Neo-Trotskyite America and Socialist Germany About to Try to Bring Down Russia in Lithuania and Poland? Sgt. Scholz seems to "see nothing, hear nothing, know nothing!" Let us face it. We learn ABSOLUTELY NOTHING from History!


  1. I think the best presentation, especially from a Catholic point of view, on the Russian intervention (far from an unjust invasion) into Ukraine, is "Christian Russia’s War against the New World Order has begun in Ukraine (Part 2)" at or at

  2. They know. The people (some of them) know. But the government and the politicians/elites are themselves (Zionists, Globalists, Jewish Banker Cartel (Rothschild and Israel) run the show. They wanted wars and they will have wars as they wish. But this time will be so much different. The death will surpass both WWI and WWII combine. Whatsoever Jews want, Jews get it one way or another with the expenses pay for in full by other innocent victims.

    Germany, Russians, Americans, Catholics, Protestants... etc, etc, etc, all of us are worthless-eaters stupid goy that Jews love to wipe out ASAP.

    According to the Catholic Prophecies, only a small southern part of Germany will survive. The rest of the nation will be plunged in the fire. UK will dive to the bottom of the sea including Ireland. And the USA will be burnt like Sodom and Gomorrah. US will be ruined and be bandaged under the communists. How to reverse all of these? "ONLY I CAN HELP YOU"... They did not consecrate correctly by the true Pope to Her Immaculate Heart for 105 years passed due.

    If we smart. If we have learned the lesson. All we have to do is build the "underground church with all the holy bishops, cardinals, and priests together (at least we can contact and bring into a place in shortest time)... be ready, be prepared. As soon as thing blow up, we elect the true Pope and he will know exactly what to do because God will be with this Holy Pope at this end time.

    Pray and double, triple your Rosary, sacrifices, be generous as a victim soul to pay off some of the debts for ourselves, our nation, and for the whole world.

  3. Ukraine is the real evil problem and are brainwashed Nazis, not Russia!

  4. Both sides in this staged war, are being played by those behind the scenes. The mainstream media lie and cover up, for these people. Yet the innocent caught in the middle are the real victims.

  5. Problem is, at least for now, is that the mainstream college of cardinals elect the pope. The current college of cardinals are all heretics and have control in secret conclave. Something has to happen or change in the future, to elect a non-heretic and Holy Pope. Also, there is the problem of the modernist church and the false trads who defend it.


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