatican Bank, at least for the time being.

    I think there's more misdirection here than just the Ali Agca in exchange for the girl fakery. I think JPII was a Judeo-Masonic asset the whole time, possibly even going back to his seminary days.
    See what Fr Luigi Villa, given a Papal Mandate by Pius XII to expose the Masonic infiltrators at the top of the Church, dug up on him at; see also

    It even looks like the assassination attempt may have been faked. See blood on JPII's hands (as if he dipped them in a container) and just small splotches in the stomach area. And look at the cassock he supposedly wore, now in a Krakow museum. It looks like someone just splattered blood in the calf area, besides the small dots on the torso.


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