Occult Handshake, "Pope Francis" speaks about.........Climate Change, and Nancy thanks him for........recognizing the DIVINITY in each one of us......BUT, Let's continue to act like everything is normal, right?



  1. I have no problem belIeving that they are occultists, but it could also be said that they are two old people with arthritis in their hands and that is why the weird handshake.

    1. Or it could be a freemasonic handshake where the thumb covers the knuckles

  2. The only group not welcome at the Vatican, are Catholics.

  3. Antipope Francis, the most evil antipope to ever roam the earth ! And Nancy Pelosi. What a disgrace they both are !

  4. Only heretics,perverts and murderers are welcomed and received at the modern Vatican.

  5. That’s a Masonic handshake.

  6. You can tell the truth to people so many times, but people do not care and will do nothing. That is why this world is so messed up and full of falsehood. People prefer to believe lies, that are easy and comfortable.


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