Sr. Lucy vs Sr. Who-She? Dominic from India Reminds Us that God Intended Lucia to Spread Devotion to Our Lady's Immaculate Heart. So the Taking Out of Sister Lucy was a Truly Sacrilegious Action Meant to Spit in the Face of God. And yet.......crickets........


  1. Please get in touch with Sr. Lucy's family. The woman who was buried as Sr. Lucy must have been the real visionary. It was an open coffin and the family could see her up close. It is possible that a substitute spoke occasionally with outsiders who never knew her way back when. It is also possible that some of her writings were forged.

    1. Many people object that Sr Lucia's family and the nuns in her convent could not be fooled by an impostor. They don't realize that Sr Lucia's family, just like the nuns in her convent, were almost certainly told that Sr Lucia had to be taken to a safe place (actually safely dead under the earth!) since there was reliable information that "enemies of the Church" were planning to kidnap her and do her harm -- which of course is true, but the ones who took her away under that pretense were themselves the enemies doing so! And then of course both family and nuns would need to keep silent about the impostor "under obedience," and besides, if anyone revealed the truth they would be "putting Sr Lucia's life in danger." Perfect cover story by the cunning agents of Satan, who also took over the papacy in Oct. 1958, as they had long planned, grooming Roncalli from his early years to be the "Caretaker" anti-pope, and the homosexual Montini, son of a Jewish converso mother (see the Cabbalistic-Masonic tomb he designed for her on Google Images), to be the "Destroyer." The fact that these enemies of Christ, along with JPII, have been complicit in the St Lucia imposture and are all now "canonized" is another indication that the papacy has been usurped.

  2. Alongside devotion to the IHM, and really inseparable from it, is Reparation for the sins committed against the IHM, which offend God immeasurably. We have many opportunities to offer not only prayers, especially extra Hail Marys and Rosaries, but to offer little sacrifices, which I like to call "little flowers" or "little petals" to help atone for the "blasphemies and ingratitude" (Our Lady's words to Sr Lucia) of those who don't love and honor our Queen and Mother as God wills.

  3. His commentary was straight up Plain Speak 101. He stated the proven facts. No suppositions or guessing. We are not defenseless. Arm ourselves with the Rosary, 3 Hail Mary Devotion, Perfect Act of Contrition and Spiritual Communion plus Daily Readings from pre-Vatican 2 missal and we are good to go....anywhere at anytime. Buckle up. The situation is going to get MUCH worse before it gets better. One cannot insult, trample upon, denigrate, deny the Mother of God and the Mediatrix of All Graces without severe negative consequences. Jesus, Mary, we love you. Save Souls.

  4. A book well worth reading is the messages given to Rev Albert Drexel by Christ ,describes everything happening in the Church,and that there will come a time when people will gather in homes to read the Gospel ,pray the Rosary and make a spiritual Communion.A copy of the book was given to Pope John Paul 2,it's impossible to get in print ,but is available online to download and read .


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