Pro-Abortionists Threaten "Night of Rage" as US Waits for Overturning of Roe, Perhaps on Thursday, June 23rd.


  1. Never be afraid to defend yourself especially defend your FAITH/THE TRUTH and your dear ones. Matter of fact, you are obligated to do so. Get in shape physical fitness, get some trainings how to use your muscle, weapons, and first aid correctly and effective. DON'T STOP PRAYING. The spiritual life is more than ever in need at this time. Win or loose is based on how much you are closer to Jesus, Mary, and St. Joseph. Don't let them brainwash you that Catholics can't use weapons and/or fit... Ask all the Saints who did that and became Saints... ask St. Peter, Don Bosco, Joan of Arc. Fighting and annihilating evil so they don't triumph over Our Lady is our duty folks.


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