Sister Lucy Truth Could Not Have Asked for a Better Endorsement of our Work. Fr. Isaac Relyea Begins to Discuss SLT at the 22 min. mark. Very Clear Cut and Precise Assessment of the Current Situation. Hear What Fr. Isaac Says about the People at the Religious Goods Store at Fatima.


  1. That would explain his recent parting of ways from the Fatima Centre

  2. They disrespected and ignored the Co-founder Fr. Kramer and also my dear friend out. They kicked them out so that the Freemasons and the TRUTH wouldn't be revealed to the public...

  3. I wouldn't be surprised if he receives a strict warning from his superiors or someone else. The "powers that ought not be" can tolerate with "dynamic silence" people of lesser public presence and following, but that will often change gears into persecution and threats and worse when too many people hear what they work so hard to keep hidden from public knowledge, like the truth about Sr Lucia, about the scandalous lives and betrayal of the faith of John XXIII thru Francis, and what happened at the 1958 papal conclave, i.e. the overthrow and "exile" of a validly elected pope, which was the enabling act for the present "eclipse of the Church," as Our Lady of La Salette foretold in 1846.


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